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Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Diagnosis

So what do we have here...
The Amazon samples showed up...seemed a little early ..and as Ruroshen also thought "What I'm most surprised by is the decision to release them all so early".

Lefty shared with us the "Psych" timeline (thanks going to Ben) and perhaps it is not so out of line.

The Opendisc situation...
wt stated "maybe Opendisc will supply information".
Anonymous said "Opendisc can serve both fans and artists by acting like a fan-magazine".

This is sort of like our own episode of "House"...and with our own diagnosis.
Thanks everyone for participating

What, Alizée, you wanted to be in that episode...let's set up your very own show...hmmm...let's about Baywatch need to thank me for that one soul sister :)

Alizee Nation

fence sitting

Opendisc has put fans on the same side of the fence as the artist. It would be interesting to know if this is intentional or not.

What do I mean by that...

Artists have been on one side of the fence...I have this product...wanting to be paid for it. You can't have that for free.

With are paying a premium. over and above the cost of just owning a CD. Now if what they feel they paid a premium for is now available for a regular price or even pirated for free, fans are saying, hey you can't have that for free....or soon at regular price...

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Amazon

So....hmmm...we have the samples of all the songs. Sure I wonder the same thing as you, was that a misfire? Was that supposed to happen? Firing off all 10 audio samples at matter...all 10 rounds fired at once and that is what we have.

Now what what is remaining to fire off before the release? Interviews - print, radio, video...television appearances...or a music video.

What did YOU think of that radio interview. Nice to hear Alizée's voice but...pretty uneventful. Please, does every interview have to always include old news...Mylene and Moi Lolita...oh really is that how you got your makes me break out into my own "Wrath of Kahn scream". If you don't know what that is...well it is probably best if you don't know.

The one thing about Alizée is I always feel that she is trying to tell us something...something that has nothing to do with the actual interview. Something mentioned here, a casual name drop there...does anyone else feel that way or am I working on my own here?

Moving on...Opendisc had a nice opening shot of their own with the Les Collines mp3....but...what have you done for me lately. In my opinion the pressure is on Opendisc to perform unless you are happy with the extra money going towards "the box", vinyl 45's, a poster, a "book" and some polaroids for a lucky few. Opendisc is the key to that additional money...a buy in for some privileges. The album is to be released via mp3 through Opendisc...that's cool but that is also why I was surprised with the amazon samples. I have to say I am extremely anxious and curious with this Alizée - Opendisc relationship. I guess that's just me.

Oh yeah, also, it surprised me that the samples hit via amazon and not myspace...more then likely a business deal with amazon.

Now let's see, do I have this correct? The CD will be available on Amazon France March 29th for 14.95 Euros and on Amazon USA April 6th for 24.49 USD. So their you go.
14.95 Euros = 20.363395 U.S. dollars (Feb 28) grrrr...

Oh the things I do for you Alizée... la petite général
I changed the le to la to reflect a more personal feminine version and corrected the général
I noticed that post made it rounds...perhaps hit a little close to home :) hmmm...

Alizee Nation

Friday, February 26, 2010

UEDS - 30 seconds worth of thoughts

Well here goes...
First of all...a show of hands...
1) Who was surprised UEDS showing up on Amazon already?
2) Who thought something would show up on Opendisc before it showed on Amazon?
pretty many hands so far...
3) Who figured this is how it was going there in the back, about 5'2" with the fringe hair cut, glasses and the fake nose and moustache....Alizée! can't vote here...Lola get her under control..break out the polaroid...vogue..strike a pose....

OK, now that we have her occupied...

My tendencies are to gravitate towards the livelier all the faster beats is where I head. Writing this while tweeting, Lefty reminded me that this is a concept album and we need to listen to it in order...he is before we (see how I included you all in this) get too carried away we will need to wait. Now that being said the song that ends up with my most plays on my Itune count...anyone? It's Hey Amigo...yeah it's true. Surprises me too.

One song that intrigues me is Une Fille Difficle. It goes along and sounds like it will take off but goes down...has my interest.

Opps, gotta go...Lola ran out of she comes and you know she just has to know what we are talking about, who we are texting and tweeting....:)

Alizee Nation

Une Enfant Du Siecle

So...are you picking your favorites yet?

Alizee Nation

Sample of songs from Une Enfant Du Siecle

Let's just make it work from right here

Way to pay attention @jdfeeley :)

Alizee Nation

Une Enfant Du Siecle on Amazon

Nice..., awesome tip from @jdfeely

sample ALL the songs from Une Enfant Du Siecle on Amazon ....HERE

Alizee Nation

Metamorphosis of Alizée

Metamorphosis of Alizée...I like that. Well stated

The dress fashionista. Trendy its implementation is the pure reflection of the sound of the album: it was surrounded by the creme of the French pop scene (Chateau Marmont, Rob, the keyboard Phoenix, Tahiti Boy epuivalent ...), the music hype Balenciaga epaulettes.

Skin change succeeded

Alizee Nation

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alizée - France Bleu - Radio Interview

There is a radio interview coming up this Saturday on France Bleu.
You can find France Bleu here
There is a direct link .that you may listen on line.

Would be nice to verify if the online link will carry the interview. You never know.

The tough part of a live interview is that Google Translate is of no use...and we can not slow it down...
What if you recorded it, put it through speech recognition program, then put it through a translate that's just crazy talk!

You never know where help will come we?
Moving on...

Our friend Ninja_J_Rabbit has been hopping around on Twitter...the thing about a Ninja is they leave no tracks and you don't know who they are :)...
Ninja_J_Rabbit has been good to us...a bit of a mystery wrapped in a riddle but that's the fun of it. Last night we were left with the quote: "This reminds me of a quote I read “Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise.”"

By Julia Cameron who wrote The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

I have many thoughts and theories on our friend, but after that last quote...figuring things out is not always the answer. If a mysterious stranger leads you to a better place...then lead on.

Follow the Ninja Rabbit.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Alizée promotional package

click to enlarge

The Alizée promotional package

Alizee Nation

House of Kids mixtape

I told myself I was not going to post tonight...sometimes you just need to get something's not my fault. A Tweet caught my eye...that led me to soundcloud that led me to 12 mail...and I was not even when it just falls in your just have to post, don't you?

So what do we have here...we have..."One hour of music selected by House of Kids, featuring Rob, Areski, Mindless Boogie, Roland Sebastian Faber, DM Stith and some radio pieces written by JR Etienne, told by Rebecca Zlotowski and Etienne Menu, recorded by David Rubato"

House of Kids podcast by 12mail

Want to know more about House of Kids...a great interview from March 1, 2009

Alizee Nation

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alizée - Les Collines - Tumblr photo shoot

Alizée - Les Collines - Tumblr photo shoot

Latest single Les Collines combined with the February 21st live blogging event, a photo shoot, on Alizée's Tumbler

Alizee Nation

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Les Collines now on Alizée Reflections

I was excited to see our friend Alizée Reflections already have a entry for Les Collines

:) Merci, I just love your foot notes! Foot note 4...I need more time to absorb that one

never wanna to leave you...never wanna to leave you...never wanna to leave you...

Come on...Alizée your French accent New York I'm sorry, I loved you so, but I have to go I could listen to that over and over and over and over and over...
Alizée you could sell me anything with that voice and I would buy it. (HINT: Pascal)

never wanna to leave you...never wanna to leave you...never wanna to leave you...

Alizee Nation

Friday, February 19, 2010

Alizée le petit generale

Alizée, le petit generale, has put together a major internet strategy and it keeps coming! This is bigger, better and more well conceived then we could have ever hoped for.

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking in regards to AlizeeSouthAfrica's post Who is Pascal Teixeira? Is this the architect hired by le petit generale?

Lets take a look...

From there is an article about the group Phoenix and their Grammy award. A line from the article: "I especially feel that Phoenix deserves his success, four of them took all the risks and all the right decisions", we trusted Pascal Teixeira, the DA group"

Trusted Pascal for what you ask. Another article from an interview with Pascal Teixeira ...

Everyone in the group has at least one iPhone and a laptop, an almost permanent access mails during the day, the same for video chat, etc.. The group is very involved in everything that is done in web technology, they know what they want because they themselves are the primary users.

After the song 1901 was released:
The feedback was crazy: the most downloaded song / Blogger in the world in February. After two years in the studio without external advice, it's been a very foolish. That's why we gave the components to remix the song in "Thank You". It's like a relationship, you get more and more you give, the more you'll try to surprise the other.

There is the Phoenix Diary, is that what we now see with the Alizée tumbler blog?

And what about that Phoenix Diary...
The group follows directly and post comments. Posts - Like most of our ads - are in English for the sake of efficiency

So far it's all looking pretty familiar.

But now is the fun part....I hope you all made it this far.

Tell me about this famous section Bank of France found on the site. The Bank of France, was the personal access to the group during the making of the album. It put listening first finished pieces for close friends, giving each his personal password, exchange of sensitive files, this sort of thing. There was always a pleasure to connect and retrieve the new version of any song.

Now that the album was released, new passwords have been enabled to provide access to unpublished demos, goodies, a lot of surprises ... The first password hidden in the tags of MP3 is CONCORDE 1901. Il mIt leads to the demo recording of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. Les autres sont à découvrir. The others are discovering.

So what do you think? Are there hidden passwords? Where would you use this password, opendisc?
Now keep in mind, most password protected sites give you three tries and then deactivate your link. So please do not blame that on Alizee Nation...BUT...

This is where we have to get together and become The Borg collective and become one mind and share ideas and thoughts to see if we are being challenged with anything. Open disc is the only place I can see where a password would go (remember the 3 chances)

Perhaps a tag from the new tumbler blog?
Is it time for a new egg hunt? I thought I would share my thoughts on this so we could have some fun.
Of course I could be reading more into this then there I Pascal?????

And remember when it comes to Alizée...resistance is futile!

Alizee Nation

Look who's blogging - Alizée

Look who's blogging now...Alizée..

There goes the neighborhood...and my job...its all good

Alizee Nation

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alizée - launch party

Alizée...a launch party, or CD release actual "brick and mortar" event! Well! really! Not something happening somewhere, not a release of something that did happen, not a well placed article about a recent interview. A real upcoming event...that we are aware of in advance.

Alizée, except for Les Enfoires, I was getting concerned that you were going to be the newest member of Gorrilaz. Of course you would have been my favorite hologram...but this is much better. No, no...don't even think about it!

So, a brick and mortar event...hmmm soul sister...invitations...:(....'gasp'...maybe my spam folder.....I gotta go....

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Yahoo

Wow, kind of nice seeing Alizée in the Buzz..


It's almost as if they have a birdie tweeting in their ear...tweet, tweet, tweet

Alizee Nation

Alizée - from La Bulle de Jul'

Two nice post from La Bulle de Jul' regarding Une Enfant Du Siecle and Alizée

Ecoutez « Les Collines (Never Leave You) »: Premier single du retour d’Alizée avec « Une enfant du siècle »

Alizée surprend et dévoile « Limelight », premier extrait de son album « Une enfant du siècle »

A line from the second post "Adieu Lolita, Bonjour Alizée !"

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Charts in France

Alizée - Charts in France ...taking a look at the new album...
Too mainstream vs. too obscure...interesting...not enough appeal to anyone or just enough appeal for everyone.
You know where I stand!

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lonely List skate board theme

Wait a second Jonathan...did you really think you were just going to sneak in, leave a short comment and be done with it? You have this blog... Jon's Blog and on there you have various, miscellaneous, skate boarding pics and vids...

What? you didn't think I was going to find it? Just because you don't even have it labeled or mentioned or anything...but I did find it.
Jonathan skate boarding to Alizée's Lonely List...nice

If you have not yet watched Dogtown And The Z-Boys, the documentary narrated by Sean Penn, it's a must see.

sleeping overnight in a Miata...that's a chick car dude...:)

Alizee Nation

Institubes - Chateau Marmont - Une Enfant du Siecle

Alizée doing a great job representing Institubes! (@Institubes) and nicely done Institubes.

Chateau Marmont, fantastic job on Une Enfant du Siecle! (@chateaumarmont)

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Les Collines (Never Leave You) - "Album version"

Alizée - Les Collines (Never Leave You) - "Album version"

Anything more said by me will only be a distraction...

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Les Collines, Limelight and Alizée

With all this going on there have been some comments that I want to address

wt: Radio version of LImelight, came off the Music Fascination site. I really can't say there have been any leaks. Appears to be well managed relesase. Of course what happens to the releases after wards is another story.

Guido / Fenris of AF Thanks for stopping by and you are right, no run of the mill stuff here.

Lefty and anon: I like both also, but then again after two and half years I would love Alizée humming Mary had a little lamb.

It sure is fun having new music!
And business woman Alizé that's hot.
Let that make the rounds in Paris :)

Alizee Nation

Les Collines - Alizée

Alizée broke out Les Collines's Alizée and Chateau Marmont

We waited a long time for times like these!

Alizee Nation

Alizée version

Some chatter about the track listing of 5:19 and the version we have be teased with around 3:38. What can we say, Alizée always has to get her tease in on us...and then we at times read more into it...can we settle for "just" the radio version....never :)

1. Eden, Eden (4:22)
2. Grand Central (3:24)
3. Limelight (5:19)
4. La Candida (2:15)
5. Les Collines (Never Leave You) (3:44)
6. 14 Décembre (3:18 )
7. A Cœur fendre (3:07)
8. Factory Girl (4:11)
9. Une Fille difficile (3:41)
10. Mes Fantômes (3:18 )

I enjoyed the very short comment on Music Facination
Besides just repeating information they actually had an opinion:
"“Limelight” is a down tempo electro pop song that features deceptively simple loops that enhance the songs dark mood. I am really looking forward to hearing the full album."

However so brief it was still enoyed.

Alizee Nation

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alizée you have to be happy with this...

Give your internet team a bonus...
You have to be happy with this Alizée and then your boys Chateau Marmont posting it!

and then your boy Alizee Nation re-posting it... er...well...ah...oh...well we're all working very hard for you.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A look at Para One...

An interview with Para One...
One of the founders of Institubes and one of the producers of Une Enfant du Siecle.

...2 years ago

Alizee Nation

Alizée Myspace

Alizée Myspace log in

But wait...there's more

19,730 Myspace friends...that's what I'm talking about.
and friend comments updated!

Alizee Nation

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alizée, give us the tools part II

There was a post back in August 2009 that became popular, almost a Twitter rallying cry at the time. it was called 'Alizee, give us the tools'

Wow, was that 6 months ago. I thought of re-posting can click on it and check it out. @Ruroshen mentioned the idea again to me... I have been entirely impressed with the online effort this week that I am not sure that you need or require our help. This is a whole different Alizée then when that post went up. You appear to have the business side of the online promotion set up and in gear.

But, Alizée...for your fans, the forums, the websites, the blogs, the many that you do not have personal contact's not so much about the business of it all....we want to join in THE PARTY, to CELEBRATE to join in the FUN with YOU!

Give us the tools part II .... to party and celebrate with you....give us 'official' banners to wave, boxes to post, and links to share. Your official banners will be waving from websites all over the globe...

Celebrate good times come on....its a celebration - Don't make me break out my Kool and Gang impressions - you don't want that soul sister.

So...Alizée, excusez-moi de vous déranger...mais j'ai un probleme...would you be able to give us the tools to party with you? :)

Celebration! - How did this get here? See what I mean.

Alizee Nation

Friday, February 12, 2010

Alizée, a song in English

What fun! What was that we just experienced...2 years of information in one week. Alizée you had my head spinning. You had information coming from 10 different directions, some from true blue connections, some from out of the blue. My twitter of interest list just could not keep up, I couldn't keep up...and I have a life you know...well, kind of...OK...a pseudo life...outside of the Nation, it was still so much I couldn't keep up.

So in honor of the start of the Winter Olympics we will give you an Olympic style rating: A 10 on content and a 10 on style...perfect. The way you distributed the information to us was just freaking awesome!

Now, Alizée, we have to talk. A song in English? WHAT? Where did that come from. Oh yeah...doing a song in Spanish...yada yada yada, and out of nowhere we have a song in what purpose? :) Shall we go crazy speculating? I can't believe you didn't tell me! Alizé's me...Alizee know, you can tell me anything soul sister. You have my you need my number...:)

Alizee Nation

Alizée Oasis

Alizée Oasis...

You have all watched that scene. The guy was lost in the desert for long time, no food, no water...then he comes across an Oasis and he wants to over indulge and everyone at the Oasis has to stop him, no, no, easy does it... just a little at a time.

That is how I feel with this onslaught of information...whoa, whoa...easy boy..back away from the computer...

All those years of roaming the desert, looking for information, surviving on fan remixes....this, now, is almost too much to take...system and sensory overload. What a new and wonderful problem to have.

The new Alizée Oasis

...or was it more like the movie Castaway...all those years it was me, a volleyball head named Wilson and my computer....well, either way you get the point.
...oh leave me alone Wilson, Alizée is back!

Alizee Nation

Psychalizee says...

Psychalizee says...

"The Hills, first single of the album plays from Wednesday, February 17 on her Official Youtube"

and via @psychalizee and Mouloud Blog

Merci @psychalizee

Alizee Nation

Alizée in the News

Une Enfant du Siecle - Limelight - Alizé the news!

Charts in France


News de Stars


Did anyone notice that the Winter Olympics start today....I didn't think so...

Alizee Nation


absolutely no big deal, typo, just saying...
youtube updater person...maybe one of these times you log in...or not

Alizee Nation

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alizée's youtube updated

Remember just a few posts back we noted that Alizée's official YouTube was not logged into for a year.

Well....not anymore....

....what time is it in Paris right now? It's like midnight when this was updated...crazy girl

Alizee Nation


A small snipit of Alizée's new song Limelight just hit Opendisc!!!!!
This is exciting.....NEW MUSIC BY ALIZEE

The timing with our Opendisc discussions could not have been better. It is almost as Alizée and I planned it ;)
No, really, as they say...even a blind squirrel finds and acorn once in a while.

Is it just me or do we talk more about the Alizée business side's like she has a little business Coco Chanel in her. Cool.

You can find the Opendisc Limelight sample on YouTube already. Yes really :/ Now this poses a new question....are you happy that you paid extra for Opendisc and now it's just out there for everyone?

Think about that as you go see the YouTube version...because you know you are all going to do it. What will the forums do? Allow or Ban and it's already showed up in some. I don't know the answer but we just went a little further down the rabbit hole.

Alizee Nation

Club Alizée?

The 'Opendisc' information.

My guess, and I could be wrong, is that the Opendisc technology is the key to the pre order.

As far as a private club...I really do not see it that way. It is a product that is available to anyone, you just have to pay for it as with any product. It is not private, at this point in time the only stipulation is that it is available for a limited time. is not a private club because they will not share without paying. Satellite TV is not a private club because they will not allow you to have the signal without paying. Opendisc is not a private club. They have a product and service that is available for a fee. The limited time is like any sale...when the sale is's over. If a manufacturer decides to only have a limited amount, they are allowed to do that.

Now, the economics of it, you could say you think it is too expensive. As some would say a Mercedes is too expensive and others may say it is a great value. It depends on your point of view, not a right or wrong. The great thing about a free market economy is that if it is not wanted or needed or the price is too one will buy it. That appears to not be the case here.

The question I have is how long can Opendisc remain viable. Does it have a shelf life? Could it be a subscription news service for specific purposes? Or is it really event related with a shelf life? As with the buzz of a release of a new album? Or can it be tied to advanced information for a specific person for years? A once and done purchase or a yearly subscription....the future of Opendisc will be very interesting to say the least.

Making the decision on Opendisc and then setting a price...THAT my friends...are the meetings I would have loved to sit in on. That had to be some very interesting discussions. All of a sudden you are out of the music and into economics. That is when you feel that sensation in the pit of your stomach. Making these discussions takes some....well...huevos.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Alizée - The pre order boxed set

I think the pre order boxed set is a great idea. I know it's expensive but I feel it fills a need. Artist's need to capture this audience. This audience wants to be captured. Some will wait for the standard CD and then others will illegally download the songs. The Opendisc option could be a real difference maker, it is an option that can only be bought! Opendisc will be interesting to follow.

Take a look at some other examples out there. If you own an American Express card you have the opportunity to buy tickets before they are available to the general public. It's just business my friends.

Alizee Nation

We are delighted to welcome you to Alizée's Opendisc.

Sony and Opendisc form a partnership

Add it to the Twitter of Interest list!


My interpretation of this is...the so called large format CD would be referring to an Opendisc CD. This in turn is what gives you access to additional information and advanced online updates.
So it's not just about getting 45's, a box and a poster. You are getting additional technology. A standard music CD will not have this extra.

The next question of course is ... the extra content. How much extra content will it be, how often and how long will it continue. In the past there were times when information slowed, the official website was not updated for a long periods. That may have been due to a break in activity by Alizée, privacy issues...etc... But now...we are paying for information. Should be interesting.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


hummming tik toc.............I'm talking bangs growing down to there, there
Rob still has longer hair, hair
Boys flirtin' and I don't care, care

oh...did...did I sing that out loud... :/

Alizee Nation

CLUE - the Alizée version

Miss Scarlet, in the library with ....
per Wikipedia - Miss Scarlett is the resident femme fatale

In response to Alizee South Afirca's speculation on the first video...oh oh I wanna play, I wanna play

So....I say its:
in Spanish
in this outfit...

Alizee Nation

Alizée - code orange

I just did a whole post on social networking and deleted it. was long, sucked and was boring...moving on..

Getting inside Alizée's head. can not be done. New pictures have come out...but not via any of Alizée's own sites...interesting.

Now added to the Alizée watch list is lillytown, psychalizee and JulienPerret Twitter
With this new activity we are now on code orange, I repeat, code orange

and Twitter of interest are goodbyedarkness and popismyheart

oh yeah I almost forgot...our forces intercepted this message from lillytown to jive_epic...I guess we should move jive_epic back to the twitter of interest list too.

Alizee Nation

Monday, February 8, 2010

direct from's facebook - Alizée pics

Alizee Nation

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inside Alizée's head

Yeah I know...everyone else is going picture crazy, she is so pretty, she is an angel, she could never do anything wrong...and then there is me and I am trying to get inside Alizée's head. Hey, she started it! Trying to get inside my head. Look at those last 3 pictures...

...ears covered, shaved head, 45 rpm as a hat....
You're messing with my mind Alizée...I want to be across the poker table from you, of course I would beat you...ohhhhhhh that made your blood pressure jump 10 points...LOL...what, you did not think that I noticed that you were a competitor.

So if you can excuse us right now Alizée we are talking about you...
What to expect next.

I have to assume the official website is tied up until Feb 23 for pre orders. Right?
New articles could come out of no where, no predicting that, but that could happen. Pre order ends about a month before the official release of the album, so sometime in the next 7 weeks and probably sooner then later a single should be released. Would it be right after the pre order ends? That would be a likely guess.

What about something from Institubes, Jive Epic even Sony. Now that's hard to say, someone has to come out with something but who has that obligation?

So what about something from Alizée directly, there is always twitter. We may want to go on a MySpace watch. It was played with on Feb 3rd and 4th. It is an "official" site that is not tied up with the pre album pic loaded, information updated, just sitting there waiting for the new single...or...a teaser?

What about YouTube? Now that's a tough one. Do you go all in like Shakira did? I noticed I can not view the videos in "my" country. I would be hesitant to use it for current music teasers, the "making of" some of the songs, the behind the scenes of the making of a video (positive thinking).
But if you make a video you have to show it somewhere and shows up somewhere else.

last sign on ...1 year ago

So what we figured! Alizée!!! poker face!

Alizee Nation

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Institubes...Who are those guys...

Institubes...Who are those guys...I say guys because it is kind of like a boys club...and now there is Alizée!

There is a small self description on their website: "At first, it was a cute little club between card-carrying friends. Our little hut in the trees, deep in the woods, where the noise bothered no one."

It was their own little "Our Gang", the Little Rascals of Paris. From the old black and white series from the 1930's!

You see it... If Alfalfa is Para One then Spanky is...well...I think you get the picture...and there is Alizée right in the middle of them. They just need a studio dog with a circle around one eye.

Just having a little fun with "the gang"..."the little rascals"...
Institubes, more then any other label, is defined by who they are more then what they are and what they do...the label has a personality. .

I do not know what is more interesting...that Institubes worked with Alizée or Alizée worked with Institubes. I am so looking forward to this "creation" much more then the standard homogenized, pasteurized product on the shelf. There is nothing wrong with that, but...going for more, being creative, following your heart...that's a whole different level. You have to admire that.

The last paragraph of Institubes description says it all: "Anyway. We'll try and entertain." - That's it, that's all I ask. Be creative and try to entertain.

Henry David Thoreau wrote in 'Walden', "If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away."

(Who are those guys...1969 - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid)
(Thoreau was an early influence on me..'Civil Disobedience' - ahh of course you say, but until today I never gave thought that Thoreau is of French origin)

Alizee Nation

Friday, February 5, 2010

Geometric Alizée

Geometric Alizée

Does it mean anything...the design...anything to do with Sacred Geometry?
Perhaps copying the design of the sunflower and incorporating the Fibonacci Sequence

Maybe it is just decorating with geometrics...

Or is it a spirograph gone wild!

Fun or a message....

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The Hybird Forum

Twitter is turning into the the Hybryd Forum
Different Alizée forum members are meeting and sharing on Twitter

It is nice to see different forum members from different forums and countries getting along...and all without the use of a how can that be....


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Une En Enfant du Siecle Order Day

Une En Enfant du Siecle Order Day

That's a nice looking jump as far as graphs go...congratulations Alizée!

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yipes stipes Alizée got em'

showing off her stripes... dark on dark

The mask

Classic beauty

My geometric friend has been busy...

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Alizée, Vinyl and Ears

wt had asked in a previous post:
"Why is Alizee covering her ears with her hands? Or is that just another clue to the story? And why include "vinyls" in the preorder special? I got rid of my record player 20 years ago. Maybe the included book will explain it all."

Lets start with the vinyl...Madonna said it best in a word "Vogue". The prevailing fashion, practice, or style. It is the latest trend. Yesterday at a coffee shop they were playing vinyl LP's! I inquired on why they were doing this....or was it because she was's the latest thing they told me. They all have some vinyl and they bring them in and play them in the coffee shop. (side note: yes I did share the news of Alizée and her latest boxed set)

Here is a very good Time Magazine article on the subject. The title is "Vinyl Gets Its Groove Back".

Now the next question you play them? It's a collectors set. Do you even open it?
Your Barbies, Ken's, G.I. Joe's and yes....dare I say Star War figures (smh) are worth more if they were never opened.

So, ...are you going to open yours???? Inquiring minds want to know.

So, collectors boxed set,'s all the rage.

Now on to your first question. ""Why is Alizee covering her ears with her hands?"
Well that goes back to my post Apple and Mac tattoo's - iAlizée? no? where I made a comment about her showing too much ear in some of her decided to cover them up for fun on the album cover...
what? you don't think that's it? really?

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Alizée - Musique Radio - Part Deux

Alizée - Musique Radio - Part Deux
Look at Musique Radio coming right back with a second post!

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Twitter - Alizee - Mentions

Follow Alizee mentions on Twitter today....
Keep in mind it could be the restaurant in Baltimore, the skier, or you mentioning get the idea.

scroll around, have fun....and why are you not on there!!!!

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some numbers...

It is currently 6 1/2 hours since...."THE TWEET"

couple of numbers for you
on twitter, in the 6 1/2 hours since "THE TWEET" there were 44 mentions of mellealizee
(me using twitter search for mellealizee and physically counting)...about 7 per hour.

The tweet "the one and only" of the cover, 27 1/2 hours later, had 2,479 visits ...about 90 visits per hour
Not unique visitors. If you hit refresh it comes up as another hit.

just throwing some numbers out there...feel free to contribute...
I gave you all a break on the graph thing....since it does not show today...lets wait...

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Alizée - .evous

Alizée - .evous

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Alizée - Misique Radio

Alizée - Misique Radio


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Alizée - Charts In France

Alizée - Charts In France


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Une Enfant du Siecle pre order has arrived

Une Enfant du Siecle pre order has arrived

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2 addresses same location

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Crop Circles...

The geometrics are kicking in big time, or is it just me....

or is there something going on here....

and then some really unbelievable connections here....oh...can you hold on a second...there are some men in black knocking on my front door.....

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