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Friday, April 30, 2010

Photos by Jo Jacotey

Photos by Jo Jacotey
Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do with Jo's photos. They deserve more then the center slice of a blog.

Oh wait a second, you don't have this one?
I couldn't help myself. I felt Jo was talking to me, almost challenging me.
It's that half face photo. Jo made that just a little too perfect, just taunting me to copy it, flip it and put it I did!
You can do that with a perfect face.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bonnaroo contest

I would like to be able to follow the results of this marketing by the band Dead Weather.
They are giving away, yes I said giving away a VIP package and flyaway to Bonnaroo. You also receive an unreleased song. There are two grand prizes.

All you have to do is "Retweet" their Tweet.
So you will receive all these retweets, getting your band and songs under peoples noses.

Interesting...but does it get you more fans, sell more songs? More people will know of you that is for me for instance. But is it actually doing what it was designed to do? I would love to know the results of this.

It is interesting...I think you can all think of the good and the bad to this...but interesting it is...

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The Artist Farm

Heading out to "The Artist Farm" is an interesting trip.

Some interesting articles from "The Farm"

"70% of business comes from WOM"
WOM = Word Of Mouth
They state: "Blow them away with service and experience. Your current fan base is where the momentum is already. Give them a reason for to talk to their friends about your band. Focus on the fact that 70% of your new fans are going to come from the existing fan base. "

Fan base debate: valuable vs disposable

Another article: "Stroking" your fans
Here they say: "As you may also know, it is easier to retain a customer than it is to get a new customer. Put those two ideas together and you see that it is more cost effective and efficient to keep your current customers happy so that their word of mouth will help you to gain new customers."

The Artist Farm, check it out.

Alizee Nation

Amateur websites face closure

Amateur websites face closure

Much ado about nothing or the beginning of the end?

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Beauty and the beast

It's been on my mind, no matter which male Alizée poses with for her pics it always turns out to be a beauty and the beast photo. Sorry Rob, JR and the rest. Just always looks that way :)

and since kids and Beauty and the Beasts are both on my mind, here is some home grown talent, warning lip sync is in use.

(sorry all digital efforts to process have failed)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost keys, cameras and phones from Coachella

Kind of unbelievable if you ask me
Lost Keys
Lost Phones
Lost Cameras

This guy has to have something on this list...

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April 29th fun...

Happy Ting Tings

April 29 individuals are far more ambitious than they acknowledge. These dreamy and sensitive souls may have been conditioned to believe they are destined to play a passive role in life. Learning to believe wholeheartedly in their own talents can be a tall order for these people

Celebrity April 29th birthdays

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TRAX Magazine ad

Do you feel like this sometimes? A French ad for TRAX magazine.

Point made.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Alizée - Final Jeopardy - the flip side

Alizée - Final Jeopardy
It's that time again! Another round of Alizée - Final Jeopardy (and the crowd goes wild)

During the 1950's and 60's vinyl 45 rpm records ruled the music world. They are made 7" in diameter and the general practice was to have an "A" side and a "B" side.

The A-side featured a song that was designated a future hit and the B side was usually a secondary song. Occasionally the B song would become the more popular song. "Maggie Mae" was the B side to Rod Stewart's A side "Reason to Believe" or Gloria Gaynor's hit "I will survive" was a B side song. Even more rarely both sides become hits as in Queen's "We Are The Champions" and "We Will Rock You".

In Alizée's "Une Enfant Du Siecle" collectors boxed set, there were five 45 rpm vinyl records included.

And the answer is...
The first single from the album is "Les Collines" and is listed as side "A" on its 45 record. This song is listed as the "B" side.

Contestant #1, JR, may we see your response

Oh sorry JR, no it's not Limelight.

Contestant #2, Rob, your response please

Awww, yes it's a great song Rob, but not the question we were looking for

Contestant #3, Annily, what do you have for us

YES!!!!!!! We have a winner!!!!!

Let's finish up with "14 Decembre"

Alizee Nation

TO: Lil Soul Sister

As you know (or may not know ???) I sometimes refer to Alizée as Soul Sister. That comes from the song by Train "Hey Soul Sister"

So here is one for lil soul sister Annily starting birthday celebrations early!

Alizee Nation

"concept" songs

Perhaps because Alizée did her concept album and songs regarding Edie Sedgwick it is making me notice more songs about historical figures.

Caught my eye this morning that Damon Albarn (Gorillaz) is writing a song about John Dee.

Of course there is Phoenix and Lisztomania, the only song I know of about Franz Liszt

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Scott Sicko

Who is Scott Sicko and why in the world am I posting about him....
I can't help it, his situation just reminds me of Alizée...a quick explanation...

The NFL, American football, just had their annual draft where the professional teams draft college players for their teams. 255 players were drafted, players not drafted become free agents and if they attract the fancy of an NFL team those teams will then offer to "sign" them. There are many many Cinderella stories out there where free agents went on to become stars, or at least make a good living playing football.

So why Scott Sicko...he declared that if he was not drafted he would not play professional football. There are at least two NFL teams that he stands an excellent chance of making the team (Dallas Cowboys for one really really wanted him). But he is saying no.

Everyone is going crazy over this story. He is messing up. He is walking away from an opportunity that we would all die for. He has the opportunity to make a lot of money. What is he thinking...

It just reminds me of Alizée chatter....She is messing up...she could be really big if...she is not doing what we think she should be doing...

What is right...and what is wrong. Kudos for those who choose the road less traveled.

Scott Sicko must be an Alizée fan.

UPDATE: Scott changed his mind and signed a free agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys. Being 22 and never earning a "professional dollar" I think the pressure from everywhere was just too much. I do not know this kid from anyone but he appears to walk to a beat of a different drum and I would like to see this be a positive for him and will keep an eye on him.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

atomization of the music industry

A very interesting article about todays music industry...the atomization of the music industry and what to do about it. It can be found here at

Atomization is to reduce or seperate...decentralize.

from the article David Parkman is quoted:
"The new power, in my mind, is granted to the aggregators who pull together our collective wisdom. The music business today is blogs, Twitter tweets, Facebook links, the Hype Machine, TheSixtyOne, Rockwood Music Hall, Pandora and Foursquare."

But a comment by Will states...
"sorry but the power is not with the aggregators if you mean those 3rd party music/band sites that come and go and try to take a cut of everything, it's in the individual musicians (and fans) who create and control their own websites, sell their own products, with easy to use open source tools and widgets that exist today like wordpress, paypal, buddypress, facebook fan page, twitter, etc."

Personally I feel it is a bit of both, yes the artists need to represent themselves with an internet presence and the use of open source tools but finding a new artist to follow can be the niche of an aggregator...if you liked this artist you may enjoy...and help you establish your style of music. How do you find more music without some use of an aggregator?

Labels can become aggregators...look at Institubes...are they not a aggregator for a style...and then Sound Pellegrino for even a more specific group. Their business structure is very different. If you talk Sony you talk about record sales, radio playtime...not with the artist with Institubes...

Radio play is a big difference maker in how you get your product known. You can be great but if your style does not have a home on the radio you have to find a different way to find your fans. How do you do that...all I can say is that no matter who played at Coachella there was always a group that could sing along with what they were playing....I am starting to think that first they may have to become a fan of your website(s) first...think about that one...

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Rabbit, Run

The "Rabbit" has run off. My apologies to John Updike fans, but it is the first thing that popped into my mind. The nice thought is when Rabbit, Run was finished in 1960, John Updike came back with 4 more Rabbit novels taking him through 2001.

Perhaps we can only hope for the same...our own different updated versions of our "rabbit".
I too became attached in return...besides the mysteries and the quotes...I enjoyed our talks on the state of music and even politics...

This is not the mystery and surprise I had wished for....

Alizee Nation

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I think it is only appropriate to get to know Un Enfant Du Siecle a little more, don't you?

Rob (Robin Coudert) listed all over UEDS...he is mentioned by Alizée and surely has had influence in this album probably more then any of the other producers listed.

So what about Rob...
Well currently he plays keyboards for the group Phoenix on their tour. You can catch glimpses of Rob on the Phoenix Diary and of course on all the YouTube clips out when ever Phoenix performs.

a pic of Rob in Oregon from the Phoenix Diary

Rob is with the Institubes label. He has his project Dodecalogue
On that website you will see the Gateway to Rob that leas to his Rob MySpace and Rob Facebook.

You can find some of Rob's works on or just a search of dont kill rob offers a nice background of this musicians talent.

Rob's talent does not stop at music, he has also was in the 2005 short film "Pink Cowboy Boots"

As with everyone associated with Alizée, we look forward to following and supporting their efforts.

Now to finish me crazy, but
the Facebook for Robin Coudert

Looks a lot like the drummer for Phoenix, Thomas Hedlund
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
why are the Rob and Thomas pics 'photoshops' and all the rest of Phoenix Diary pics just 'photos'?


hey who said that....

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Friday, April 23, 2010


The story of @Ninja_J_Rabbit

Well Ninja showed up on the Alizée twitter scene September 2009. Exchanges started in November 2009.
The Ninja appeared to be Rob...yes that Rob. Ninja clearly knew things or was at least knew enough to keep us interested.

From the start there were always some conflicts in reality. Rob is on keyboard for Phoenix. In the Fall of 2009 Phoenix was in Canada with trips to Boston, New York, Michigan yet the Ninja did not seem to follow that path. Ninja claimed he sat in for them occasionally to cover the bunny trail.

December came and more conflicts arose. Then Les Enfoires! Here the Ninja claimed he was in Nice but again check the Phoenix Diaries, they alone show conflicts but check the tour schedule and then go to YouTube and you will find Rob on keyboard from Vancouver, to Reno, to Las Vegas all the while Les Enfoires is going on.

All of this has led to many hours of Skype conversations between myself and Alizee South Africa. Alizee South Africa did some homework on the pics sent from Nice. (still on twitter before they get deleted) The roof top pic was a Nikon, the airport was a Sony and the pic of Alizée and Rob is a guess at an iPhone. Nice work by Alizee South Africa. But the camera could not pin it down to one person. We looked a many other pics...Tumbler "recreates" the ID...foiled again! We even looked back on Alizée's trip to Mexico, that msn video, shows her holding a camera to see if that could have been the Who has that Nikon E5200 or that Sony DSC-P10. ahh the late night Skype talks of Alizee South Africa and Alizee Nation...:)

Keep in mind....this has been FUN. We had fun with the bunny....why don't we keep it that way!!!!

Yes I had a brief emailing with the bunny...but it was a quickly set up fake email account...that wrascally wrabbit.

I tweeted a few probes at the Ninja and received this response:

I liked that response....and decided to let the ninja play...
Who does not like mysteries and surprises....

I still am a fan of the ninja, it was fun and I have enjoyed it.

But now I think it is time for us to take the next step...who is the it Rob trying to throw us off, is Jeremy, Lola, or even Alizée? Is it more then one person. Is it the creation of the Institubes or Alizée's internet staff?

Does it matter? That was the short was a creative adventure.

Ninja_J_Rabbit - Roman
Chapeter 2 ????

oh yeah....
you maybe right.......we maybe crazy......

Alizee Nation

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alizée...branding continued

This Alizée Brand is very interesting to me...and oh by the way...I did not say it first...I caught Alizée mentioning her "brand" in an interview and it just jumped out at me as to what was going on.

Lately the name Sienna Miller has been coming up in my conversations...don't know why but let's run with it. Here is an actress, she played Edie Sedgwick in 'Factory Girl' by the way. (Alizée's concept album about Edie)
But she is also very well know in the fashion world. She was even on the cover of the US Vogue 'September Issue' 2007.

So that is in my head right now. This morning I happen to be reading Vogue Paris, 20 Shoes of Summer...what...doesn't everyone read that...and I, Alizée would never wear that shoe, but that one...and then it hits me...I can see this Brand expanding into fashion....Alizée was seen here wearing this and there wearing that.

Sienna was seen at Coachella last weekend...and I can see this starting to happen for Alizée...and I do not mean an Alizée friendly site doing it, a fashion site posting something or being in more of a fashion spotlight.

From Catwalk Queen to Elle to Vogue.

It could happen....

Alizee Nation

Le Nid d'Alizee

I truly love going to Le Nid Blog News.

I don't have to try and run around the net looking for information. They definitely have inside news and privy to things first hand. I don't have to concern myself about rumors. It's great...I love you guys...

But Le have not posted anything in over a week? Whats up? The last post was "Postée le 13 avril 2010 à 17:19 par anthony"

I hope all if fine...and everyone is just busy...looking forward to more news via Le Nid...

Alizee Nation

Calvi On The Rocks

Most days I am busy just trying to connect the dots...but now...I am going to throw some dots out the and see what you think. I am just so excited about this one...

Calvi On The Rocks.
This is a music festival held at Calvi.....Corsica!!! July 2-6, 2010
It's a top selection of indie and electro artists. Check the it...
And who would fit right in...our new favorite electro chic star from her new album Une Enfant Du Siecle...
here is the 2007 teaser..

This is a very cool, chic event. I could go on and on but just check it out.

Last year Phoenix played here. Now please no rumors...but...I see they are touring France at the time and do have a huge hole in there schedule right at this time. Hmmm, I am just noticing that's all. Maybe it would just be a nice break for Rob to attend just as a festival goer. (Rob - one of the producers on the new album Une Enfant Du Siecle)

But guess who is confirmed...anyone, anyone? ...Chateau Corsica. Hmmmm
Did anyone see that Jay Z played Coachella and he had Beyonce come out as a special guest. Now how cool would it be to have Alizée sing a few songs with Chateau Marmont....stuff right off the new Corsica!!!! Home field advantage!

Come on!!! Electro....Corsica....Chateau Marmont....this isn't rocket science. Para One has played here in the past (another producer of UEDS) All these tie's crazy.
Now this would be fun! I would just need to know early enough so I could start selling blood/plasma to earn money for the trip...because if it's at the last minute I would just be too depleted... :)

Think about that one girlfriend...and Calvi On The Rocks...think about it too..
A great event!.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alizée - Branding

The "Brand" Alizée. This is what it is now all about, this is what is being established.

Establishing a brand awareness is a slow process, expanding your sphere of influence while maintaining your core group of fans. So what will this brand stand for? Well what does Alizée mean to you right now? Charity work via Les Enfoires, a responsible mother, fashionable to name a few. Music wise she has now established that she will represent the music she enjoys and work with lesser known artist if she likes them.

I really hesitate to categorize this new music direction. One of the things I love with Institubes is the lack of what you love, love what you do. Being at Coachella was a great re-awaking for me. I personally was in a rut, listening to the same pop favorites. Passion Pit was wonderful...their songs Sleepyhead and The Reeling then jump to some Phoenix...I don't know what to call it but I know it when I hear it. A Yeasayer song or Beagle by Chateau Marmont. Listen to those songs and then think of Lady Gaga...and it becomes clearer where Alizée is going and the brand of music she will represent.

Alizée is evolving with music and I feel ahead of the curve of where music is going, style wise and distribution wise.

I noticed that the single acts also not just singing but having a drum or synth or something else going on is what is going on. Alizée has now made that jump. The DJ thing...not afraid to something like that. What does that mean as part of the brand? New, not afraid...

Merchandise??? We can only wait and see on that.

Establishing this brand is what it is all about right now. Concerts...ask yourself this now...will they be more about selling albums or helping establish the brand and what it will stand for? Perhaps smaller and trendy. Positioning and branding, keep that in mind. What she wears and how she wears it, what she is involved all means something.

It is all part of celebrity branding, what they want to do and represent. New, not afraid to experiment, leading edge, classy, intelligent...Alizée.

Alizee Nation

Coachella - Spin Magazine

You can be at an event and not have a clue as to what is going on. It was nice to pick up some tid bits from spin magazine and now I can say...oh, that is what was going on.

Spin Magazine best and worst of Coachella

Phoenx...they did tell us that their light guy was still grounded due to the volcano so it was all about the music tonight....IT DIDN'T MATTER!
As Spin Magazine stated..."the French pop band turned the rest of the fest into a virtual ghost town"

What...Sly Stone didn't make it...did not even know that!

Little Boots did have an awesome light show....I thought I was just being so 90's but I guess everyone enjoyed it.

Charlotte Gainsbourg...wait...I truly thought her late entrance was due to tech problems...but again I see it wasn't just me...Spin went on to say..."What is it with French people and their fashionably late arrivals at Coachella?"
Now I dont know what was going on.
But Spin is right on when they say..."fifteen minutes behind schedule -- an eon in Coachella's meticulously scheduled five-stage, 160-act universe"
I really liked what I saw...that delay really hurt her impact because as Spin basically went on to say...we all had to leave to get to the next act we wanted to see....I hope some YouTube vids surface here...
You just can't be late at Coachella.

I missed B.o.B. ...just can't get them all in.

At this type of event you think you see so much and then when you look back you see how much you missed...

I am just going to force myself to stop...
Spin Magazine did a great job of covering the event. I can't believe how most of the time they perceived things exactly as I did. The best and worst of day 1 from Passion Pit, to Hockey, to She and Him to Yeasayer to the effort to get into the place...

But Spin Magazine dudes....La Roux...."WORST CLUSTERFUCK: LA ROUX
Coachella's general problem seems to be traffic, both inside the Polo Fields and on the highways leading to them. The people management system needs an overhaul. Case in point: The fact that I couldn't get within 80 yards of English electro pop singer La Roux's set at the Gobi Tent. By 8:30 P.M. the festival grounds were inundated -- there wasn't a patch of grass to stand on away from the constant jostling and pushing. Even at 6'4" I couldn't catch a glimpse of La Roux or hear anything more than a low din. But, judging by the turnout, it must've been good, right?"

Alizee Nation

Monday, April 19, 2010

Coachella wrap up

Sunday was the last become more strategic as the weekend goes by so let's just jump in.
Another nice day...

Let's run into the Gobi tent and see Charlotte Gainsbourg

Technical problems had this show starting 20 minutes late. Technical problems had me have the wrong card in the cam and limit my videos...
So it was off to try and work my way down to the Outdoor Stage for the Phoenix show.

There is the stage...all the way down there...

and getting closer...

and closer...
until we get to where we can get...squeezing my way to as close as I can without being obnoxious. After claiming my little spot...the show does not start for 45 more minutes.
I had a hope that Rob would come on stage to check out the set up and I would have a chance to yell out...but that opportunity did not happen. He came out as the show started with all the screaming and yelling...just no chance.

Then the show started and pandemonium broke out...they started out with Litzomania.
The crowd was immense and excited. Here is the final with 1901.

Here is a little video I took to share the audience experience with you..

Hope you enjoyed this little variation...

Alizee Nation

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coachella 2010 - prep for last day

I want to thank everyone for putting up with this brief break here at Alizee Nation. Today is the last day of the Coachella Festival and we will be back posting pictures of Alizée's eye's, ear's, nose, and feet before you know it.

So what is Coachella? It started in 1999 and has been primarily for indie type acts. It is held in Indio, California. Starting last year the dates were moved forward...some say to avoid 100 degree F days others say to make room for more concerts... Next week is a similar country and western flavor festival called the Stagecoach Festival. Rumors abound about a 3rd Festival next year...R&B, HipHop...maybe nothing.

It is held on the "Polo Grounds". It is outside. 5 stages are setup with acts going on all 5 all day. Three are under tent (huge tents) two are open air. Sound systems are AWESOME. When you see there are 30 can not see all thirty...two maybe playing at the same time on different stages. You have to plan. then decide are you ok where you are or fight my way to the front.

The area is HUGE. They say 80,000 people there. It's all grass. There is no seating. There are no walkways. There is little shade. If you want to sit down you just plop on the grass where you are standing. I see no lawn's a young crowd, they don't carry chairs. Dress code is...well there is no dress code. My favorite so far...just pasties...I wanted so bad to take a pic but even I didn't want to ask and I couldn't sneak a pic in. It's amazing how small they can make jean shorts.

When the sun goes down it's as if people come out of the ground. You are suddenly surrounded by people...everywhere. There are no lights and since there are no walkways you just kind of make your way though. People come from everywhere. I met some from Ireland, they won a contest from Guiness..I think.

It is an advantage to be on stage when the sun first sets...just seems to be a stimulator.

Now the strategy. Who do you want to see and where are you going to be happy seeing them. For instance tonight. Priority for me today is Phoenix. (Outdoor theater, 2nd biggest) start at 7:10PM. Previous act on that stage is Jonsi 5:55 to 6:45. Now I want at the front for Phoenix, how am I going to do that??? I don't know yet. Charlotte Gainsbourg is playing over at the Gobi tent 5:40 to 6:30...Leave that at 6 and start fighting my way up to the front of Outdoor theather? I just do not know if I can accomplish what I want to accomplish. It's a push shove mentality...I can just hope for the best or don't catch Charlotte???

Because...don't you all want me to scream "Ninja J Rabbit" during sound check if one of our favorite Twitterers is there on keyboards? LOL

So there you go... a little more insight
L.A. Times

Where are you Alizée? It could have been fun. Two hours from the Mexican would have fans here.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, April 17, 2010

forever young...coachella 2010

We fought our way there through the traffic. It was hot and slow on the roads. Our vehicle decided to flash its transmission light but on we pressed...who needs overdrive.
And guys talking to cute girls on bikes every chance they get.

Early on a decision had to be made what to carry. We went light...the small camera, and not much else but water bottles. Then it was stand in long lines to get in.... The second check point we lost all our water. No carry ins. We made it, now where do we go...

an autograph tent...

During the day the sun takes its toll on you, sun screen is a must, drink plenty of water...
then there are the girls in cute hats

and fanny packs...

took a seat on the grass and doing some people watching (She and He singing in the background)

Calle 13 starting early in the day, the same stage Jay Z will be on later in the night

Passion Pit was a surprise favorite...they had 40,000 rocking.
I did not personally see Dan DeVito or Paris Hilton but both were there..I was wondering about that ninja rabbit!

Tents are also set up for acts. The "Gobi" tent was host to La Roux. The tents can get crowded so we took off early, or what we thought was early to get in. I at first felt sorry for all those 5'4" and under females but boy can they push...I never pushed, I may have squeezed my way in was like getting caught in a rip tide wondering where I was going to wash up. The back kept yelling push push. It was no place if you are claustraphobic that's for sure. It did my best with the camera but...there was a lot of bumping, jumping and will see what I mean...

as you can see I did end up pretty close to the stage...I just did my best with the camera...

Jay Z and a surprise...
my position and cam just not the same for this one

and then a headlight was out on the way home....

Alizee Nation

Thursday, April 15, 2010


snapped a pic while driving....

They are coming from everywhere...heading to Coachella...
Expecting 80,000
I thought I heard sell out was at 75,000
oh, $269 US Dollar per the math...

Alizée...why oh why are you not at Coachella? You would fit right in on Sunday.

The Schedule

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DJ in the house...


Step aside Surkin...look out Paraone....Alizée is in the house...
Let's see what this is all about...but in any case it sure seems like some fun to be had...

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

six degrees of separation...

I at times get swept away with the six degrees of separation, the one thing leads to another...or just connecting dots....

enjoy my randomness that I am sharing...

Checking out Yelle...what's up there

run across a 2007 review of her album Pop Up, it stated this:
"the American music scene developed a previously unimaginable obsession with French artists; Kanye West sampled Daft Punk for his booming hit “Stronger,” the hipster world wholeheartedly embraced the raunchy electro beats of Ed Banger DJs and producers Justice, and both of the aforementioned Parisian artists sold out entire North American tours."

really, America embracing French electro beat in 2007...hmmm ok...wonder if that still holds true in 2010

then it goes on to say:
"Inspired to begin recording music by the chauvinistic hip-hop of fellow Frenchmen T.T.C"

T.T.C. ...that's Teki Latex's group
Teki Latex co founder of Institubes
Institubes back to...Alizée


We have Rogue Monk from a few posts back, very cool opportunity and site. I like it.

under "who we are" is the name...
Miguel Garcia...and they go on to say this..."Trend consultant to major corporations such as Nike, Converse, Red Bull, Warner Bros"
Here is a nice article about Miguel Garcia in LA Weekly
Nice, a mover a shaker (I hope that was cool to say)...and has the shop de la barracuda wow!
and of course a twitter @delabarracuda...who doesn't
but this twitter had sushi...

with Jeremy (check ASA blog)

and it's back to Alizée...


How about a short one...

I don't recall what led me to this youtube so I can't even start with the proper link...but let's not have that stop us...

It's the House of Kids Exhibition...
and look, it's Jean-Rene Etienne...talking!
I guess I am getting so used to seeing him in the background....

of photos of .... you guessed it...Alizée

Alizee Nation

Monday, April 12, 2010

Never wanna leave you...

In todays advertising world jingles have been tossed aside and the use of pop culture songs have stepped in.

Cadillac uses the Phoenix hit "1901"

Samsung has already grabbed "Hey Soul Sister" by Train

Hmmm...I wonder...perhaps...Never wanna leave you, never wanna leave you...
so conveniently in English....

Yes I know, I'm playing outside the box way too much lately...

Alizee Nation

Alizée and the polaroids

Let's start here, a YouTube video via sb6vl17d of Alizée's polaroid shoot by Lola.

Next...I wonder if this was planned this way or not...polaroids themselves are an endangered species and perhaps these photos could have value some day just for being a polaroid...not even counting the person in the photo :).

Here from the blog is an article about polaroids.

Impossible Polaroid
Wed, 03/31/2010 - 03:14 — Tim Manners

In a delicious turn of events, the tanking economy made possible the resurrection of the late, great Polaroid instant camera, reports Eric Felton in the Wall Street Journal (3/26/10). The last plant making Polaroid instant film -- outside Amsterdam of all places -- was set to be demolished, and its machinery dismantled. But because of the economy, plans to bulldoze the factory and construct a new building were cancelled. And, as fate would have it, Florian Kaps, a Polaroid enthusiast, happened to catch wind of this, um, development, the day before workers were to begin destroying the machinery.

Florian, who had been selling remaining stock of Polaroid film online, managed to delay the destruction for a week while he raised enough funds "to lease the factory, acquire the equipment and get to work." Even though Florian had the equipment, he still didn't have the requisite chemicals for that very special Polaroid process. However, working with former Polaroid engineers, a new formulation was developed using readily available ingredients and "a sepia-tinted black-and-white film usable in the standard old Polaroid cameras" is now available online, at theimpossibleproject dot-com. Color film is promised this summer.

The remaining question is whether there's a sufficient market for Polaroid film, which once commanded the instant-pictures category, but fell on hard times with the advent of digital cameras. Still, some people -- artists largely -- have remained enchanted by "the film's otherworldly effects and quirky unpredictability." Some hobbyists meanwhile "were hooked on the strange, ethereal lull as the image seeps into existence before one's eyes." It's not likely that Polaroid's revival will put a "dent in the digital juggernaut," but, as Eric Felton notes, it's a happy moment "when the market increases our choices instead of narrowing them."

From the article you can find your polaroid film here as I am sure Lola did.

So the moral of this story is..."Hang on to those polaroids" If you received a signed polaroid you now realize it has a two fold value...protect it...and realize Alizée did you twice the favor...

And...yet again in the way of Alizée, no one tells us...she makes us figure it out...

Alizee Nation

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rogue Monk

Over the last couple of years there have been some talented people making designs and artwork. Here is a website that gives you an opportunity to share your talent. Rogue Monk.

This is for original work!

Are you an original designer? They give you an opportunity to make money. If you can't draw you can promote.

Check it out. You have to like anyone who uses the word "rogue" in their name!
Fire up your photoshop, follow the rules, have fun, make money...

Alizee Nation

Alizée, I have an idea

Watching Alizée and Nolwenn has me thinking...

Duets are so sure would be fun to see you in a duet Alizée...but and English speaking duet...
There is Jay Z with Beyonce and Jay Z with Alicia Keys.
How about Jay Z an Alizée and a Paris State of Mind.

That could be a unique way to get in front of more English speaking fans.

Then there is Timbaland with Soshy & Nelly Furtado. Timbaland and Nelly also did "Say it Right". Hold on one minute....Alizée, after studying that video I think we could do that one together. Yeah, you and me, Alizée and Alizee Nation doing 'Say it Right'! I think I have Timbaland's lyrics down. eh, eh, eh...yeah I got it!!!!

Really, that's not such a crazy idea is it??? Alizée what do you think???

OK, OK, I get it...

Alizee Nation

Le Nid' Alizée

Le Nid' Alizée doing a great job...someone in the know giving us some structure to the madness...
Check it out...

Alizee Nation

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Alizée - casual attire

For casual dress day at the one...I said no one looks better in casual attire then Alizée

Just my opinion....

Alizee Nation

Friday, April 9, 2010

Alizée fans

We all want to see more of her and I know privacy is a huge issue. No one needs to say it, we all know this is the trade off for popularity...I really hope this was OK with Alizée...

Alizee Nation

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jeremy - some guy talk

Jeremy I have some guy tallk...can you excuse us Alizée...
sheesh I thought she would never go...she just has to know everything...
So, Jeremy...maybe you are already in the gallery at The Masters that would be cool. You should come to Coachella... you could meet with some of those L.A. eye wear people, a promoter or two and call it a business trip. Then you could catch some Coachella fun too...but also get a round or two in at Big Horn. Let me know if you need some help hooking that up. Bring the ball and chain if you have to. Take her to one of the local casino's and let her buy in to a poker tournament and see if she's all that. :)

Book it.

OK, we are finished chatting Alizée...

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Alizée some pics and videos

It's about time for some fun stuff...


keyboard lessons

Now...are you catching that cute little crooked smile...

well that was fun...

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

She's Out Of My League you saw on Alizee South Afica, Jeremy was having lunch. See...Jeremy gets out...he isn't the female version of Stepford Husbands...It's a joke!!! I bet Jeremy is chuckling...


Don't you think it is about time we get some help here...eyewear
Do you you think...did we miss....
Well let me show you

Alizée mentioned that she liked the relationship Lily Allen had with Channel. Do you think some relationships are being forged here and we just missed it?
Red shoes by ______
Eyewear by ________
Leather Jacket by ________

Jeremy at lunch with's not that big of a reach is it?
Wow, maybe. But for sure we do need some help here.

Alizée, you are going to have to leak this information so we know...either to a fashion blog or even Le Nid...well of could be me. But, as everyone knows and as that latest movie states....
"She's Out Of My League"
Underdog...yeah, yeah, that's what I'm rolling with!

Till next time

Alizee Nation

Monday, April 5, 2010

Partel Olivia - Institubes artwork and more

While chatting with Alizee South Africa today we noticed the website finally come on line for Partel Oliva.

Institubes, Institubes and more Institubes....
you can check it out here

Alizee Nation

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Part of the plan

I posted this video this 5 months ago. I have broken it out into 3 segments because I think there are some points being made about the music industry.

Now that the album is out it maybe fun to re think this.

It is Teki Latex making points and because he is co founder of Institubes I do not think it is outrageous to think these thoughts run through the minds in and around Institubes.

Not concerned about genres...Using technology...even in creating music. Not being afraid.

Computers and Electro and Internet and....even playing a synth on stage :)

Websites, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube.....

Teki talking about the music on his own album...

Now can you jump into that mentality for Moi Loilita vs UEDS?

Alizee Nation

Saturday, April 3, 2010

French Thought

The French will make you think. They do not put it right out there, they make you work for it, to find it...

A few posts back I did this article "Some internet marketing thoughts from Phoenix"
"In just the way you build a phrase, they all have an effect on each other. So when we write lyrics, my favorite part is when you delete the in-betweens so that it’s almost some sort of weird cryptic form of poetry that doesn’t make sense"

Does House of Kids take that approach to their art? Institubes and their artists?

There is a name that applies here: Oulipo
Ouvroir de littérature potentielle; roughly translated: "workshop of potential literature") is a loose gathering of (mainly) French-speaking writers and mathematicians which seeks to create works using constrained writing techniques.(wikipedia)

What are some of these constraints? (from wikipedia)

S+7, sometimes called N+7
Replace every noun in a text with the noun seven entries after it in a dictionary. For example, "Call me Ishmael. Some years ago..." (from Moby-Dick) becomes "Call me islander. Some yeggs ago...". Results will vary depending upon the dictionary used. This technique can also be performed on other lexical classes, such as verbs.

A poem in which each line is a single word, and each successive word is one letter longer.

Writing that excludes one or more letters. The previous sentence is a lipogram in B, F, H, J, K, Q, V, Y, and Z (it does not contain any of those letters).

Prisoner's constraint, also called "Macao" constraint
A type of lipogram that omits letters with ascenders and descenders (b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, and y).

Sonnets and other poems constructed using palindromic techniques.

A poem using only one vowel, although the vowel may be used in any of its aural forms. For example, "bone" and "cot" could both be used in a univocalism, unlike "sew" or "beau".

Or take out an in between line here and there....
Thanks to @VISAVISLA for tweeting and Le Monde's interesting article.

Alizee Nation

Friday, April 2, 2010

Alizée - Roman -- spoiler alert

Well not really, I will not spoil it for you...but I will say it puts me back in a proper perspective...or state of mind.

A nice story...original fans...going underground...David Rubato, oh I have a whole new admiration for David Rubato, thanks for not doing what you were told....Clearstream even got a mention...

Specifically I always enjoy the brief mentions of Alizée's relationship with her guardian angel. It is someone she can rely on to guide her and protect her and follows her.

My poor guardian...must put up with me and my NOT listening....I am envious of Alizée's ability to listen.

I truly enjoyed the story...I did not want to revel too much...
Thank you Alizée for sharing and Jean-René Etienne for writing it.

From one A. to another A.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - The Novel

Alizée - The Novel

"Alizee, novel or the passage of a young girl through a relatively short time unit: The end of childhood, exile, joy, love, victory, of treason, the fall, denial, flight"

Time to curl up with a good book....

Alizee Nation

Alizée - p-p-p-poker face p-p-p-poker face

Alizée - p-p-p-poker face p-p-p-poker face
perhaps a little family competition...#50
or not...

Alizee Nation

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Shhhh....someone turn down GOOM Radio - Limelight...

and wasn't my interview with Alizée lined up as #23...just my luck.

Alizee Nation

The boxed set delivery

The boxed set delivery - Clean and edited version

It was a normal day around Alizee Nation World Wide Headquarters...well, what we consider normal. Get up, go through emails and contacts. Is there something to post about...the usual. Of course my newest addiction being GOOM radio - the LImelight edition took up some time. Played with that for a while. It then became time to go. It was a bit chilly this morning so lets start the car ahead of time while I throw some things in the car...rarely do that. The mail man then pulls up...hmmm he is about 4 hours early....he pulls away... well I might as well get the mail. There in the mail is a package slip! Currently there is only one package I am expecting, but frankly I thought someone at 'le post' may want to listen to it first so I really was not thinking "it" would be so soon. Then it hits me...that lazy ______ did not even attempt to deliver it. He did not want to get out of his little postal jeep. Oh no, this does not sit well with me, that would mean having to go to the post office tomorrow and that is such a pain...and I was actually outside, right there. So I immediately break into a sprint with that package delivery slip in hand. World Wide Headquarter doors open and car still running. I take to the center of the road so he can see me in his mirror running after him and run that little jeep down!!! Oh was he bumbling and stumbling..."I was going to deliver it later" ...whatever. That's my freaking Alizee Boxed Set and if I have to run it be it. I know I turned the car off but who knows where I thew the keys. The rest of the mail...I dunno. It will turn up somewhere.

Alternate story

Alizée knew I needed it for the blog and sent it to me ahead of time.

Neither sound very plausible so pick which ever one works for you.
Have a great April Fools day. :)
Merci Alizée

Alizee Nation

Une Enfant Du Siecle - Boxed Set

Une Enfant Du Siecle - Boxed Set

Play time...

Alizee Nation

Alizée and GOOM Limelight

I love it, I'm new addiction....

Is it me? I know it's early....and yesterday was a 'fast' day...and it did take me while to figure out that it was April fools day and Google had Topeka on their home my mind going to far?

I really enjoy Alizée talking to me in between songs...what? she is not talking to me...sure she is...just like she looks at me at the end of 'Les Collines' video. :)

As I sit here with my oatmeal...I wonder if is she listening to her GOOM at the same time as me? Listening to the same the same time....

I see an occasional tweet mentioning a song currently being listened to on GOOM Lightlight...

Alizée... drop a Tweet bomb on us someday and tell us "listening to _____ on GOOM Limelight" once in a while and we will

I suppose this confession is over...until next time...

Alizee Nation

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