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Saturday, February 23, 2013

YouTube counts for US Billboard

YouTube now counts for US BillBoard

Billboard, along with statistics company Nielsen SoundScan, says it will now incorporate all official videos on YouTube, including Vevo on YouTube and user-generated clips that use official audio.

Changes went into effect this week.
Putting viral video hit Harlem Shake at No. 1 in its first week on the chart.

What does this mean? #1 on Billboard with little or even no albums sold... interesting... putting the control in your hands and taking power away from radio play or even forcing radio play if they want to become relevant.

Psy's Gangnam Style, which last year become the first online video to surpass one billion views, rebounded from 48 to claim the 26th spot on this week's chart due to the new rating system.

Let the viral YouTube wars begin!

As they say about playing the Lottery, you have to play to win... and if a video is "not viewable in my country" you can not win.

Alizée, is this a window of opportunity?  A new rating system incorporated into the rankings that is not based on touring, concerts, album sales but the "viralness" of your YouTube video. It certainly does not hurt. I guess the new thing will be to get videos "viewed" because now it can count

So... will artists now "reintroduce" songs on official YouTube and Vevo accounts to see if the video can go viral? I see no downside
For instance, what if... Moi Lolita and J'en ai Marre (En Concert live videos) were officially added to the Vevo account and say they had a degree of popularity... would those songs be able to hit the Billboard chart ten years after the fact.... I don't know... hmmmm

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