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Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 - Alizée - The year ahead

Here we sit, 2010 and what a year it should be. A magazine article any day, any hour pictures and news and perspectives, oh boy. Yeah yeah, everyone at Institubes thinks we are a little cultish and crazy, but don't forget, now that Alizée is under the Institube label you inherit have these cool French underground guys...and they are kind of looking at's like when the nerdy cousin has to go live with the cool cousin for the summer...AND THEY BECOME BEST FRIENDS but at first they didn't know what to do with each other. Yeah, like that, it's going to be fun...well, it already is.

This month for sure brings us Les Enfoires...hopefully everything is on track for that. Always some great things from that. The black and white photos from last year taken by Jo Jacotey were just awesome. Two years ago was a favorite of mine, "Le Match". I can watch that over and over.

Then there is the pending single, album and tour. I've been around long enough now to will be released when it will be released. Sometimes I get caught up in too...but truthfully the reaction business is what it's all about and unless Alizée calls you can't be the first. Remember when September was the rumor...sheesh.

A tour...2 dates, 10 dates???...Europe...Mexico...??? Do you all remember when Alizée mentioned Chile or did I dream that?? Since Alizée worked with Chateau Marmont will she perform with them??? I am always peeking at Chateau Marmonts Myspace to check their upcoming events to see what they are doing...awwww I shouldn't have said anything :/

I am sure there will be more TV spots this year to support the album. The style of the album, well now that is what it is ALL about. Don't forget it is a concept album too.

So there we go, the year ahead. I didn't guess or predict, didn't mention any names that I shouldn't yet be mentioned or affiliated with Alizée or the new album! I have been very good. I want to stay on Alizée's good side...working on that press pass for when the concerts start!

Oh no, don't give me that look girlfriend
don't even go there
bloggers are press too
2 years...
768 posts later...
being creative, well my type of creative...
working when you were vacationing...
posting during the lean times...
it's easy now...
typing my fingers to the bones...
in all types of weather (I was running out of arguments)..
and on this meager salary...I don't care what you told me about the strong Euro...€0 still converts to $0 USD! I checked!

Well, now thats that out of the way...have a great New Year every one

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Alizée upcoming magazine article

I sometimes feel I wander the Alizée desert, searching, waiting, anticipating...and I receive this Alizée manna to sustain me from time to time...

I, like you will be anxious to see and read what is going to be coming out. Pictures...of will post and repost and turn them into our private icons and avatars. But the interview. We shall analyze it, look for more meaning then is being said. Will it only pertain to the new album or will it have more. Chateau Marmont and Rob are interviewed. Now at first I thought...oh about the album only I'm sure, BUT it does state "as well as interviews from Chateau-Marmont and Rob ... about Alizée." Well now! Third party interviews about Alizée...really?

I am now more anxious then before.

Alizee Nation

Girl on Fire

The other day I was in a book store and ran across the book "Girl on Fire". This is about Edie Sedgwick. I was not prepared to purchase it but it is on my list. It is filled with pictures, interviews and quotes from people who knew her.

It looks very fascinating. It noted, she came to New York, not a singer or actress or songwriter ...and still just took over a room just as Edie.

at Amazon

Edie passed away in 1971 and it seems so long ago...yet there are key people still around, Lou Reed, Bob Dylan, her husband Michael Brett Post...Girl on Fire looks like an interesting read.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Alizée fans between holidays

OK, we are all looking around at each other and saying what's next. It's funny how you almost take a pulse on a subject via Twitter.

My guess is that most of us are following the latest and that is for a magazine article to come out this week. You can read about it at Alizée America.

The magazine is reported to be TECHNIKART the January issue.

La bulle de Jul' other good articles here...

Well, like you, I will wait for the issue to come out....

Alizee Nation

Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's Christmas (And It Won't Be The Last) sing along version

Now you and your friends can sing along...

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas [And It Won't Be The Last]

Thanks to Alice Lewis, Alizée, Annily, Antoine "Jamaica - Palmtree" Hilaire, Bertrand Fresel, Chicken Spot, Da Brasilians, Daniel Zimmerman, David Aknin, Didier "Palmtree" Perrin, DVNO, Esther Echenoz, Fred Deces, Fred Pallem, Hugh Coltman, Jean "Palmtree" Thévenin, Jean René Etienne, Jérôme "Tacteel" Echenoz, Johane Myran, Jonathan Matters - Palmtree, Juliette "Diving With Andy" Paquereau, Loane, Martin Ladd, Mike Ladd, Nicolas Sztanke, Ornette, Paul Mesguich, Revolver, Samy "Domingo" Osta, Sophie Toporkoff, Studio Plus 30, Tahiti Boy and the Palmtree family, Thibault Vinçon, Thomas de Pourquery, Vincent "Palmtree" Martial, Chab

Music : Tahiti Boy / Lyrics : Tahiti Boy and Mike Ladd / Arrangements : Fred Pallem
Recorded by Bertrand Fresel, Fred Deces, Samy Osta / Video : Nicolas Sztanke

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Alizée - Palmtree Family - Christmas Song

A "BIG" Thank you to @PalmtreeFamily for keeping us updated via Twitter. In reverse order...because that is kind of how I think...

You can find Palmtree Family at...
...did you notice the logo...grand piano unended to resemble a palm tree...and take a look at Liberace's pool on Palmtree Family's MySpace page. Oh...don't tell me you never heard of Liberace. Well, that is why there is wikipedia.
And finally in the 'you can find' category...after looking at Palmtree Family Myspace you must be able to identify Tahiti Boy in the "Team Pic" by now. He is really the easiest to I am not doing it for you...I can neither confirm or deny that anyone has anything to do with anything.

Interesting side note...well to me it is...obviously this is not a...shall we say...a standard industry promotion. What I mean by that is that this 'Christmas Song', due to it being 2 days before the Holiday will be an internet release. Is that the correct word? Release, promotion... and will it go viral? Come on, this is fascinating, the story within the story. How will it hit the internet, MySpace, Facebook, Youtube...will "they" throw it out there and see what "we" do with it. I can not wait to follow this portion of the story. Tahiti Boy or someone is all over this part and I would love to know more about the logistics of the release and what they may expect as compared to what actually happens. It is just so freaking interesting.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Alizée name droppers

There are sure lots of hints of something going on. A tweet here a facebook comment there. Alizée's name being dropped here and being included in a mention there. It sure sounds like some fun is going on. Other then that I am not guess what is going on, I do not want to get into the I/we can not confirm or deny...I'm gonna be good for goodness sakes, Alizée is coming to town...

I am just going to wait till the present is given to me and open at that time...I will try not to peek, I will try not to peek, I will try not to peek...Alizée they are teasing us! and I am trying to be good.

Alizee Nation

Monday, December 21, 2009

Fifty Sixty - The Alizée Effect

Looking back at the fifty sixty video I hope that we will still have the little mysteries to play with. I think fifty sixty is an under rated video. You know...the clothing shots...

Real quick:
There was this clip from the video and then Alizée in Mexico wearing it

There was this clip from the video and then Alizée on TV wearing it

There was this clip from the video and then Alizée on TV wearing it

I love how this all had to be planned out 9-12 months in advance. Just think, when the video was released we had no idea what these pics of outfits adds to the legacy of Alizée and her mysteries and her cleverness.

There is a lot more going on in that video, the above were the easy ones, are you going to go back and examine fifty sixty again? What little things were included that we have never noticed or talked about? There are more clothing shots and shoe shots that were all part of a master plan. That Nostradamus Effect again. We are not aware of it until after it happens...The Alizée Effect

Alizee Nation

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alizée - Business book roundup

Well now...this really is not going to appeal to all of you but a comment in the prior post made me decide to do a review of some previous posts in regards to some fad business books.

I have fun looking at marketing side of it. So glad there is someone else out there that enjoys that type of analysis.

I do not advocate Alizée should do this or should do that, I really don't care for that. Alizée is going to do what is best for Alizée. I believe and support that.

Here what we are doing is just having fun relating something we read in regards to Alizée.
Just another way to relate to Alizée.
So for all you business and marketers out there...

Based on the book "The Tipping Point"
The Tipping Point
Making it in the USA

The above was based on 'what if' in the USA, I am not sure it that is the right thing for her.
I look at the "Tipping Point" as an example of what happened in Mexico.

"The World is Flat"
The World is Flat

"Crossing the Chasm"
Crossing the Chasm

"A Whole New Mind"
this one is in the comments

"Reality Check"
Bottom up Evangelism

"The Long Tail"
The Ants Have Megaphones

Thought I had a "Freakonomics", "Wikinomics" and a Seth Godin in there but maybe not. So I hope there is something interesting in there for you and I will try to read "Crush It" in the next couple of weeks.

Remember it was just for fun...
What it does for me is it helps me understand what she may or may not want to accomplish. It forces me to look at things through Alizée's eyes. She did this or did not do that...why, and try to come up with an answer. If you keep coming up with this answer, "it doesn't make sense", then you maybe still looking at the situation through your "fan" eyes. Ask yourself "how would this make sense". "What she may not want to accomplish" seems to be a tough thought for most to get their mind around. means she does not want to come to my country....or... tour 48 out of 52 weeks a year. Maybe, I don't know but maybe! ...We keep looking for what we want to see...we keep taking the facts and trying to make them into what we want to hear. So next time you say...why isn't she doing this...say...if it were me why would I not be doing that...because that is not what I want to accomplish.

I can't believe that guy or that girl is not calling me. You're confused, it does not make sense. Look through it from that persons eyes....that is not what they want to accomplish...oh!
So, Alizée may want to be with her family, raise her child...whatever..the goals "we" have for her may not be the same goals she has for herself.

That is what the books help to do, analyze from a different point of view.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Alizée in graph form...

As you can see the official home page was flat all summer long...even through the tweet wall fun...then the home page updates! The discovery of the egg, the myspace update, a couple of tweets...had things jumping. The small superimposed graph at the bottom reflects US interest, the bigger graph chart reflects world interest.'s just a graph, don't get carried away with it but interesting.

Alizee Nation

Corsica Christmas Eve - revisited

There has been some interest in last years post...Corsica Christmas Eve

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alizée - MaximalMinimal

Just a small little article from MaximalMinimal
Interesting how the pic they used is one from the David Rubato remix of 5060 with and Institubes watermark...go check it out.

Google Translation:
"Information was nearly official for some time, here confirmed.

A team dispatched by Institubes shock has just completed production of the 4th album Alizée. The young singer surrounded therefore Chateau Marmont, David Rubato, Rob, and Tahiti Boy Tacteel for a child of the century, due out early 2010.

The information was revealed on the official website of Alizee and relayed via Twitter Tacteel.

This unlikely collaboration is not necessarily a surprise, remember, in 2008, David Rubato had signed a hypnotic remix of the title-Fifty Sixty ... What we give good hope for the quality of this album to come."

Nothing too special it's just that the beating drums are getting closer and louder.

Why is it now every time I use google translate I feel I have to apologize...oh that Roman...

Alizee Nation

French Lyrics...

Perhaps is it becoming fashionable to use some French Lyrics...
Lady Gaga has them in Bad Romance
Leighton Meester has a line in Somebody to Love
and of course the Victoria Secret's commercial using Baby, Baby, Baby.

And wouldn't you know it, I know someone who sings in French!
Hmm, I wonder how Alizee's Spanish song will be received in the Spanish speaking community in America? That maybe interesting.

Baby, Baby, Baby...

Alizee Nation

Alizée - skyblog

A year ago I ran a series on skyrock blogs. I did an internal search and here are a few. Skyrock mainly serves Europe and I was curious especially with the increase of Alizée activity. Some were more serious in their efforts and still there, some not.
In reference to the above search there is is there and of course is still going strong with lots of pics to click on. You can log on and make comments, let them know their efforts are appreciated.

Quick French lesson of the day for English speakers, 'ici' means 'here', so if you see that it is telling you to "click here" or to click on that link to see what it there.

If you have some time and want to have some fun you can search out Alizée blogs at skyblog, clic ici. Yes, that was a practice test. You can do some Alizée searches there.

What? I can't always do all your work sharing things... :) find some you really like....I'll post them...something like reader anon likes ....sometimes it needs to be about what readers like and not what we like. That is if you find something you want to share. Maybe you will find some hot new news.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Johnny Hallyday - Get Well

Johnny Hallyday, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Johnny and Alizée

Alizee Nation

Monday, December 14, 2009

Alizée - Scent of a Woman...Hoo-wa

I was reading this article...Does scent enhance consumer product memories?

The answer is yes!
"It may seem odd to add scent to products like sewing thread, automobile tires, and tennis balls, as some companies have done. But a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research says scent helps consumers remember product information."

Well now...I'm all for that! Technology and marketing meet and now another way to embed Alizée into your brain. From the available scents we think it appropriate to go with Tagada.

Tagada??? what song, what scent??? Reflections will tell you...Abracadabra...Fraise Tagada or Strawberry!

Never afraid of using beta technology we use the Tagada Strawberry for our scent combined with an Alizée pic to create our high tech online scratch and sniff to help consumers remember.

So the pic on the right is the combined tech so far has some saying the scent is more grape and we are having some technical problems with Macbooks...we are working on it. Remember, it's the one on the right with the scent. With new technology feedback is appreciated.

Now let's not start anything here...please no office / studio jokes like: Alizée do your feet really smell like strawberries or calling her strawberry feet....don't get me in trouble.


Alizee Nation

Alizée - France

So, I was thinking ;) ...when was the last time Alizée performed live in France? Since En Concert in 2004?
Not including Les Enfoires. I was thinking just live on stage...
There were a few for television...let's are some of them...
There was TV5 Monde

Threre was 'Love is all you need" and "Hung Up"

A few duets...

There were many MJ television performances...the blue shoes, the MJ outfit, the high low hem outfit...yeah, that's how I remember them.
The same for 5060...Live for M6 and more...
too many to post...what? too many...Alizée has done more then we is just that they were on French television. France...You are lucky

So, the non television, non Les Enfoires, performance in France since En Concert...this is what come up with, you know the NRJ tour show in Ugs, Edie tights, leather jacket and tunic top...there I go again...
As far as I know that was not for television...I could be wrong & it's the only one I could come up

The few concerts may have been in Moscow and Mexico but have her all the time! I did not realize this until I thought there were too many videos to post.

I put this together on a whim...correct me or add to it if you feel like it.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alizée jigsaw puzzle

An Alizée jigsaw puzzle? Ahhh go ahead, you know you want to.
It's 40 pieces of fun :) just click on the pic

Yeah, I like that's not 1080p or HD, it's like a water color and the look...
What pic would you use...

Alizee Nation


WHAT..."without affording satisfaction"
Are you experiencing AD? Alizée Dysfunction.
We all is almost 2 months since the teasers appeared, it is no longer a tease it is now torture.

And yet the only thing we can do is wait. Rumors are always flying is difficult to determine if they are leaks, teasers or just another rumor. They are fun to read but I hold back on repeating them as news.I guess I could repeat it as rumors, but...WWAW - What Would Alizée Want
We shall see what stories gain momentum and which fade away and if any state references...most do not.
I will slip one in when it when I think it is appropriate.

Do you really want me to start signing off...until we meet again...Gossip Girl XOXO

Alizee Nation

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alizée thoughts

As we sneak up on the new year there some random thoughts that have on my mind.

With the teasers and anticipating more Alizée I almost am forgetting that this will be a concept album. I was reminded of this by Roman (@RoTwit) from his thoughts on the movie "Factory Girl". "Factory Girl" is based on the life of Edie Sedgwick. It is a good movie to get some idea of what life was like at 'The Factory' with Andy Warhol and possibly some insight on some of the songs we are about to hear. Keep in mind Lou Reed was an integral part of 'The Factory' scene and his thoughts were not kind. For us I feel it can give us an overall feel for the her situation and possibly some insight into the upcoming songs.

Being an Alizée fan we find ourselves learning other things...some are learning French... I like learning about the French culture. It is not always easy to understand how other cultures think and act. Something we have no problem with another culture may find it improper or insulting.

So, do you wonder about ... Alizée first having a song and now a whole concept album centered on an American? Or being popular in Mexico...and if that impacts in any way, shape or form her popularity at home. From my point of view I do not see how any of that matters, but again it is just my point of view...

Alizee Nation

Friday, December 11, 2009

Alizee Nation random visits...

First let's start off with a quick review, no new news. OK, now that we covered that....alright I will take a little more time on that... so what DO we think. I would be surprised if something would break now, so many other things going on in the world...Holiday seasons, the new year, Tiger know, important stuff! If I had to guess, and believe me I have to ;), we may possibly, probably, maybe see some version of a new years tweet.

Does the release time of an album mean anything to possible awards? Oh gosh, I do not want to even speculate on that. But did I not just speculate, no no I did not. Speculation got my derriere a little too close to the edge lately...

On to these random visits...visitors will visit just one odd post and then leave. One of my goals was to attract random visitors and perhaps get them curious and covert them into Alizee fans. (Lowered voice) Yes, it was my one man mission in life.

I find it amusing they visit some odd post and really bad wait, there is more, there are really 5 good posts out of 600...

But in return I find odd things too!
Here a Czech article in which the author lists 10 great rock records. Alizee's Mes Courants électriques is one of them. I am not here to argue the validity of his choices but to realize he had a choice. Not everyone everywhere is even aware of album to make it a choice, it kind of makes me sad...

Here it is, randomness in reverse

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bonjour America

If you have never watched Cyrille de Lasteyrie in Bonjour America you should. He has a fun time poking fun at the differences between France and America.

"A true question. Are the French arrogant or is there a scientific explanation? And what about Paris Hilton?"

Bringing people closer together

Alizee Nation

Alizée vs Annette

Thank goodness for other Alizée fans out there. Today a tweet from @AlizeeSAfrica pointed out a website that compares Alizée to Annette Funicello. @AlizeeSAfrica graciously referenced a link to Alizée America from a post from docdtv

Alizée vs Annette

I realize this is a small target audience for this, but there was some work put in here and it needs to be recognized. As always, if I missed any proper reference just let me know and I will correct it.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Alizée pic no talk

I know you can get tired of hearing an Alizée pic

Alizee Nation


John Lennon 9 October 1940 – 8 December's been 29 years

See you in Lilly Town John...
Alizée Reflections Lilly Town lyrics

Alizée Reflections coming through must be destiny

Alizee Nation

Monday, December 7, 2009

I am way out of line here...

but it is too funny to pass up

Rammstein vs Cookie Monster

Alizee Nation

Alizée - My Team

From the Alizée tweet of May 12, 2009. This tweet is titled "My Team"

One thing leads to another...Just because I can not tire of that Ray Ban pic does not mean everyone else may need something different every now and then. I do admit it was a hint given to me and do not let it be said I will not try things. I thought perhaps I should match my twitter, but this picture has been in the back of my mind for days. So I decided to take an new look at it.

What did find? Well now! I realized...I can start to identify a couple of those people in that picture!
Starting on the...
What..for those in the picture...did I tease you?

The Game.
I think I have learned the game... If I say who I recognize I will get tweets, email, contact denying association and all that.

So I will say that if you happened to follow along these many months since this picture was taken you will find leads that help identify some of the team.

Thank you for getting me to look at pics again...
This may give some of you something to do while waiting for the new album
Alizée, did I play the game correctly this time? Now you know that I know something but neither of us are saying...
oh who am I kidding...silly blogger, teasers are for Alizée

Alizee Nation

Saturday, December 5, 2009


A few posts ago I was talking about Coachella and picked out a French band that is being rumored to be playing there. So the way things work in my life Synchronicity kicks in.

First, I had this day dream or would be fun to do an interview with Alizée on Lucky Stars and Synchronicity in lieu of the usual. Well that was a silly frivolous thought not worthy of any type of post. I do not even know how to work it in except for a few lines...

Second, I mention this French band Phoenix...a French band at Coachella...
This band was brought to my attention earlier so I was aware of them
1) I happened to be looking at the latest rumors for Coachella and saw them listed, huh OK
2) Listening to Sirius Hits Spyder Harrison countdown in the car...wait I know this's Phoenix
Their song, 1901 was number 32 this week. (checked online and it was #17 week of 11/23), hmmm didn't know that.
3) TV is on, a commercial for Cadillac comes on...what???

Not bad for a French band in the US. So there, I mentioned it...Synchronicity...stop showing's driving me crazy...

Does this stuff happen to you too?
Wonder when I'll be doing that interview...

Alizee Nation

Le Nid d'Alizée update

Le Nid d'Alizée update continues
Twitter is now active!
A web radio feature is now active also. I had to manually upload a plug in for firefox, working well! Updated my Safari browser and now working there also.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 3, 2009

NRJ and other French things

NRJ (acronym read as énergie in French, pronounced [enɛʁʒi]) is a French multimedia group based in Paris. Since its foundation in 1981 as a French pop music radio station it has grown and evolved to become the NRJ Group.[1] Since 2002, NRJ has been the most popular music radio station in France and the second most popular overall in terms of audience numbers and market share; only the talk radio network RTL has more listeners. (wikipedia)


The Secret To Dating Like A French Woman
"The point is to get men and women, mixed singles and marrieds into one room for a night of lively conversation and flirting and even they even enjoy a little tussle about art or politics."

And my favorite news person Melissa Theuriau
(it has a great ending)

That was a fun break...

Alizee Nation

Alizée Nation snippet

"Et sur son dos, un tatouage"

I know that many of Alizée's songs tell a personal message. I have always thought that there were instances were they try to tell us more. "Hidden eggs" in the song shall we say.

But we don't know until it happens, like mini Nostradamus quatrains....

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Alizée Reflections Commentary

You remember a few posts back...a post on the website Alizée Reflections...we took a brief and respectful look at the painting "Destiny"

Well the real 'rest of the story' is in the commentary by dizzydog...don't miss it.
Alizée Reflections...the rest of the story

The Alizée community is just so freaking awesome I can't stand it!

In case you do not visit Alizée Reflections I will tell you a slight tweak was made, suggestions on good sources for buying Alizée CD's and DVD's. Hmmm, just in case you are looking to buy an Alizée CD in the near future.

Rabbits and Dogs what's next, oh boy!

Alizee Nation

become a deviant...Alizée art fan

It's deviantART silly, but that got your attention.
deviantART has its share of Alizée artwork, lots of sketches and photoshop items you all adore.
It is free to join, so you can become a deviant today, you know you want to.

There are 800+ items on Alizée, most of it relevant.

(as with all download sites...use a virus scan for downloads)

I debated on posting pics...but just go check it out...I think you will be happy.

Who may become a fan of other art and I did. I found I like elevator music.

What? It's art!!! Just ask Jo.
(ew boy, I'm going to be in trouble for that one)

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coachella 2010

If you come here on any regular basis you know I am pimp for Coachella. It's not to early to talk rumors and speculations. Ahhh a chance to speculate. Oh by the way...Alizée please come to Coachella.

So what are the confirmations and rumors...well here we go, from Consequence of Sound

Let's take a look at one of those bands for our entertainment...hey, there is a French band...Phoenix playing their song 1901 on David Letterman

That felt good to speculate...even if its Coachella

Alizee Nation

mellealizee - Final Jeopardy

It's time for another episode of Alizée Final Jeopardy.
Here you can find episode ONE and TWO.

...and the category is.....mellealizee!

As you can see mellealizee currently has 2,458 followers...

The answer is: "They" were the first to follow @mellealizee

To help we narrowed it down to 8

Contestant #1: Well, I will have to go with: Who is Jive Epic.
Oh, nice guess but no. I can see where you were going with that but no, not Jive Epic.

Contestant #2: Let's keep it in the family and say: Who is Jo Jacotey.
Makes sense but no, sorry.

On to contestant #3,

YES!!! We have a winner.

Based on the results from

Alizee Nation

December - Alizée

Well, it's December 1st.
At this point in time I just want to be able to hear the new single and to order the new CD.

I did send a tweet to our friends at Jive Epic (and others). Looking forward to when they will be tweeting promotions.

I have speculated my way to has been fun...well kind of. From the summer of 'give us the tools' to our craziness of the tweet wall contest. Then the false rumors of September and a then the website changes.

We are really is difficult for me not to dig and speculate and form theories of the upcoming album. It is important not to confuse the what is about to happen, I will heed the polite "hints" of those in the know. :)
But afterwards...look out.

It now needs to be about Alizée and not about Alizee Nation.
But Alizée, if you put another teaser out there, I may not be able to help myself.

There have been reports of tinkering with the official website this myspace log on since 11/ twitter updates or background changes....

Alizee Nation

Monday, November 30, 2009

A quick memory flash back today

Today a saying has come out of a distant memory to haunt me...
A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...
as a young gent of 12 I sat in a class and the teacher would say..fermez la bouche
she said it just like that, no votre...that's how I know it was not said directly to me ;)
Who knew that allllll these many years later it would fly out of my memory as a saying to heed!

Alizee Nation

Playing the game

Sun Tsu tells us to know your opponent.
Bob Dylan tells us We're only a pawn in the game.

If the pawn can only make a move in the game with permission, then the pawn is a faux opponent. La Reine is merely testing through the pawn. Studying moves and capabilities, trying to know the opponent. It is a game of cat and mouse. But if you play close attention you too will learn something will learn who you are really playing against...and we are only pawns in the game.

Hey! let's take a break and listen to Mr. Latex

I feel like some real Euro Electro for some reason, Let's get it going with Cascada!

It was good for me, was it good for you ;)

It's like I said a lot but did not say anything...a friend of mine does that...

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Alizée Reflections...the rest of the story

The website Alizée Reflections...did you know...

The picture on the right...
Painted in 1900 by John Waterhouse....The name of the painting...'Destiny'

It has been there for a while and the author has it there for a reason...
So now we least a little more then we started with today if not...the rest of the story

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Alizee Google News Archive

Yes, that's Alizee without an accent in the Google News Archive...
Come on Google!?!?

It defaults to 10 results...Alizee Nation listed as one of the 10 results...I may be loosing faith in Google....

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Who's looking for Alizée

Alizée, look at us looking for you...visitors stopping by the Alizee Nation looking for...something...anything

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Friday, November 27, 2009

An Alizee Nation Teaser

Alizée and I doing a teaser together

Alizée... we were just having a little fun...Oui?

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Tattling on Twittering

The last couple of days have been fun...lots of twittering with fans/friends, a lot here a little there.
In no particular order...


and others.... ;)

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The Chateau Marmont inteview on Popheart

It's Popheart

Visit the website, read the article, take a look around...

Yes, Alizée is mentioned. They did 4 tracks but....they they did have some things to say...are you ready? ...I don't think you are...let me ask you again, are you ready? OK then....
"open minded" was key....are you ok...and...
"disconcert the conservative fringe"

according to
disconcert: to throw into disorder or confusion

Run for the paper bags...breathe, deep breathes....

and what???? Chateau Marmont called them the "conservative fringe"

What a fun paragraph...go visit Popheart and read the article...conservative fringe...still giggling

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Les Enfoires 2010

The word is out that Alizee will participate again this year but....this is what the official website states:

Forty artists are mobilizing for the 2010 show Enfoirés Palais Nikaia Nice, for a colorful spectacle, rich in emotions.
However, the list of participating artists will not be communicated before the concert.
All Enfoirés one year may not necessarily be present at all performances, because of their other professional obligations or personal, and there may be defections last minute.

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talk about mellealizee

@Popismyheart tells us there will be a Chateau Marmont interview online tonight and they will talk about @mellealizee.
Sounds fun to me...the link takes us here

Did you know...
Pop Heart started a forum...
hmmm Ben already in there....are you? Marco.........Polo

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family

Here is a nice article from 'Ohhh! Crapp' with Tahiti Boy & The Palmtree Family.

Thought you might enjoy it too.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who's tweeting Alizee?

I ran across this new beta program called 'Tweet Trail'
It states: Search for the top 20 tweeters of the last 14 days in any topic


So I typed in Alizee (by the way the accent does not work)

and the top Alizee tweeters over the last 14 days are...

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alizée - new and old fans

I think the forums do a great job blending in new Alizée fans. It is a little different then with other singers because of the limited number of Alizée appearances. What I mean by that is you find brand new discussions over videos that are 5, 7, 9 years old. People are still "discovering" Alizée, so there is this constant rediscovery scenario going on. Let's face it, no one is discovering Madonna or Brittney today. A 2005 Brittney interview would seem ridiculous to talk about since so much has passed for her. A 2005 Alizée interview would not seem out of place to discuss. So there is this constant catching up going on and the forums do a great job providing this important link for Alizée.

I lost a link to a time line for Alizée and had to go re-find it. So I thought I would share it now that I re-found it.

It is GREAT reading, links and all. If you have never read through this before set aside a lot of time and have fun.
As you read through it, realize 2010 is a big year. February will be 10 years for "Graines de Stars", July will be 10 years for the official release of the single "Moi Lolita..." WOW 10 years... Let's have some fun with this in 2010...and's all brand new for most.

I just want to and click through that time line one more time right now...

Something random I liked....
Newer...her appearance on a Mexican soap opera was just too cute...

Just some of the extremes.

But...if you have never watched Stars à Domicile - August 23, 2003 you have to and if you watched it 100 times it is a good time for number 101.
Catch it here at Alizée America.
...oh yeah I watched again! (guys! no tearing up)
That show has its own Alizée America podcast to go along with it.

I hope there was a little something for everyone.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flashback - Alizée one year ago

What were we talking about one year ago???

The 11 tracks in the film will be a mixed bag of French and English numbers, and the director has already roped in Grammy winner, Laura Pausini, and popular singer Alizée to sing the tracks.


Read the article...again

that was fun...

Alizee Nation

Friday, November 20, 2009

Alizée - November 20, 2009

So Alizée, what do we know...
We have 6 teaser videos and sound at
and 1 with no sound at

2 tweets from @mellealizee to keep us going, could use another (hint)

We are expecting one slow Spanish song.

It is to be a 'concept' album about Edie Sedgwick.

The official website lists a group of producers:
Chateau Marmont, David Rubato, Jérôme Echenoz, Rob et Tahiti Boy.
It appears Jeremy is not a producer on this album as he was on Psychédélices. That has not been said, but he is not listed so is it fair to say that?

Why were we given the list of producers first? It is a bit unusual. Song names, song styles, release dates...all stuff we would love to know...but the list of producers...was someone out there saying I can't wait for the list of producers?...another tease?

Do other artist do that and I have just not paid attention? Am I thinking too hard over this wee bit of information that we have been given?

So...what did I miss....

Alizee Nation

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alizée - Une Enfant du Siecle - a new direction

The two latest Alizée official website updates.
Information regarding 'Une Enfant du Siecle'

As compared to what I could find in regards to Psychédélices...

Alizée collaborated with Bertrand Burgalat, Daniel Darc, Oxmo Puccino, Jérémy Châtelain, Michel-Yves Kochmann, and Jean Fauque on this album. (wikipedia)

well OK that said collaborated vs producers, let's see...

at Alizee America Ben listed the credits and producers for Psychédé are produced by...

Fifty Sixty, Mon Taxi Driver, Mademoiselle Juliette, Idéaliser, Psychédélices & Lilly Town produced by Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
L'effet produced by Bertrand Burgalat, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.
Jamais Plus & Lonely List produced by Frédéric Lo.
Décollage produced by Kore & Jérémy Chatelain.
Par Les Paupières produced by Nellson, Sylvain Carpentier & Jérémy Chatelain.

No one the same...if this is a fair comparison...

maybe we will see some of the familiar names in music and lyrics...

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Et tu, Jo?

While thinking about the 'A' in Jo Jacotey's post that was brought to my attention by Jenny I completely overlooked the statement "D.DAY -1"

One more day for WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are going to tease me too Jo?

Has anyone noticed? Alizée has us on an online "Scavenger hunt"

So....D.DAY -1???

Alizee Nation

The letter 'S' and the letter 'A'

Jenny...I read your comment on the 'S' and thought 'what is she talking about'. I never noticed! I saw your information and ran....but now the you mentioned it...:)
I do that kind of thing all the time.

That covers the letter 'S"

Now on to the letter 'A' regarding a Jo Jacotey post

Jenny asked: who is "A."? A = Alizée
Yet one more ball in the air, how many can we juggle at one time. Jo seems to give all the photos he shoots 'names', so I would guess the letter 'A' stands for Alizée. It's a tease for sure. He knows we look. If he did not want us to jump to that conclusion he would not have used it. --- deductive reasoning, yeah, that's what I am going with...A = Alizée

This post has been brought to you by the letter 'S' and the letter 'A'...
and of course Jenny and Jo!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Le Nid d'Alizée

Jenny caught this little come back by Le Nid d'Alizée

Le Nid d'Alizée was a great fan site that closed down...6 months...9 months ago? I don't remember exactly.
We noticed in a September post that they renewed their domain name.

I walk in the door and Jenny has tweeted me:

Première source d'infos sur Alizée en France

Welcome back Le Nid d'Alizée

Alizee Nation

Alizee is our catnip

So, what is next.

A comment from reader 'wt' stated: "Puzzles fascinate me - up to a point. I have reached that point."

How long can we be held at the edge of our seats? These teasers are like catnip to us we go crazy, but then the catnip nap....maybe that is why the time between the teasers, a chance for us to come down.

That leads us back to the real question...are these really teasers? Is it really a puzzle? Or just the Alizee camp organizing? Should the site really say "under construction"?

I don't know, I can't think straight under the influence of Alizee catnip.
Maybe we will get another Alizee catnip toy to play with today

Alizee Nation

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Official Alizée Website

Who wants to have some fun? Now do you really want to have some fun or are you just saying you want to have some fun?

Now you have to have some time on your hands

Point your SETI satellites at Alizée's website
yeah, that's it...takes you to her site and the wording comes up on the screen...

next...we will add 1.swf to the end of it...
let's try it
video comes on, no wording

what next...of course 2.swf...OK
video comes on, again no wording

see I told you this was fun
now I will tell you 3.swf has nothing

let's see...what about a "?", sure, why not
hey what do you know, it is the video and the wording

so...what can you find?
(that ladycameronXIII got me going on this)

Alizee Nation

Alizée official website updated

New update at Alizée's official website.

Well, Jenny was pretty close on her prediction...if Alizée would have just waited 2 more hours...
Not bad Jenny

So where do we stand...
The official website currently is now a flash video with no sound
The etching of Alizée is no longer there.
The teasers are still in place at:

a fair amount of trouble to just screw with our

Alizee Nation

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