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Monday, January 31, 2011

Alizée... survey says...

The first is a rhetorical question for the fans.
(It's rhetorical because I don't do polls, if all 3 of my readers vote differently I have to become the tie breaker.)

Here it is. When given a choice of which version of Moi... Lolita you will listen to, which version would you choose and in what priority would it be? It is AUDIO only, no video version. Ahhh, that could be a difference maker.
These 3 versions:
A) Studio Version
B) En Concert Version
C) Summer of 2010 TV version

and remember... no video, audio only. I know my order, do you know yours?

Now my next question is for Alizée.
Alizée, what do you think the order would be of the majority of fans. Not what you would like but what order your fans would choose?

That is all,
Snap back to reality, Oh there goes gravity...

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Les Enfoirés

Les Enfoirés over for another year

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Alizée - Little Black Dress

Alizée - Little Black Dress
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pics by RMJ Photography

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Drop the Une

Une Enfant du Siecle has been on my mind. Today La Roux went on a little Twitter rant and so why not me...

Une Enfant du Siecle WAS something different. You can not accuse Alizée of not trying something new, not trying to give us a different sound. There is nothing wrong with this, as a matter of fact it should be admired.

Let's take a look at this from another angle. Les Collines has over 1 million YouTube views. Hold that thought.

Remember prior to the release we were getting the album tracks along with who wrote what and who produced what... Now when I hear things like the album has not been as successful as we liked the only name I hear is Alizée. Please don't take that the wrong way, and Alizée would NEVER say anything like that. (One of the most stand up people I have seen)

So let's talk about Les Collines. It is performed by Chateau Marmont. A quick glance of YouTube Chateau Marmont songs I see Beagle has 34,000 views, now a million plus have listened to them, up 966,000.

I read 30,000 albums of UEDS were sold. Take that entire collaboration of writers, producers, etc... and eliminate Alizée from it for right now and could you say that may have been their most successful venture to date?

From that perspective things seem more positive. It was different, it was a chance, it was working with new people and it all depends on how you look at things.

I would really like to see something more attempted by this group, but... it's been a while now and longer it is the less likely something would happen.

So what's with the Drop the Une? It's my "The Social Network" tweak for success. In the movie, Sean Parker who co-founded Napster and was played by Justin Timberlake, advises Mark Zuckerberg and Eduardo Saverin during their first dinner meeting to drop the word “the” in the company’s name and web address, as in The Facebook and

Drop the Une... and have Enfant du Siecle :)
Now who is going to run out there and register first?
Oh yeah, I checked, it's available and I decided not to do it first :)
Alizée already has

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alizée + Les Enfoirés 2011

A great 50 second mix of RMJ imagery with Grand Central background...

Alizee Nation

French Visitors...

France always shows up strong during Les Enfoirés

A nice show of support and Thank You for stopping by.

Alizee Nation

Jeepers Creepers where'd ya get those Peepers

where'd ya get those eyes

Alizee Nation

Alizée Gazette 01272011

1st, a nice little article about Les Enfoirés HERE or in English HERE

@nidalize started things off with a tweet and Jo Jacotey pic.

It is the week of the Forums for sure, even tweeting in force

and more, all working overtime this week...overwhelming the "enfoires" twitter search with Alizee ....

along with...
@Rondasx tweeting even more (is that possible)
@AlizeeSAfricaalways with an observation
@LadyCameronXIII working it
@Sirwood4444 staying after it
"our own" Jenny on the block @Jenny_HRO87 being there

@SonyMusicMexico sneaking in a tweet "Imágenes de @mellealizee en Les Enfoires @enfoires (vía @Alilatino)" NICE

RMJ... what do you want me to say, he is just on another level

Alizée posting on Facebook
thanks for the pic...

& me @AlizeeNation with my pointless I mean independent observations, yeah, that's what I meant.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Twitter Search - Les Enfoires

Twitter Search - Les Enfoires

This just blows me away! I decided to do a Twitter Search for 'Enfoires'
So what do you think we will see? There must be 30 to 40 entertainers involved with Les Enfoires. There should be talk about Les Enfoires itself.

But what do I find? All Alizée All the time!
Even I am a little bit embarrassed by it.

Here is the Twitter Search I just did. It shows 15 latest Tweets... 15 are about Alizée.
Does that freak you out like it freaks me out. Really, how can this be?

Alizée, I have to say, Alizée fans are kind of special.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Les enfoirés 2011 - YouTube

Alizée - Les enfoirés 2011 - YouTube

Alizee Nation

Day 1 Les Enfoirés

Day 1 Les Enfoirés

Just Click Here

Don't you just want that #5 Alizee Shirt? YES!

Alizee Nation

Awaiting more Alizée from Les Enfoirés

Awaiting more Alizée from Les Enfoirés

It's getting pretty exciting again. As you know we are never "overdosed" with Alizée so it does not take much to have us dancing in the streets.

Whoa! Hold on a minute, before you take to the streets I want to help you "guys" out before you embarrass yourselves.

In a 2010 study published in Biology Letters, scientist analyzed good and bad male dance moves.
Important factors to the women were not the arms or legs, but the speed and movement of the right knee and variations in neck and back movements. Jerky and repetitive moves were not viewed as attractive.

So as you are out celebrating the latest Les Enfoirés show, or planning to run into Alizée at a night club, the dancing laws of attraction should look a little like this.

Now unfortunately I could probably cut and paste way too many of your face pics on the below dancing avatar.

Guys, I'm just trying to help.

Now back to Les Enfoirés

Alizee Nation

The start of Les Enfoirés 2011

The first from @nidalizee on Twitter regarding Alizée and Les Enfoirés.

With an exclusive Jo Jacotey photo!


Alizee Nation

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Friendship

Alizée and Les Enfoirés have had a beautiful friendship over the years.

Should be fun again as Les Enfoirés rounds up the Usual Suspects to entertain us and earn money for a great cause.

Hopefully the Usual Suspects of Alizée fans will be there to post pics and videos for us.

Alizee Nation

Friday follies with follow Friday

It would be nice to see that French ranking go up...
for whatever it's worth.
what else do you have to do on a Friday but #FF stuff with @mellealizee

Alizee Nation

Following Les Enfoires comments...

Following Les Enfoires comments...

mouse over the right hand side and the scroll function will appear

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Alizée Social Network

The Alizée Social Network

This Social Network thing is starting to become a full time job. What does Alizée have to maintain...


There are two domain names that come to mind.

Then we have social sites
Facebook (actually 2)

I wonder if there is anything to do personally at iTunes?

What's a girl to do?

Unlike Mark Zukerberg, Alizée does actually have a life.
(sorry, only going by the movie Mark and referring to those start up days)
No wonder why Alizée doesn't have time to feed me information...[yeah, that's the reason ;), nothing to do that I am whacked out blogger, no that's not it ]

When is there time to do music? Perhaps if you hired me to do...
Could you imagine that...

Wait, is this a post or a job application.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coachella 2011

Coachella 2011

I need to take some time to absorb this...
Headliners are always good, what can you say. I like looking under the headliners. Right off the bat glad to see Boys Noize, Neon Trees, Yelle.

But I have to tell you... I am still devastated with no Daft Punk. I will have to revisit this subject after I recover to be fair with the great acts that are going to be there.

Oh yeah, and where is this Always Sunny in Philadelphia live take?

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

winner, winner, chicken dinner

My 15 minutes at lunch has me up to $1315.25 USD

Don't even think about it @mellealizee, you can't beat me!

Alizee Nation

"Large" UEDS shirts sold out - Alizee Store

I hope you were not waiting to get your "large" shirt...
"Large" UEDS shirts sold out - Alizee Store - guys version

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Monday, January 17, 2011


I can't lie it is my new favorite pic


Alizee Nation

Sunday, January 16, 2011

thanks to

There we go, "that" shirt Alizee was wearing...
check out the whole story at

Alizee Nation

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alizée - new territories

Alizée - new territories

I love the new stuff... the scarf, the shirt. Not because I have to have it but because we are a "WITNESS" to new territories...

Could this be the start to a fashion line? It does not matter, it's just Alizée being creative, not being afraid to fail, critics be damn, full speed ahead.

I don't look at it as merchandise as much as I look at it as artistic creativity or perhaps business creativity also... even better.

This dialog from her blog is what it's all about"
"We’re very happy to unveil the new(ish) Alizée Store, featuring a new layout and logo and, most importantly, new products designed by Alizée. What? Is Alizée getting into fashion design now? Well, kinda… yes!

A. has all those funny or cool ideas. She would say, hey, you know my McQueen skull scarf? How cool would it be if the skulls were cats? So we did a cat scarf just for her and decided to produce a few more for you guys.

Then she said, hey, you know this t-shirt Debbie Harry had? Let’s do a new, tribute version! So there you go, a scarf and a t-shirt fusing Alizée’s new love for cats (she’s got two now!) and homages to great fashion or music icons

It's fun to have some of that conversation shared with us.

Karl Lagerfeld may design a whole line of clothing that I may never buy or wear but it does not mean I am not interested in the Karl Lagerfeld story.

Alizée is an artistic person, remember contest: At the age of 11, she entered a drawing competition by colouring in an airplane and won first prize. Not only did she win a marvellous trip to the Maldives, but a life-size reproduction of her drawing was also featured on the cockpit of an airplane which was to be named “Alizée”. This marked the beginning of a wonderful, artistic career.

Just be a WITNESS

How about a take off on those LeBron James shirts we used to see

Alizee Nation

Alizée - the other shirt?

So who is going to tell me more about the black t-shirt Alizée was wearing?
This one...

So why was the store down for this you ask...
Well if I had to guess and I usually do, hold on, let me check my email, texts, phone, and twitter......
Oh yeah, I have to guess...
is that "they" had to repoint the domain name to a new IP address for hosting purposes. You know how that kind of stuff goes. They tell you 2 weeks and it ends up 4 weeks...
there, that's my guess and I'm sticking to it.

Alizee Nation

Friday, January 14, 2011

Alizée Gazette 1/14/11

Another Gazette just one day later... sure, lots went on...

@mellealizee broke out the new store!

@Chris_la_Corse diligently #FF ing...

@alizeeindya declaring Alizée the designer

@Alizee_Central tweeting under the name change

@Joozd said: I'm secretly in love with a little @ mellealizee. But not as bad as @ Poebelewoepsie to hear!

who can't have a crush on @mellealizee

@Zeeuwseklei declaring @mellealizee a top story

@markos_jacotey loving the new t-shirts

@LadyCameronXII re-tumbling

@Jenny_HRO87 wondering about that background pattern... is that on the EP?

@guysbot claims: They are purrrfect , love the cat designs !

RT ers... @LuisEnrique3 @sun5797985 @RondasX

@Mai_designs using the new designs

facebook Propertyof Alizée: "Gatos!!??? Creo que a Ali les gusta Mucho!!! Es Mi pequeña gatita"

Shout out to Sir Sid, what do you think about designing an Alizée shirt for us?


Alizee Nation

Cat Woman... Alizée

Cat Woman... Alizée

I always knew Alizée was a cat person... There was the post a year and half ago called Alizée the Cat. Check it out HERE.

I am currently cat less, I successfully avoided a cat hook up in between the holidays. I emailed cat friends the new Alizée designs... here's a response: "Like the scarf. So have you found your cat(s) yet?"

They know I have been looking...

and... it's always fun to turn a females head by talking cats and or roses..

Alizee Nation

Alizee Store re-opens

Alizee Store re-opens

Doctor, Doctor Give me the news...

Alizee Nation

This new Alizée EP

As @nidalizee stated

Un nouvel EP de titres inédits serait disponible prochainement sur le Alizée Store
A new EP of unreleased tracks would be available shortly on Alizée Store

OK, here I go...

Will these be new... songs I never heard before or songs I never heard Alizée sing before?


Are they unreleased tracks of previous songs, versions not previously released?

No matter, just curious
Curiosity is my curse.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alizée Gazette

@nidalizee came out on twitter this week and did the ultimate tease, you know...breaking story, details at 11. EP will be in the store... when it opens.
Guess @nidalizee knows something we don't know... hmmm why is that?

@mickeleti faked an @mellealizee top follower, kind of funny... no harm no foul type of joke. I liked it.

@AlizeeCommunity geared us up for Les Enfoires, don't forget they have a facebook account too.

@sirwood4444 commented on perhaps that remix by The Teenagers would be found in that now becoming infamous Alizee Store... perhaps :)

@cabreakingnews is listening to Alizee. Now that's the kind of breaking news I like.

@JulienPerret restating for the record... Ah pas moi, j'ai toujours été #TeamAlizée

@LadyCameronXIII assured us @mellealizee is still a Leo even though the earth is wobbling. Can we balance it like a tire and just add a weight somewhere? We could send a weight to @AlizeeSAfrica and stop this wobble.

did @Anita_22_05 new haircut look like Alizee?

@cutemeenu doing that repeater station thingy

isnt @Jenny_HRO87 holding a Les Enfoires ticket?

@Lefty12357 getting some remix pub...

Jo coming back to facebook

It's a new idea, I am working on it. Should I actually link to every account? whew? How often, well that depends on you, if there is a lot going on, well, then I will have a lot to report. After all I am just a reporter at large here. The Gazette...well, it worked for now.

I thought it would be fun to give the fans a chance...
I'll be watching... and if you want to get noticed... well, you'll figure something out.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - New EP

A new EP could be soon available on Alizée Store...

Alimart, Alimart, Alimart...

I'll save you the trouble, here is the link Alizée Store

Joy in Lilly Town...Bienvenue à Lilly Town valley

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Music Industry and Piracy

Piracy and the music industry. I read about it almost every day and I think it is misunderstood. I am not saying it's correct or OK, I am saying it's misidentified.

So now let's establish a few random thoughts to help identify the problem.

It's easy. There is a lot of digital out there, movies, books, etc... Movies threaten you at the beginning, do not copy. Books... is anyone stealing Kindle digital books? But music, videos don't threaten us and software seems to pop up every other day to make it easier to download music for free.

Do we care? As in sports when there is a labor dispute, we don't care as long as it does not disrupt our entertainment. It's billionaires arguing with millionaires, that is how the general public views it. The same goes for the music industry. It may not be accurate but we tend to view it as billionaire record companies and millionaire performers. We follow performers traveling the globe, partaking in conspicuous consumption while most are just trying to survive the great recession. That view lends to apathy about the problem.

The performers themselves... New performers just want their stuff to be heard, then when established... not so much. It's the nature of the business but a mixed message.

This is the most important of them all. "Pirates"
What is a pirate? Like Blackbeard. What did he do? He stole, and then what did he do with this booty? Share it? No, he kept it for himself. Today Hyperbot had an article on Piracy and had a picture of 3 Pirates.

Now since we already have established that the perception is that the performers and the music industry are rich... and we know this so called pirate does not keep this download for himself but then shares it via a file sharing platform....

So... who stole from the rich and gave to the poor??? No not Blackbeard... or any other pirate... it was Robin Hood!

It's Robin Hood you are dealing with. Dealing with Robin Hood is a lot different then dealing with a pirate. The person being stolen from feels the same but you have to go a little further into the process.

Now we developed a profile of this problem and of the people.
Instead of building your walls thicker and higher it would be clever if these Robin Hoods could be incorporated into the solution.

One thought... if there was a MLM, multi level marketing system for the Robin Hoods to help distribute the product and earn money doing it, would that help?
It would be interesting to see what would happen to those that did not participate and still continued on stealing the product and redistribute it for free. The newly incorporated Robin Hoods are now the ones being stolen from too and they themselves would be the advocates of chasing them and shutting them done. Make the problem part of the solution.

Just a wild thought I had, but still... they are Robin Hoods.

Would you do it...
Let's face it, iTunes does not distribute for free. A controlled platform that the artist can control and allows fans to join and earn money redistributing your product. If you as an artist are part of the long tail... can it hurt distribution? If you are a top 20...maybe not for them.

I have not worked out these numbers, it's just an example.
An artist experiments with one song. Normally on iTunes for 99 cents
(using USD in my example)
and free everywhere else by the Robin Hoods.
But now you can sign up and redistribute through this new MLM media, let's say it cost $5.99 for the digital version of the song and the rights to redistribute though this MLM program. People can buy for $1.99 or become a distributor die $5.99 through you. You make...say $1.00 for everyone that buys or becomes a distributor. Would you do it?
And if that song appears somewhere for free... I would do everything in my power to shut it down along with everyone else that became a distributor...

I know there are a million ways it will not work, think outside the box and come up with a way it will work and perhaps you will be the next big thing.

Enough of my mid winter crisis post...

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Some Twitter Humor

I thought this was funny, it caught my eye.

Everyone is doing this right now, "My top followers in 2010"
Ever notice how easy it would be to forge that tweet that they put out... this person did.

I thought it was funny. Top Followers @mellealizee, @HUGHHEFNER, @BARACKOBAMA and more.
I wish I thought of it.

Got to love he picked @mellealizee!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder what the Top Followers people are thinking... opps, never thought of that.

Alizee Nation

Alizée, Alizée everywhere...

This is just getting harder and harder...
Alizée information used to be easy, lets face it, how many Alizée's were there?
But now... how did this name become so popular?

Some of the main distractions have been...

Alizee Guinochet... getting engaged to David Blaine, getting married to David Blaine, getting pregnant with David Blaine, having a baby with David Blaine... we get it already, we know how it works and kudos to their PR manager.

Alizee Arnaud just won the junior women's world surfing champion. Someone from France just won a surfing contest... I don't even know what to think about that. Are there waves in France? Will Paris now start making surfer music? Everybodys gone surfing... surfing Bay of Biscay..
surfing Paris France didn't seem to work, besides I don't want to put ideas in anyones head and have TekiLatex do Dinosaurs with Surfboards or something like that.

Let us not even talk about Alizee Sery...

And then we were bombarded with Axel and Alizée, the two 8 year olds that won France's Got Talent. Bombarded, yeah... bombarded.
I have kept my thoughts to myself on these two but I really wondered about their names. I have not sought out an answer but I did think it a bit ironic that one of Alizée Jacotey's first television performances was a song Ma Priere by Axelle Red.
Alizée... Axelle... just me I guess

By the way here it is, wow 12 years ago or something like that

... and Jo... say it aint so Jo, do daughters really turn your hair white.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Google Adwords and Alizée

Let's include Microsoft Ads (Yahoo and Bing) and Facebook Ads.

Have you ever noticed the lack of these in the music industry. So I thought I would use one of my Google Adword accounts and start a campaign. I would use keywords Alizee, Jacotey...

A couple hours old here are the first results...

Sometimes the information from Google is speculative at best.
I had to bump the cost per click up to $1 USD, frankly that is expensive. I normally see 15 to 30 cents per click. The information provided tells me Alizee is seldom used and they suggested to get listed for Jacotey to bump it up to $1 USD. Frankly that makes no sense, but with GoogleAds sometime you need to let it settle in.

Let's move on. So for instance, you type in Jacotey in Google and now you get this...

You can see Alizee now showing on the right hand side. Of course I made it to click through to this site. AND I will suspend that ad program as soon as I publish so I do not have all of you clicking on it and costing me $1 USD per cleck... :)

Are you familiar with what is called the Google "L", it is where the pay per clicks can show up. For example I type in "airline"

The area boxed in red is the Google "L", where paid ads show up.

So why no paid advertising for Alizee, Alizee Store, Une Enfant Du Siecle???

Any other product utilizes the internet and paid advertising. It would be unheard of not to consider it. If you want to sell a widget today you would be making a big mistake not to have some type of campaign.

The old saying is: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise. Don't be that tree, bring some people into the forest via ALL means available.

Having some interviews in magazines... is that it?
How many people that bought the album Une Enfant du Siecle subscribe to any of those magazines. How many people that bought the album (and also did not buy the album) searched the internet for "Alizee". An AD taking them directly to the album or directly to the Alizee Store would really help. I am not putting the magazines down at all, I am just saying why stop there? No, I am actually saying... why stop there!

Google Adwords, Microsoft Adwords, Facebook Ads....

Alizée, I heard you talk about branding last spring. I was happy to hear that but... where do "we" stand on that. Don't forget you have a whole army of people that just want to help. Forums, blogs and twitter accounts galore. We are just waiting to be led.

...and hire someone, don't make be do the google adwords for you when the store opens.

Alizee Nation

Friday, January 7, 2011

Jérémy Chatelain 2011

It's been a long tough week. I really need to become a jet setter, I think it would make weeks like this much easier. Maybe if I throw everything into commodities, watch the USD implode on debt, oil then trade on Euros and watch the emergence of the bancor as the world currency... oh wait, that's for the conspiracy blog.

You really need to file this into the "for what its worth" file.

So... for what it's worth... this Jeremy Myspace blog was updated yesterday.

What can I say, something happened and I reported it

The blog has not been touched since 2006
probably forgets the login commands by now, I would.

The funny part about this little update on whatever account this is, real or fake. No I do not monitor these things. No I do not have inside information, I am an outside dog. I woke up with this idea that I need to check Jeremey's online stuff. So I did, I even had to Google for MySpace because I didn't remember what it was... and there was this update, first one in a year and half. I wish it was because I had inside information... but then again... maybe I do. :)

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