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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alizee interview 1-27-2001

The making of the private Alizee

Alizee Nation

ADECEC - Corsica

Alizee's home, Corsica.
ADECEC: Corsican language and culture Association for Development Studies of archaeological, historical, linguistic and naturalists Central East of Corsica) is a versatile association with the cultural located Cervione.

Radio on the web.
For always more interactivity, made your dedications while clicking here; and for your remarks by Internet, write to us with
Radio web page

Corsica is a state of mind.

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Alizee - Hey Amigo - Karaoke

Alizee and Hey Amigo along with the words in French

Alizee Nation

Monday, September 29, 2008

Alizee quotes

There is a website called Wikiquote. They list quotes by famous people and they have a page for Alizee.
Here are her quotes listed from Wikiquote, fun reading:

* I have always been shy.

* I'm very fond of my name and it has a story behind it. My parents love windsurfing and chose to call me Alizée after a type of wind of the same name.

* I am, of course, delighted (on seeing her pictures in French and foreign magazines) but I don't like looking at myself. In fact, I'm very critical about myself.

* I like boys to be gentle, kind and loving. But the most important quality for me is fidelity. An unfaithful boy is not a boy for me.

* I wouldn't like to say (of plans in the near future) because I am very superstitious. So, I hope things will carry on as they are now.

* My true pleasure in this business is singing before an audience. These are very happy moments. I'm always a little nervous before getting out there, but once I'm on stage I could never stop.

* Hypocrisy! That really irritates me. When I'm very naive, I find everybody sympathetic.

* I don't want to tell it (the most romantic thing anybody has done to her). It's a secret. It was my ex-boyfriend, the new one will not be happy to hear it!

* My weakness are sweets. I love "winegums" in the shape of bears, especially the red ones. It is thanks to my desire for sweets that one of my songs is called "Gourmandises", which is also the title of my album.

* I'm very shy and reserved. But I'm also generous and very stubborn. It seems that I always have to be right in everything. I don't like to lie and either way I can't even lie.

* I like almost every style of clothing: sports, skirts, Jeans. I like all colours. I especially wear colourful clothes with a clear preference for pink."

* I talk a lot about nature in my songs because I always think of my land of birth. The island is truly magnificent: one can go to the sea, walk in de mountains and ski on the high mountains.

* I miss the sea (of Ajaccio, her homeland) when I'm in Paris.

* In any case, being sexy includes being natural. Anything can be sexy, except vulgarity.

* (Regarding whether she believes in fortune) Yes, absolutely, I think I was born under a lucky star.

* that my dream is fulfilled, that I'm singing and I do what I love, I dream of running away and traveling around the world.

* A girl only has to be in a miniskirt to be treated like a tease.

* Liking to seduce isn't a sin

* I want to get to know the arena, know the slightest little detail, the least little step, the slightest spotlight, so that I could sing and dance with my eyes closed. And so that from the beginning to the end, the people won't get tired of me.

* I sleep (on what she does in-flight). No matter which place I land, I always manage to fall asleep.

* Certain magazines who have recently published photos of me accused me of intentionally showing my underwear. That's absolutely false! So, to shut up the gossip, at the end of my song "J'ai pas 20 ans," I lifted up my skirt out of provocation. Having said that, I was wearing boxers!

* (on defining what she feels of love) I don't just picture passion, even though I know that can destroy. But you have to experience it once in your life.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alizee - English version of Youpidou

Or shall we say Youpidoo
Of course Alizee has an English version for Youpidou weekend

Alizee Nation

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Youpidou class for little Youpi's

Look out Alizee, little Youpi's

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Youpidou - Rehearsal

A little back stage peek at Alizee, the band and the dancers.

Alizee Nation

Friday, September 26, 2008

Stumbleupon with Alizee

Surfing for Alizee with Stumbleupon I tripped upon this 6 question silly survey of what kind of ice cream are you...
I really like Joan of Arc, but, well, you know...

Alizee Nation

An Alizee Youpidou word search

It's a word search with 10 Youpidou's to find.


Have fun

Alizee Nation

Alizee mentioned in an article about Immi

There is an article about the Japanese singer Immi in The Japan Times online dated September 26, 2008.

Alizee is mentioned.
Refers to her popularity as "within Gallic walls". OK
Then goes on to describe her as "breathy jailbait star".

She is 24
coming up on her 5 year anniversary of marriage to Jeremy Chatelain
Has a 3 1/2 year old child

Alizee Nation

French Lessons with Alizee OR It's a Youpidou weekend

Youpidou...means, er, uh...
Let's take a look at a translation of the song...and it has Youpidou as...Youpidou? Hmm

Well, OK, let's see what the English version has...Youpidoo? That's not much better.

How about our old friend Wikipedia...just has it listed as a song.
So here we go...type in youpi

"Youpi is the French word equivalent for Yahoo! or Yippee!" .

the dou is just and extra at the end, something like Bruce Willis did in Die Hard saying Yippie kay yea (various spellings because it is not a real word either)

I get a kick out of the equivalent for Yahoo. Yahoo again. Now Alizee is singing a Yahoo song, has a purple chair!!! What is going on?

Since it is going to be a Youpidou weekend let's let Alizee sing the whole song.(2004)

This is one of those songs that at first I did not listen to, now I get a kick out of it.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alizee's prank phone call

Alizee you are too much, a prank phone call to Jennifer. 2004

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Lucky Star

Alizee Quote: (Regarding whether she believes in fortune) Yes, absolutely, I think I was born under a lucky star.

Now let's put in another piece of the Alizee puzzle.

There is a song guessed it, "Lucky Star"
Does anyone want to guess who sings it...
yes, over there in the corner, wikipedia...
Madonna, yes Madonna.
Not that Madonna connection again...oh, but wait, there's more.

Wikipedia if you would please: "Lucky Star" is the fifth single by American singer-songwriter Madonna and was released in August 1984...

and Alizee was born...August 1984

Madonna Confessions Tour - Lucky Star
oh yeah, it's interlaced with Hung Up, and don't we know someone who did that song

I better stop before she thinks I shared too much this time...

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Veni Vidi Vici Lyrics

Alizee, Veni Vidi Vici Lyrics
People are searching for this on the World Wide Wiretap (WWW)
I don't know why
So here you go

Un zeste de felicite
Un temperament qui fait rire
Parce que tout peut bien arriver
Le temps nous dit c'est plus facile
Si on met :

Un zeste de citron dans l'eau,
Changer le gout, sans changer l'hydre
La vie est belle pimentee corsee
La vie qui pique
Qui pousse comme un champ de ble

Veni, Vedi, Vici
C'est de la chance aussi
Tout petit a petit
L'oiseau qui fait son nid, douillet
Veni, vedi, vici
Ma bonne etoile luit, je n'ai
Pas de mea culpa
J'suis bien la et j'aime ca

Un zeste de feminite
Sur un corps-puce de gamine
Les langues sont facilites, jure
Le latin je l'aime en chemise,

Un zeste de balbutiements
Quand je me dis : tout va trop vite
C'est la que veillent les mamans, j'entends
Au loin les cloches de la ville,
Vive le vent...

Previous Veni Vidi Vici post

English interpretations are at:
Alizee America by Mal

Oh yeah, Mal's interpretation reminds me of another quick post I should do...

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alizee - Coldplay ...continues

Alizee and Coldplay are a topic of conversation in Europe. Mainly because Coldplay is in the middle of their European Tour.

It just does not want to go away.
Here is an article regarding the subject.
It is in French, if you want to read it use, copy and paste the URL and you can stumble through it.
Yes, I know it translates Alizee to Geostrophic if you use the French to English option.

So what of this 'Alizee business' as they say. It appears the public would like some thing more from Coldplay.
Some say yes, some no, but what I do not understand are the few that state that Coldplay emptied the racks of their CD's and Alizee did not. What does that have to do with anything? AND, if we take the "classic" J'en Ai Marre (JEAM), you know which one I mean and give it to Itunes and they flood the world with it in their commericials on TV as they did with Coldplay, I think it would fly off the shelves.

We shall see what developes. Coldplay has another month in Europe, I think they hit Canada October 20.

As a little visual side treat from December 2007, if you click on Alizee's name in the article it takes further along, but to save you some time, click here.

Alizee Nation

Air Alizee

Sometimes things seem like good ideas, but then...

I thought it would look really good to have a few things on a hat...

Then there was this pic that got me to thinking...

There was Alizee with an Air Jordon hat, of course Air Alizee was next, of course.

and you wondered why I was asking about the jump pictures...

Nice but it seemed just to girly to put on a guy hat...
I don't know, just thinking out loud.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Alphabet soup of Alizee songs

Remember the first time you saw it, most likely in a forum. Someone stated "I really like ACC", and you scrambled trying to find out what they were talking about. Well, let's compile a list of acronyms for Alizee songs so new fans can adapt faster. Interesting to me is IF Alizee does officially introduce her songs to North America they will all be new again. Older fans will still think in terms of older songs and newer songs but they are all new to new fans. You can pick any song and introduce it as new in North America. Similar to Alizee being referred to as a new Artist for Latin America MTV. So how and what would you release...
Back to the alphabet soup.
I am going to keep this list visible somewhere on this page, most likely at the bottom of the page (I think). An easy reference for new fans. Now I am not an expert on this but lets start with one I already mentioned:
ACC - À contre-courant
JEAM - J'en ai marre

Any more? :)

Alizee Nation

Alizee - You can't push a rope

The Alizee concert at Le Grand Rex is only 30 days away!! October 23. Maybe there maybe an appearance between now and then, maybe. I can't wait, it will be like someone picking up the rope on the other end and pulling a little bit. The core fan group works hard, and there shall be no complaining, but it sure will be nice there is no denying that. I just can't wait to see what all you concert goers start posting right will be nuts!
As Jerry McGuire said:

Help me help you. It will be a nice input of energy, just maybe we will be able to transfer some of that exposure to the unsuspecting North American public.., an LTNY blitz, a disque drop there, a blog could happen.
Reading I was enjoying the Alizee posted Alizee as saying: "Don’t let anybody tell you, you cant do something You got a dream. You got to protect it People cant do something themselves. Then they are going to tell you, you cant do it!
You want something...Go Get It"

Now, where's that rope! push!

Alizee Nation

Monday, September 22, 2008

French lessons with Alizee

So, are you singing along with the karaoke videos?
Some of you are but not everyone yet.
What if Alizee asks you?

vous chantez avec moi - you sing with me

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Karaoke - Lui Ou Toi

Follow along with Alizee singing Lui Ou Toi

Very good yonymath

No, you are not done yet. Where is this song on the list of favorites? It is not in the left side column (yet). You just have to take a minute to read Homers analysis posted by garsoncanadien in Alizee America. You will have a new found appreciation for this song and not listen to it the same way again.

Alizee Nation

Alizee 2003

After a deep thinking post (for me anyway) it's time for some pictures. Let's climb into the wayback machine and its 2003.

I wonder what they are pointing at?

Alizee Nation

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Alizee - Edie Sedwick - Fifty Sixty

1) Edie Sedwick: (April 20, 1943 – November 16, 1971)[1] was an American actress, socialite, and heiress who starred in several of Andy Warhol's short films in the 1960s.(wikipedia)

2) Edie Sedwick referenced in song,the wikipedia note states the following: French singer and dancer Alizée Jacotey is releasing a song called "Fifty-Sixty", which centers around the relationship of Edie and Andy Warhol

3) The make up on the Rubato you know, to resemble Edie.

sb6vl17d pulling it together in video

4) How would Alizee know of Edie: Madonna plays a character inspired by Edie in the video for her 1992 single Deeper and Deeper.

If you have 6 minutes click and watch the Edie Sedgwick - The Ciao Manhattan Tapes

Alizee has learned well from Mylene and by studying Madonna. No matter what, two great business people. From what I see Alizee does a great job of trying to keep her life under control. If that means limited public appearances, even though we all want to see her more, I support her.

Well that was interesting and is the female in the Rubato remix really Alizee?
I'm just giving you an excuse to go watch it one more time.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Alizee - Decollage - Spanish subtitles

Long overdue. Plenty of visitors from Spanish speaking countries and Mexico is the most prominent Alizee country in the Western Hemisphere.

Alizee Nation

Friday, September 19, 2008

Alizee interview - Journal Intime - English subtitles

A very enjoyable personal interview with Alizee.

From acmix1

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Purple - Yahoo

The pea brain is working overtime again...hang with me on this one

Yahoo has this whole purple campaign. Anyone notice?
Start wearing purple
The Purple Chair
Yahoo purple chair

Look around this site, the purple chair, the purple bed, the purple high tops, the newest Alizee logo...
Look at the possibilities...Yahoo tour, web based advertising, music on line, on and on. When I noticed the Yahoo purple chair today for the first time, I thought there was a connection that I missed.

What interesting opportunities for both sides...I'm seeing Purple

Alizee Nation

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Alizee interview with English sub titles

Wait there's more!
To help new English speaaking fans get to know Alizee we will add Interviews with English subtitles. That list will also be in the left hand column.

Here is an interview from early in her career. It is in Italy. You will find out about her name, Alizee... when she first heard her song on the radio...a fun video.

Alizee Nation

Tinkerbell - fathead

fathead is a company that makes life size wall stick ons usually sports figures. But they do other stuff too, Alizee here is a large Tinkerbell to put on a wall.

Oh no! I can see it now, fathead is going to be emailed with requests for life size Alizee stick ups.

Alizee Nation

English Alizee - Songs - J'en ai marre

Another new feature. Songs in English or with English sub titles.
Features to date:

Karaoke, left hand column, help us learn to sing along with the songs. Even if we just learn it phonetically.

French lessons from Alizee songs, help us understand what is being said. Found at the bottom of the page.

English versions of songs or with English sub titles to help English speaking fans become acquainted with Alizee. You will find this list on the left hand column. Keep in mind songs in English are English versions not strict translations.

J'en ai Marre - Im fed up

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alizee News

Alizee news. Glad I am not in that business. There are very rarely press releases, we need to contact Interpol to get information.

But some do. A site with current postings is Le Nid D'Alizee. Nice to see a current posts besides forums.

Interpreting what is being said is some what confusing. Snatcher42 does a great job for my reading. It is straight forward, a favorite read of mine. You can catch him at Alizee America for example.

Talk about being confused...and needing an interpreter...I have to say I just do not understand what LeNid is trying to tell me on this post of September 16.
"Une brève sympathique sur le succès d'Alizée à l'etranger se trouve dans le nouveau Closer. Cependant, elle ne nous apprend rien de neuf." Le Nid D'Alizee
Why is 'Closer' capitalized? Feel free to help the blogger.

The Alizee Alliance does seem to have more speculation. Is that good? No one can control that but you can go see what it being said.
Talk is about Mon Taxi Driver being the next single released.

Have fun looking.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Mademoiselle Juliette - Karaoke

Alizée - Mademoiselle Juliette - Karaoke

Alizee Nation

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alizee - PC or Mac

Alizee that looks like an apple on the laptop. iALIZEE

What's that, a reflection, why it looks like you are looking at my blog. I have had a lot of Paris hits lately.
I can't believe I noticed you noticing me...that's dangerous.

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Jump

Do you have a favorite "JUMP" picture of Alizee? Is it 1, 2, or 3?
Oh wait a second, lets use our French lesson...Un, deux or trois?

Just click your favorite, JUST DO IT.

This means you, Toronto, Colorado, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, New York, Belgium, France, India, name a few.


Alizee Nation

Alizee - English

Why of course Alizee we can help with your English. You have been so kind to help with our French.
We will bring in Inspector Clouseau (Steve Martin) to help.

It can be difficult both ways French to English and English to French but as long as we can keep our sense of humor about it we may be able to learn something.

Let's enjoy some of our differences.

Europeans...this next video is very graphic, watch at your own risk.

Ketchup abuse and addiction. Yes Alizee, it's true.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Belgium is going viral for Alizee

Well, at least for my little blog.
What's up with that? Did some news break?
You can check it out, slide over to the map in the left column and click on it.
Maybe they told two friends who told two friends who told two friends...I have told two people, have you?

Paris area is not doing too bad either.

Why do we not see anything from Corsica? You would think being a native daughter that someone would be checking and stumble upon this site.

just a blog

Alizee Nation

Friday, September 12, 2008

French Lessons via Alizee Songs

That's three lessons, all with the same theme of C'est...
C'est trop tard - It's too late
C'est OK - It's OK
C'est pas ma faute - It's not my fault

Three to think about.
One, two, three - Un, deux, trois

OK, OK, OK, yes you can do this one also Alizee...C'est OK

Now there are four lessons, c'est pas ma faute.
Once Alizee gets involved...c'est trop tard.

Alizee Nation

French Lessons via Alizee Songs

Staying with the theme of the previous 2 lessons...

C'est pas ma faute - It's not my fault

From the world known 'Moi...Lolita', which can be found in the left hand column.

Help us out Alizee.

Alizee Nation

Mademoiselle Juliette remix

There are not the remixes out there for Mademoiselle Juliette as there are for Fifty Sixty. Let's find one we like. Easier said then done. But I will force myself to follow through on it. Here is the one I like...I could not find it on a video or downloadable. So I will take you to a link at 'moi-alizee' where you can click play and listen. It is remix by Uméesha, and you can find it here, the 'unplugged remix'.
You can track it down here at Uméesha's website. A very nice Alizee site!!!

Anyone have a Mademoiselle Juliette remix you like let me know.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, September 11, 2008

French Lessons via Alizee songs

Conversational French through Alizee and her songs.

Another simple saying.

C'est OK - It's OK
It can not get any easier then that can it?

Now Alizee give us a big smile and repeat it...let's say four times so we get it.

It's good to have great visualization to help you learn.
L'Alize the song can be found along the left column.
This is the video that originally locked me into an Alizee fan. The smile, the interaction with the fans, it's great.
What's that you say...the snake hip action...oh I guess I did'nt notice. :)

Alizee Nation

Alizee searches

A quick hit on some search information regarding this blog.
For months the number one search criteria for finding this blog
People searching for 'Alizee' 'tattoo'
That has been blown away by...I will give you a couple of seconds...
The 'Alizee''Coldplay' search.
That search is really dominated by European searches and France in particular.
Roughly speaking looks like 5% of American hits come from the Alizee - Coldplay search. It is around 31% for Europe.
Put that in your for what it's worth file.

Moving on...
I posted that "Alizee feet" video as funny post. Thought it was a little odd but would be a little chuckle to go along with the shoe posts.
All of you finding this blog by searching for 'Alizee feet'...

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

French Lessons via Alizee Songs

Conversational French lessons through Alizee and her songs. This will be a regular feature here.
Alizee, please do not teach us anything 'bad' Alizee.

We will learn some French.
We might even be able to sing along with the songs a little better.
And HOPEFULLY it will help introduce new non French speaking fans to a real talent.

C'est Trop Tard
It's Too Late

now you say it Alizee...

Now let's use it in a sentence.
Can we still catch that movie? C'est trop tard.
Of course in our minds we see Alizee fist pumping while saying it.

If you want to enjoy the entire song you can find it along the left column. I like the fist pumping, love the low voice too!

If anyone would like to send me their video of just the C'est trop tard line it might end up on the parody section on the right side towards the bottom. (might)

This will be an ongoing feature.

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Tuesday - Karaoke

Alizee singing Ella, elle l’a
A nice change of pace.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Veni Vidi Vici

The basics. Veni, vidi, vici is Latin. Spoken by Julius Caesar. It means "I came, I saw, I conquered."

Alizee Nation

Corsica and...

4 pictures, 2 seperate Islands. Of course you all know one Island is Corsica. But the other...
Alizee, what do you think?

Best guess is that they are about 5,700 miles, 9,200 kms apart.

...Santa Catalina Island. 23 miles, 39 kms off the coast of California. 1 hour by boat from Los Angeles.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Alizee Privacy

Let's talk about those 3 years off.
Alizee, you must cringe every time you hear that. Yes, I have said it too.

Very roughly
9 months Alizee was pregnant.
Then raising an infant.
3 years later shows up with new CD Psychédélices.

And we said she was "off".

That was not off. The big difference between Alizee and other celebrities is limited or no public contact.

Now here I am putting her name all over the place. It is a 'Catch 22' for fans. Should we not put her name out there or should we?

Currently we have a 2 month stretch. It is part of being an Alizee fan.
If you make it part of the appeal, you can appreciate it.

Privacy appears to be the top priority for Alizee. It must weigh heavily on her when thinking of coming to America.

What does Bill Maher have to say about the French and privacy...

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Coldplay

Rumors are starting regarding the Coldplay situation.
If I see something "official" I will post it.
If someone see's something "official" they can inform me.
Other then that I really do not want to start rumors on such a serious subject.
Does Alizee even own the rights to the song? Who knows.
This is why Alizee stays out of the public eye. Who can blame her.

The songs similarities are interesting...other then that...

Alizee Nation

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Alizee spy cam Canada

Alizee you are just not going to believe this. We set up our spy cams to check out your hardest working fan in Canada. That would be Disque Drop, no Alizee it is not a candy, that would be gum drops, this is disque drop. Hard to get your mind off candy!
Well he had to revamp his computer last weekend to get it up to speed. It did not go as easy as he wanted, check out our spy cam Alizee.

Shocking, yes I know. He did need a vacation from his vacation. Then it came time for his new program to print labels. Well, I just do not know what to say Alizee, just watch.

He did all this for you Alizee. Disque Drop, the hardest working fan in Canada.

Disque did a sensational job by way, check it out.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alizee - Boogie Superstar for Wii

EA (Electronic Arts) will be releasing 'Boogie Superstar' for Wii. The game is to go after the young female demographic.

Tailored to a more female audience then Guitar Hero or Rock Band. It will include customizable avatars. You will be able to sing and dance along with the song.

No down loadable songs.
To include Alizee's Mademoiselle Juliette. Appealing to a new North American audience for sure.

Scary new is: songs are not from the original artists.
This from a review at GameShark.

To be released October 2008 in North America.

Opinion: Well now, if I knew for sure it was Alizee singing, that would be great. Not origninal artist...guess it will be a wait and see. I just can not imagine that it can be a wildly popular game if original artist are not going to be used. Must be aimed at a very young audience. I can not see teens and older enjoying non original artist. The song...sure, why not. I might pick a different song if it were a different set up.
HEY!, what kind of shoes can we put on that avatar...

UPDATE: Thanks to great readers of this blog there is an update to Boogie Superstar. Alizee will only be available on the Euro version...ahhhhhhhhhhhh
check comments.
Guess you are all stuck with Tuesday karaoke with all of us here.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Alizee - Lefty remix lineup

Alizee, Fifty Sixty and the Lefty remix line up.

Lefty Remix - Fifty-Sixty

Lefty Remix - Fifty-Sixty version 2

Lefty Remix - Fifty-Sixty version 3

Alizee Nation

Alizee feet

All this talk about shoes, can you believe there is a video of your feet Alizee?
Well, there is. But no sound.

Alizee Nation

Motown Adidas

Back to my side.
Adidas made for Motown!

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Chocolate Nike's!

Nike's made out of Chocolate.
Al Cabino has unveiled the world’s first sneaker chocolate. He teamed up with his friends in Switzerland, to shape the shoe completely out of the world’s finest Swiss chocolate.

Alizee Nation

Alizee - J'ai pas vingt ans - karaoke

Alizee - J'ai pas vingt ans
Tuesday Karaoke!

Alizee Nation

Monday, September 1, 2008

Alizee - Nike

Nike - Alizee
What is the connection with Nike?
Why Nike?
Why not Adidas, the mark of the three stripes.
Is it a sports fanatic connection?

Adidas and I go way back! I am going to have to split with you on this one Alizee. Some very old favorites.

Let the battle begin.

Alizee runs out to the living room and says 'Jeremy, did you see those horrible old Adidas? What is it with you guys and not being able to throw out old shoes?'

Alizee, call me what you want, but don't bad mouth the shoes, besides they are just broken in.

Alizee Nation

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