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Monday, November 30, 2009

A quick memory flash back today

Today a saying has come out of a distant memory to haunt me...
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
as a young gent of 12 I sat in a class and the teacher would say..fermez la bouche
she said it just like that, no votre...that's how I know it was not said directly to me ;)
Who knew that allllll these many years later it would fly out of my memory as a saying to heed!

Alizee Nation

Playing the game

Sun Tsu tells us to know your opponent.
Bob Dylan tells us We're only a pawn in the game.

If the pawn can only make a move in the game with permission, then the pawn is a faux opponent. La Reine is merely testing through the pawn. Studying moves and capabilities, trying to know the opponent. It is a game of cat and mouse. But if you play close attention you too will learn something will learn who you are really playing against...and we are only pawns in the game.

Hey! let's take a break and listen to Mr. Latex

I feel like some real Euro Electro for some reason, Let's get it going with Cascada!

It was good for me, was it good for you ;)

It's like I said a lot but did not say anything...a friend of mine does that...

Alizee Nation

Alizée Reflections...the rest of the story

The website Alizée Reflections...did you know...

The picture on the right...
Painted in 1900 by John Waterhouse....The name of the painting...'Destiny'

It has been there for a while and the author has it there for a reason...
So now we least a little more then we started with today if not...the rest of the story

Alizee Nation

Alizee Google News Archive

Yes, that's Alizee without an accent in the Google News Archive...
Come on Google!?!?

It defaults to 10 results...Alizee Nation listed as one of the 10 results...I may be loosing faith in Google....

Alizee Nation

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who's looking for Alizée

Alizée, look at us looking for you...visitors stopping by the Alizee Nation looking for...something...anything

Alizee Nation

Friday, November 27, 2009

An Alizee Nation Teaser

Alizée and I doing a teaser together

Alizée... we were just having a little fun...Oui?

Alizee Nation

Tattling on Twittering

The last couple of days have been fun...lots of twittering with fans/friends, a lot here a little there.
In no particular order...


and others.... ;)

Alizee Nation

The Chateau Marmont inteview on Popheart

It's Popheart

Visit the website, read the article, take a look around...

Yes, Alizée is mentioned. They did 4 tracks but....they they did have some things to say...are you ready? ...I don't think you are...let me ask you again, are you ready? OK then....
"open minded" was key....are you ok...and...
"disconcert the conservative fringe"

according to
disconcert: to throw into disorder or confusion

Run for the paper bags...breathe, deep breathes....

and what???? Chateau Marmont called them the "conservative fringe"

What a fun paragraph...go visit Popheart and read the article...conservative fringe...still giggling

Alizee Nation

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Les Enfoires 2010

The word is out that Alizee will participate again this year but....this is what the official website states:

Forty artists are mobilizing for the 2010 show Enfoirés Palais Nikaia Nice, for a colorful spectacle, rich in emotions.
However, the list of participating artists will not be communicated before the concert.
All Enfoirés one year may not necessarily be present at all performances, because of their other professional obligations or personal, and there may be defections last minute.

Alizee Nation

talk about mellealizee

@Popismyheart tells us there will be a Chateau Marmont interview online tonight and they will talk about @mellealizee.
Sounds fun to me...the link takes us here

Did you know...
Pop Heart started a forum...
hmmm Ben already in there....are you? Marco.........Polo

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family

Here is a nice article from 'Ohhh! Crapp' with Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family.

Thought you might enjoy it too.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who's tweeting Alizee?

I ran across this new beta program called 'Tweet Trail'
It states: Search for the top 20 tweeters of the last 14 days in any topic


So I typed in Alizee (by the way the accent does not work)

and the top Alizee tweeters over the last 14 days are...

Alizee Nation

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alizée - new and old fans

I think the forums do a great job blending in new Alizée fans. It is a little different then with other singers because of the limited number of Alizée appearances. What I mean by that is you find brand new discussions over videos that are 5, 7, 9 years old. People are still "discovering" Alizée, so there is this constant rediscovery scenario going on. Let's face it, no one is discovering Madonna or Brittney today. A 2005 Brittney interview would seem ridiculous to talk about since so much has passed for her. A 2005 Alizée interview would not seem out of place to discuss. So there is this constant catching up going on and the forums do a great job providing this important link for Alizée.

I lost a link to a time line for Alizée and had to go re-find it. So I thought I would share it now that I re-found it.

It is GREAT reading, links and all. If you have never read through this before set aside a lot of time and have fun.
As you read through it, realize 2010 is a big year. February will be 10 years for "Graines de Stars", July will be 10 years for the official release of the single "Moi Lolita..." WOW 10 years... Let's have some fun with this in 2010...and's all brand new for most.

I just want to and click through that time line one more time right now...

Something random I liked....
Newer...her appearance on a Mexican soap opera was just too cute...

Just some of the extremes.

But...if you have never watched Stars à Domicile - August 23, 2003 you have to and if you watched it 100 times it is a good time for number 101.
Catch it here at Alizée America.
...oh yeah I watched again! (guys! no tearing up)
That show has its own Alizée America podcast to go along with it.

I hope there was a little something for everyone.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flashback - Alizée one year ago

What were we talking about one year ago???

The 11 tracks in the film will be a mixed bag of French and English numbers, and the director has already roped in Grammy winner, Laura Pausini, and popular singer Alizée to sing the tracks.


Read the article...again

that was fun...

Alizee Nation

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alizée - November 20, 2009

So Alizée, what do we know...
We have 6 teaser videos and sound at
and 1 with no sound at

2 tweets from @mellealizee to keep us going, could use another (hint)

We are expecting one slow Spanish song.

It is to be a 'concept' album about Edie Sedgwick.

The official website lists a group of producers:
Chateau Marmont, David Rubato, Jérôme Echenoz, Rob et Tahiti Boy.
It appears Jeremy is not a producer on this album as he was on Psychédélices. That has not been said, but he is not listed so is it fair to say that?

Why were we given the list of producers first? It is a bit unusual. Song names, song styles, release dates...all stuff we would love to know...but the list of producers...was someone out there saying I can't wait for the list of producers?...another tease?

Do other artist do that and I have just not paid attention? Am I thinking too hard over this wee bit of information that we have been given?

So...what did I miss....

Alizee Nation

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alizée - Une Enfant du Siecle - a new direction

The two latest Alizée official website updates.
Information regarding 'Une Enfant du Siecle'

As compared to what I could find in regards to Psychédélices...

Alizée collaborated with Bertrand Burgalat, Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino, Jérémy Châtelain, Michel-Yves Kochmann, and Jean Fauque on this album. (wikipedia)

well OK that said collaborated vs producers, let's see...

at Alizee America Ben listed the credits and producers for Psychédé are produced by...

Fifty Sixty, Mon Taxi Driver, Mademoiselle Juliette, Idéaliser, Psychédélices & Lilly Town produced by Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
L'effet produced by Bertrand Burgalat, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
Jamais Plus & Lonely List produced by Frédéric Lo.
Décollage produced by Kore & Jérémy Chatelain.
Par Les Paupières produced by Nellson, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.

No one the same...if this is a fair comparison...

maybe we will see some of the familiar names in music and lyrics...

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Et tu, Jo?

While thinking about the 'A' in Jo Jacotey's post that was brought to my attention by Jenny I completely overlooked the statement "D.DAY -1"

One more day for WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are going to tease me too Jo?

Has anyone noticed? Alizée has us on an online "Scavenger hunt"

So....D.DAY -1???

Alizee Nation

The letter 'S' and the letter 'A'

Jenny...I read your comment on the 'S' and thought 'what is she talking about'. I never noticed! I saw your information and ran....but now the you mentioned it...:)
I do that kind of thing all the time.

That covers the letter 'S"

Now on to the letter 'A' regarding a Jo Jacotey post

Jenny asked: who is "A."? A = Alizée
Yet one more ball in the air, how many can we juggle at one time. Jo seems to give all the photos he shoots 'names', so I would guess the letter 'A' stands for Alizée. It's a tease for sure. He knows we look. If he did not want us to jump to that conclusion he would not have used it. --- deductive reasoning, yeah, that's what I am going with...A = Alizée

This post has been brought to you by the letter 'S' and the letter 'A'...
and of course Jenny and Jo!

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Le Nid d'Alizée

Jenny caught this little come back by Le Nid d'Alizée

Le Nid d'Alizée was a great fan site that closed down...6 months...9 months ago? I don't remember exactly.
We noticed in a September post that they renewed their domain name.

I walk in the door and Jenny has tweeted me:

Première source d'infos sur Alizée en France

Welcome back Le Nid d'Alizée

Alizee Nation

Alizee is our catnip

So, what is next.

A comment from reader 'wt' stated: "Puzzles fascinate me - up to a point. I have reached that point."

How long can we be held at the edge of our seats? These teasers are like catnip to us we go crazy, but then the catnip nap....maybe that is why the time between the teasers, a chance for us to come down.

That leads us back to the real question...are these really teasers? Is it really a puzzle? Or just the Alizee camp organizing? Should the site really say "under construction"?

I don't know, I can't think straight under the influence of Alizee catnip.
Maybe we will get another Alizee catnip toy to play with today

Alizee Nation

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Official Alizée Website

Who wants to have some fun? Now do you really want to have some fun or are you just saying you want to have some fun?

Now you have to have some time on your hands

Point your SETI satellites at Alizée's website
yeah, that's it...takes you to her site and the wording comes up on the screen...

next...we will add 1.swf to the end of it...
let's try it
video comes on, no wording

what next...of course 2.swf...OK
video comes on, again no wording

see I told you this was fun
now I will tell you 3.swf has nothing

let's see...what about a "?", sure, why not
hey what do you know, it is the video and the wording

so...what can you find?
(that ladycameronXIII got me going on this)

Alizee Nation

Alizée official website updated

New update at Alizée's official website.

Well, Jenny was pretty close on her prediction...if Alizée would have just waited 2 more hours...
Not bad Jenny

So where do we stand...
The official website currently is now a flash video with no sound
The etching of Alizée is no longer there.
The teasers are still in place at:

a fair amount of trouble to just screw with our

Alizee Nation

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trickle of information from Alizée

The trickle of information has slowed down...ALL information has been released under strict control...and then came the Miami story...did that story upset the release of information?

Do you think was to be discovered when it was discovered??? What if it was not, would there have been a "release" of information for fans to find it??? Hmmm.

Those are the two questions on information release to date. Things that happened outside the actual release of information from Alizée or was it meant to be that way?

So, this week...will there be more information released? The website(s) updated. I would like to say "I think so" but....

It appears that Jive Epic will not be releasing least to date the information has come via Alizée websites and I expect Jive Epic to just point to that information when it is released. I think that makes sense.

One thing I have noticed is how fast fans digest the information these does not have a long shelf life. Likely due to the fact that fans just want Alizée and her new music. Even the story of "Miami", did not last that was a wow, really, no way.....whatever... and back to the real story of where's Alizée. I remember when stories lasted, the Tinkerbell tattoo, it took forever for that to pass. Fans have developed the eye of the tiger...all eyes on Alizée and the new album.

Magibon is talking my ear off trying to get back on with updates....

Alizee Nation

Friday, November 13, 2009

What is your most dangerous idea...

What is your most dangerous idea... is a question that you can find at the Edge World Question Center and the book What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

It is interesting, posing philosophical questions and dilemma beyond our imaginations. But what if you took that question and challenged yourself with it on a less earth shattering level. I think that is what Institubes establishes and nurtures on a musical and art level. What is your most dangerous idea, art or musically speaking and gives them the opportunity to go do it.

The idea does not have to be solving the mysteries of the universe but just pushing yourself to your creative limits.

I am thinking Institubes has provided some of that environment for Alizée and I can't wait to see the results.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alizée Nation losing sleep

There are a lot of comments lately, be sure not to miss them. They offer more information, constructive thoughts that add to the post and yeah...some fun. It would be a shame if you missed them!

Some serious stuff and lots of fun too. I really was unsure whether to do that dream post, was totally uncomfortable with it. But with the jumping in with the comments I sure have gotten a chuckle out of it. Thanks for making it work. With that last comment of he holding out on us?...buddddy.

Do you know I have to get up earlier now just because of Alizée. I need more time in the morning for this. Is it me or has all this had an effect on you too? You are affecting my sleep Alizée. Dream wise and time wise.

There I go using effect and affect in two sentences in a row...grammar overload.

Thanks again for the comments...they have really added to the posts

We will try to keep it coming some dark and deep and some very very light. Hey pretty soon maybe I will get to write a post for the Institubes blog. I can be very deep, complicated and cool too!!!

OK. OK maybe I am not as deep and complicated.
Yeah, yeah Alizée I hear you, "what about the dream post" , so I throw in light one once in a while.
Cool? oh don't go there girlfriend. Whoa Jeremy...that's just cool talk, didn't mean anything.
Come's me...I could fit in at Institubes and write some stuff no one understands...

eek, I hope everyone have a sense of humor...and did I just call Alizée

Alizee Nation

The real Alizee Miami translation

Our thanks to Roman for the 'human touch" translation of the Yahoo article.

Again, it is just an article...

The return of Alizée is coming soon... And with the best of the French Touch! (type of music named about a decade ago or so

We had sort of lost track of her since the cancellation in March of her only concert date. She had just informed us via her Twitter that she was still with Jérémy Chatelain, her spouse and father of their daughter Anny-Lee [or Annily], thus refuting the rumors of a liaison with Julien Doré... which were totally bogus!! [actually, as I recall it was Alizée who mentioned Doré, sarcastically claiming she was running away with him, in response to the claim that she was leaving Jérémy, but whatever]

But, for a few weeks now, the buzz has begun to build. We know that Alizée always knows very well how to surround herself in her musical career. After Mylène Farmer, collaborations with Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino, as well as Bertrand Burgalat on her album Psychédélices (2007), we learn via her web site that she is going to release an album at the end of the year or beginning of 2010, produced in part with the darlings of French electro-pop, the group Château Marmont, but also a collaboration with the rapper Teki Latex.

Thus, the singer explores other universes light years from her first hits. This new album remains shrouded in mystery; all that we know is that it will be a concept-album dedicated to the life of Edie Sedgwick, an American model who was the muse of Andy Warhol. As a bonus, it seems the album will include [a slow dance song] in Spanish!

For the fans of the Corsican singer, there's a link with different teasers each time one connects, here, that does not allow much to leak out about the new opus entitled "Une Enfant du Siècle".

According to our exclusive sources, while their house in the Paris region is being finished, Alizée, her husband Jérémy and their little girl are seriously considering moving to Miami after the release of this album. One must understand that Alizée is an absolute star in Mexico and much better known than Madonna! Really, it's true!

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ever dream of this woman?

Did you catch Ruroshen's dream in the comment section of my dream post? He shared one of his two Alizée dreams. I am not sure I want to hear about his other one. I don't want to have to put up a warning label.

Maybe there are a lot of Alizée dreamers out there and it reminded me of this one website and I thought I would have some fun with it.

Alizee Nation

A shotgun effect of information

Just saying...throwing dots all over the board and they are meant to be random dots. I would not advise connecting them at all, just interesting reading.

Institubes website, blog, Twitter and everything else...being a Paris based label, why do they post in English? Probably no reason.

Ever catch IHEARTCOMIX ?
this is their website
but here is their website with a slash Institubes
a lot of pimping Institubes... a blog statement "america don't think that institubes has forgotten about you" and a IHEARTCOMIX + SCION pool party held in...oh yeah, Miami.

Institubes celebrated 6 years in...oh yeah, Miami. cool junkie or Miami New Times
It was held at Louis Bar-Lounge at Gansevoort South on Miami Beach very French.

"French Touch" there was that one article that referred to Alizée with the name French Touch. Yeah this article mentions Institubes "Surkin and Para One (both institubes) leading the new school"

Enough randomness for now...don't make too much of it.
Bye Alizée

Alizee Nation

My Alizée dream

I had this rather silly dream and Alizee was in it. By the way that has never happened before and feeling really weird about it. It is not very much, here it is...

Only the Alizée part...
...this took place at a hospital...nothing wrong with me, I am just there, I look in this one room and there is Alizée and she was cutting some guys hair.

She finishes his haircut, he pays her and said thanks and starts to walk away. I walk up to him and say very sternly "You don't even know who just cut your hair, do you?"

He has a blank look on his face. Alizée is looking a bit embarrassed and shy...I turn to her and start to bumble and stumble and say "I really like your music"

Yeah, that is what I said, even in my dreams she made me act like an idiot.

What was that?
I had two big lines in my own dream. so embarrassing. You are supposed to be cool in your own dreams, right.

Perhaps I could make Alizee Nation shirts that say "You don't even know who just cut your hair, do you?"

Thank goodness Alizée does not read this.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - touring

I wonder how much music is provided by Chateau Marmont...
So does that mean they will tour together? That would be sort of nice, not out there on her own.
I noticed via Chateau Marmont's Twitter that they have toured South America, mentioning Buenos Aires and Santiago. Interesting, well at least I think so.

Then there is Tahiti Boy, I see via his Twitter he was in Las Vegas yesterday...

I guess we shall see how things develope.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Speculations

Speculations...that is all it is. I did not realize the Yahoo article would require breaking out the paper bags to breath into to. Thanks for that Ruroshen.

Celebrities have homes around the world, Alizée starting to have her own homes around the world sounded viable, although it did surprise me.. True or not??? who knows.

But...think about the location...can service Mexico from there rather airport that can go to Mexico City or Paris... geographically speaking it could be a logical hub of operations. A business decision.

It is just speculations right now, grab your paper bags...

Alizée on South thats's enough to make me grab a paper bag...breath aw breath

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Miami?

Here is a Yahoo article For now I am using the online translator via Google. I will ask Roman to translate it and repost his translation when I receive it.

Google translator:
We had somewhat lost track of him since the cancellation in March of his only concert date. Just be learned through his Twitter that was always with Jérémy Chatelain, her husband and father of their daughter Anny-Lee, denying rumors of an affair with Julien Doré ... which were of great anything!

But in recent weeks, the buzz began to arrive. We know that Alizée has always managed to surround himself very well for his musical career. After Mylène Farmer, collaborations with Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino or Burgalat Bertrand on his album Psychédélices (2007), we learn via its website that it will release an album at the end of the year or early 2010, directed by Party with the darlings of the French electro-pop group the Chateau Marmont, but also a collaboration with rapper Teki Latex.

The singer explores other worlds light years away from his first hits. The mystery remains about this new album, everything that we know that it will be a concept disc devoted to the life of Edie Sedgwick, an American model who was the muse of Andy Warhol. As a bonus, the album contains a slow ... in Spanish!

For fans of the Corsican singer, that's still a link with teasers different each time you log in here who does not leave much to filter new opus entitled A Child of the Century.

According to our proprietary information while their house in the Paris region is being completed, Alizee, her husband Jeremy and their little daughter very seriously considering moving to Miami after the release of this album. You should know that Alizée is an absolute star in Mexico and many more well known than Madonna! Yes, it's true!


Ben keeping us straight
I think this article's a little confused. It's Institubes - the record label - that temporary moved to Miami while their facility in Paris was being built. Dunno if they're still there, but they were earlier this year:

Alizee Nation

Monday, November 9, 2009

Alizée Tweet Tweet

Hi Alizée
New Tweets from Alizée

Haste to make you listen to a (Promt translator)

To answer your questions, lately I work with Castle Marmont, David Rubato, Jérôme Echenoz, Rob and Tahiti Boy.

The background is gone!

Alizée's pic is gone...guess a new one will be soon?

And Tweeting at 3-4 AM in the morning!!!!! Alizée do you want to go to an all night diner and get some breakfast?

Bye Alizée

oh, since the tweets were sent by 'tweetie' they could have been set to tweet at a certain time automatically...just maybe

Alizee Nation

Some new things from Alizée

Hi Alizée
So what is in store for us? A new logo. I know this does not sound too exciting but I hope it something that looks cool on a shirt and something a guy could wear...oh yeah...that means you need some shirts to sell us Alizée.

Appearing at Les know...we get a little too wrapped up in our opportunities to see Alizée (me too) but let us not forget what Les Enfoires is all about, a great charitable event that Alizée participates in on a regular basis.

A press conference tomorrow 11/10/2009 and I was not invited, hmmmp. Maybe I missed the I am...on the Lonely List again! What do I have to do? Do that NYC Naked Cowboy thing? Oh well, I do have some time tomorrow so maybe I will catch something...

A tour for 2010...lets just leave it at that for now. Just way to much to speculate about right now.

I see there was a log on at Alizée's MySpace. Doing a little maintenance I suppose, getting ready for the new logo, a promo to play perhaps...

Did you catch the Official Website, check it out...

Tomorrow will be fun. Alizée you can sneak in a hi to us here, some secret sign, let's see, maybe rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time...what? Too obvious, too silly...ahhh you probably can't do it anyway :) I guess you could pull your ear then...
Bye Alizée

Update from Ben
"A press conference tomorrow 11/10/2009"

The wording was "Un communiqué officiel verra le jour prochainement", which I take to mean a press release, or even less - an announcement. And since the dateline just passed in France, I think it might refer to what just appeared on her website.

I could be wrong, but just don't want people getting their hopes up for something that isn't happening.

So...a press release...which we may have already received....we can live with that.
Thanks Ben!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alizee Nation

Alizée fans and SETI

Monday November 9, 2009...we are getting into the middle of November. Jive Epic told us November...well we did get official information...or shall we say "proof of life" via the Official Website and the 6 teasers. We did see a pulse on @mellealizee twitter with the more video tweets. There are articles starting to appear, yet they are almost a reaction to us and not from any official release of information. No one is slipping up and saying anything...they are adhering to the policy that if you do not say anything you can not slip up.

The teasers are still there...but what do we make of them?

Sometimes I feel like I am part of SETI except that we are all looking for signs of "life" from Alizée.

So it is closing in on mid November, set your satellite array to watch for signs of life from @Jive_Epic, @mellealizee, the official website, myspace, news stories and any other points in the galaxy that may contain a glimmer of information about Alizée.


That was us the day LadyCameronXIII found "contact" at ...computers were dialing in around the world....

Now we wait for more...this child of the century...

Alizee Nation

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alizée and Nine Inch Nails mix by LadyCameronXIII

LadyCameronXIII has created the "Mademoiselle Reznor" mix. Fantastic!

Alizee Nation

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alizée - what is that buzz

Can you hear it?
It is a kind of buzzing sound....shhhh...listen...there it is's coming from my''s...a buzz on the net!!!

From Closer

Prompt Translator version:
"Least that it is possible to say, it is because the singer Alizée could always encircle herself. There was Mylène Farmer first at the beginning, of course, but fast, the pretty ingenue stole her own wings, paying the luxury even to collaborate with Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino or else Bertrand Burgalat on her album " Psychédélices " (taken out in 2007).

Today, Alizée always aspires to more freedom and prepares studiously the big return with the gifted rapper Teki Latex, but also with Château-Marmont (a group tarbais who even succeeded in making capsize the Parisian dance floor).

Its fourth album still did not go out, but a thing is sure, it already creates the buzz on the net. Alizée, a girl in the air of time …"

A buzz on the net!!!
Alright! Who is making that buzzing sound?

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Tekilatex

tekilatex - teki latex - ttc

The name keeps coming founder of Institubes

Wikipedia: Teki Latex (born 1978 as Julien Pradeyrol in Paris, France) is a Paris-based electronica, dance and hip-hop artist, working both independently and as part of the French hip-hop act TTC.

I think this is a very cool video...forward 'army' of media assistants...
Well Tekilatex army, we will see if you find this mention in Alizee Nation.

tekilatex in barcelona

This could prove to be very interesting...

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alizée, how did we do?

I was thinking back on the "Give us the tools" posts from July...yeah that long ago. That led me to an August 1, 2009 post of 'Bottom up Evangelism'

In that post I stated:
"Just give us, the online masses, something to organize around.
It starts with one...then another...then another, it does not even have to pretty or slick, it just needs to start."

Well I think that is pretty much what happened.

You, Alizée, started something. You changed your official web site.
Lady Cameron discovered your hidden egg.
3 videos were discovered...
It took off from there, one person told another told another...

You have Google Analytics set up on the official site. I would love to see the results of that at this point in time, ALL caused by bottom up "us".

There was no press release, no statements, you only tweeted about it 2 days was ALL "us", a nation of Alizée fans.

With no formal plans or structure to follow, no announcements or directions to follow, no banners to post, just a tiny morsel to organize did we do???

Thank you for helping us, help you.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - slow Spanish song

From the website Kiff'Attitude we are told to expect a slow Spanish song.

English translation:
The fourth disc of the former protected Mylene Farmer, who released a few months, will have given the team she works with a sound more electro than its predecessors.

On this disc concept, dedicated to the life of Edie Sedgwick (American model who was the muse of Andy Warhol), the singer has been called to the oldest member of the crew but also the inclusive electro-pop Parisian Castle -Marmont.

A slow Spanish would also be included.

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Alizée - OZAP

Alizée - OZAP

Google Translate
Two years after the album "Psychédélices" which allowed the singer to know an incredible success in Mexico, Alizée is currently working on his fourth album for release is announced in the coming months.

For her return, the singer has completely changed teams and was surrounded by big names of the electro scene. Working with rapper electro Teki Latex, Alizée is conducting its hard with the electro-pop Parisian Chateau Marmont. This fourth album is a concept disc devoted to the life of Edie Sedgwick, an American model who was the muse of Andy Warhol. The album should also contain a slow Spanish, to delight his fans in Latin America.

The buzz around this comeback already organized on the Internet where a website disseminating teasers novel has been online (see website).

Hmmm, Tekitek...myspace and Twitter...the artwork looks kind of familiar don't you think.
Curiouser and curiouser...

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009



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Alizée - a new hook

Hook definition (
Anything that catches; snare; trap
Something that attracts attention or serves as an enticement: The product is good but we need a sales hook to get people to buy it.

I shared Alizée on a different level today. To someone that does web design....
He know's I do this Alizee Nation blog and of course he thinks it's a bit odd.

But today...explained only two appearances all year. No pics at discos or anything like that. But now, on the verge of a new album.

Showed him the official web site...just the drawing. Then showed the source page...then showed him the "egg", then to the teaser page, uneenfantdusiecle, with now 6 teasers...

What do you think of that?

That's pretty cool.

No shake, no shimmy, no sexy, but a "that's pretty cool" via techie stuff...
Way to go Alizée

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mellealizee tweet tweet tweet

What? you can't believe it. Go check it out yourself @mellealizee

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Alizée's 3 new teasers - A Child Of The Century
There are now 3 new teasers in addition to the original 3 for a total of 6
Step aside Magibon, we have real news to report...

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Alizee, Jive Epic

Today was an extremely busy day for me so Magibon agreed to step in and cover our friends at Jive Epic. So reporting in on Jive Epic with their latest Alizee Magibon

There you go, you heard it here first.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Who say's I can't have fun

Who say's I can't have fun with the posts?

OK, who keeps clicking on the Magibon video? You do know she is not saying anything.
You don't have to watch it 5 times to realize that.

Hang around and we will help keep things fun. Don't put conditions on your Alizée fandom. I will remain a fan if she does this or does that. That just does not work with this one. Hang around, relax while we wait.

Who say's.......

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Breaking November Alizee news by Magibon

It's finally November...and here is ALL the news that there is to Magibon

Fine Print:
*for the lunatic fringe out there...this is a joke in regards to the general lack of information. I hate that I even have to say it.
*as in Judo...use the other persons momentum...
*when driving on ice, you know what they say...steer into the skid...

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A wall between us and Alizee news

There is a wall between us and Alizee information...

Ich bin ein Fan von Alizee...

Mr. Chatelain...tear down that wall...

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