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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alizee New Album 2013

 Alizee new album 2013
Alizee 2013
1) A cause de l'automne
2) 10 ans
3) Je veux bien
4) Mon chevalier
5) Le dernier souffle
6) Boxing club
7) Jeune fille
8) La guerre en dentelle
9) Si tu es un homme
10) Happy end
11) Dans mon sac

hmmm... two song titles in English
and the others in English
1) Because of the fall
2) 10 years
3) I do not mind
4) My knight
5) The last breath
6) Boxing club
7) Girl
8) The war in lace
9) If you're a man
10) Happy end
11) In my bag

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Anonymous said...

Alizze is very beautiful and great artist.


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