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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alizée - Amazon

So....hmmm...we have the samples of all the songs. Sure I wonder the same thing as you, was that a misfire? Was that supposed to happen? Firing off all 10 audio samples at matter...all 10 rounds fired at once and that is what we have.

Now what what is remaining to fire off before the release? Interviews - print, radio, video...television appearances...or a music video.

What did YOU think of that radio interview. Nice to hear Alizée's voice but...pretty uneventful. Please, does every interview have to always include old news...Mylene and Moi Lolita...oh really is that how you got your makes me break out into my own "Wrath of Kahn scream". If you don't know what that is...well it is probably best if you don't know.

The one thing about Alizée is I always feel that she is trying to tell us something...something that has nothing to do with the actual interview. Something mentioned here, a casual name drop there...does anyone else feel that way or am I working on my own here?

Moving on...Opendisc had a nice opening shot of their own with the Les Collines mp3....but...what have you done for me lately. In my opinion the pressure is on Opendisc to perform unless you are happy with the extra money going towards "the box", vinyl 45's, a poster, a "book" and some polaroids for a lucky few. Opendisc is the key to that additional money...a buy in for some privileges. The album is to be released via mp3 through Opendisc...that's cool but that is also why I was surprised with the amazon samples. I have to say I am extremely anxious and curious with this Alizée - Opendisc relationship. I guess that's just me.

Oh yeah, also, it surprised me that the samples hit via amazon and not myspace...more then likely a business deal with amazon.

Now let's see, do I have this correct? The CD will be available on Amazon France March 29th for 14.95 Euros and on Amazon USA April 6th for 24.49 USD. So their you go.
14.95 Euros = 20.363395 U.S. dollars (Feb 28) grrrr...

Oh the things I do for you Alizée... la petite général
I changed the le to la to reflect a more personal feminine version and corrected the général
I noticed that post made it rounds...perhaps hit a little close to home :) hmmm...

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wt said...

We don't get much news about what is happening and what will be happening in the future. Maybe Opendisc will host some pictures and videos about how (and why) they made the CD and what it all means.

Lefty said...

Of course it's a common practice for Amazon to include 30 sec. samples for CD's they sell. I remember this happening with Psych, although I can't remember when it happened and which vendor did it first. Alizé had also posted samples on her Myspace.

I add the following info from the Psych era just for a timeline reference. This is an extract from a list of events compiled by Ben on Thanks Ben!

11 September: First RCA press release
24 September: Mademoiselle Juliette press release
27 September: NRJ Radio appearance, MJ premiere
30 September: Mademoiselle Juliette legal download

16 November: MJ video & album samples online
21 November: MJ video on TV
26 November: Digital release of the album
03 December: Album release date, two digital MJ maxi singles

14 January: Fifty Sixty announced as second single
21 January: MJ Single on CD and Vinyl
23 February: Fifty Sixty Remixes for legal download

27 March: Official Myspace updated

02 April: Alizée en concert press release

05 May: Fifty Sixty Video Official Release
06 May: Video, Remix, Website, and Tour News from RCA
12 May: 50/60 Remix CD Digital Downloads


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