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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alizée - Une Enfant du Siecle - a new direction

The two latest Alizée official website updates.
Information regarding 'Une Enfant du Siecle'

As compared to what I could find in regards to Psychédélices...

Alizée collaborated with Bertrand Burgalat, Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino, Jérémy Châtelain, Michel-Yves Kochmann, and Jean Fauque on this album. (wikipedia)

well OK that said collaborated vs producers, let's see...

at Alizee America Ben listed the credits and producers for Psychédé are produced by...

Fifty Sixty, Mon Taxi Driver, Mademoiselle Juliette, Idéaliser, Psychédélices & Lilly Town produced by Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
L'effet produced by Bertrand Burgalat, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
Jamais Plus & Lonely List produced by Frédéric Lo.
Décollage produced by Kore & Jérémy Chatelain.
Par Les Paupières produced by Nellson, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.

No one the same...if this is a fair comparison...

maybe we will see some of the familiar names in music and lyrics...

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