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Monday, August 31, 2009

Commercial in French...mostly

I caught this on TV tonight...

any others out there?
There was one for the Los Angeles Marathon that had a French song in the background but I could not find a copy of it.

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Alizée Tattoos

Alizée tattoo' not hers, ours
Temporary tattoos...ha...I wish I would of thought of this before Alizée's birthday. That would have been fun getting as many people to get a temporary Alizée tattoo and send it to her or Twitter her pics.

Oh well, still fun to think about, can upload pics or designs and make a temporary tattoo. Just for fun.

Custom Temporary Tattoos

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Alizée's nose

I always enjoy looking in the left hand column at Popular pages today. Still at number 3 is Alizée feet. I see Hairstyles still maintains a top 10 status. Veni Vedi Vici is also still in the top 10. The newest to break into the top ten is Alizée Twitter and I think it may stay there.

I caught an article on MSNBC that deserved some attention.
It was a question and answer type of article and here is the one that made me think of some Alizée fans.

Q. Sir, I am crazy about the female nose. When I see a girl, my eyes fix on her nose. Why?

A. First, thank you for calling me “Sir.” Very nice. Much better than “Hey, Sexploration Dude.”

As for your preoccupation with noses, well, the heart likes what the heart likes. Some men are breast men, some leg men, some eyes, and you, my polite friend, are apparently a nose man. If you really, really like female noses, you might be a “nasophiliac,” one who becomes sexually aroused by the sight, touch, licking or sucking of noses.

Which brings up the question of whether we are all “philiacs.” Might a breast man be a mammophiliac? A leg man a gamophiliac? Are women aroused by Hugh Jackman ab-ophiliacs? By conspicuous wealth Trump-ophiliacs?

Now I know I heard some of you talking about her nose and nose scrunches, I don't want to mention any names but you can see why this made think of a post.

So for all you nose folks out there...

If you have your favorite nose photo feel free to email it to me at or even your favorite nose scrunch. (you know who you are)

Alizee Nation

Alizée PR

Well that previous post was fun. It was meant for fun...hey...I am not the one that said I want my body covered with tattoos. So what if she did, would it freak you out, would it make a difference?

I really enjoyed the way Alizée handled the rumor situation. Taking it straight on with humor was a great move and Julien Dore was perfect.

Next, putting out some pictures, happy, smiley and with others....nice Public Relation move. Some nice mature moves. Well Alizée, now that one of us is acting mature it's time for me to have some more fun with another post. You got me covered on the mature side, right?


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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Alizée - good girl gone bad :-)

"Yes, I like tattoos. I would cover my body with them! At least I would have a lot with different pictures, I am not as tender as you think" (laughs).[translation]

Studs, piercings, tattoos and gestures

"Yes, I like tattoos. I would cover my body with them! At least I would have a lot with different pictures, I am not as tender as you think" (laughs).[translation]

Jérémy Jérémy Jérémy

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Alizée on the internet

Alizée on IMEEM

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Alizée, Edie, Andy, and Bob

Earlier this week I heard Bob Dylans "leopard-skin pill-box hat" suggested to be about Edie Sedgwick. Tonight driving home Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" came on and had me thinking about Edie, Andy and Alizée's fourth album

Five years ago I would not be having these thoughts while listening to "Like a Rolling Stone", thanks for the education Alizée.

Alizée, if it is proper to ask, when did you first discover Edie?

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Alizee - thinking about the new album

just wondering what Alizee has in store for us

Alizee Nation

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Alizée

Happy Birthday Alizée

Alizee Nation

Alizée and Sarcasim

OMG no wonder why I like you Alizée...(don't you hate that I used OMG, I do)
I just used this for myself the other day but it looks like you may need it to help explain yourself to your fans Alizée
It's a how to guide:
When you have a sarcastic sense of humor, people can find you a real curiosity. It can be hard for some people to tell when you are really joking. You rarely say exactly what you mean, and there's an edge to sarcastic humor that few people can truly appreciate. Your straight-faced delivery and dry cynicism will either leave everyone laughing or have them wondering what they missed.

no problem, glad I could help.

speaking of curiosity...what a segway...did you notice how everyone was relieved? Who else has fans like that?

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Alizée - "album de quatre"

So I made up a name for the upcoming album. Somebody had to. It works for me till the new name is released.
It's harm there.

The ingredients for Alizée's "album de quatre"
What do we know so far.

Something regarding November from Jive Epic
Jive Epic
A song in Spanish
Chateau Marmont
A "concept" album with Edie Sedgwick connections

That is 6 ingredients that I can think of.
Do you have more?

Now I have a question, and don't answer it if you are just guessing.

we have something in November
one song in Spanish
at least some Chateau Marmont used [is that what we are saying? a more electro techno feel?]
Institubes is a French electro label [that electro techno feel again] and they will be doing....????
Jive Epic is the record label promoting it.

What are the roles of Jive Epic and Institubes?
And where does Wisteria Song fit into all of this?

I like being the dumbest guy in the room...:)
I could really use the help of Jive me out here. No secrets, just want to get the know facts straight. Just the roles of Jive Epic, Institubes and Wisteria Song...that would be cool.

And do not forget this tweet from May 5, 2009, THREE MONTHS AGO!!!

That third person thing was sooooooo cute.
aw is happy with his finished post.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alizee online profile

In this age of profiling I was wondering what profile we would come up with in describing Alizee based on her online posting?
Personally I can not figure her out!

At the beginning of June I almost did a post on when we would see her next Twitter. Based on her May Tweets I was going to say mid July. But then Alizee hit us with some June Tweets. OK, I thought, this should be fun, Alizee really seems to like Twitter...and then came Tweet, Tweets...
It's been...4 days since you myspaced me, 4 weeks since you Twittered me and... (sorry Barenaked Ladies - One Week)

I officially give up, I have no idea when or if you will Tweet idea. You win...I am tapping out.
So what does that mean to me...nothing really. Just because I said I give up and I am tapping out does that man I will not check Twitter 10 times a day...NO. It does mean that YOU (Alizee) win the mental battle of ME (me) trying to figure YOU out. But you know just makes you all the more interesting! It's crazy. You do the take away on me and I want it more....(sales technique # 102)

Gotta go...have to go check if Alizee Twittered...

Alizee Nation

Friday, August 14, 2009

Jive_Epic and Alizee fans

So how did Alizee fans get noticed by Jive_Epic?

As far as I know, the first it was ever mentioned was in this comment from Ruro from this post.

Ben got the creative juices flowing...edgar93, Jenny_HRO87and an anonymous comment all contributed.

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Jive Epic Tweeted...

Alizee news how ever "we" have to get it!

psychalizee said:
@Jive_Epic on veut des news sur le retour d'Alizée please ! :-))))
@Jive_Epic et Alizée ? :-(

Thanks to the people at Jive Epic! and thanks for the happy face :)

English: The album scheduled for November. Will hold you until then? :)
Spanish: El álbum previsto para noviembre. Llevará a cabo hasta entonces? :)
Portuguese: O álbum prevista para novembro. Vai segurar você até então? :)
German: Das Album für November. Halten Sie bis dahin? :)
Russian: Альбом запланирован на ноябрь. Проведет вас до этого? :)
Romanian: Albumul a programat pentru luna noiembrie. Vă va ţine până atunci? :)
Polish: Album zaplanowano na listopad. Czy można posiadać do tego czasu? :)
Dutch: Het album is gepland voor november. Zal u tot dan? :)
Swedish: Albumet är planerat till november. Kommer att hålla dig tills dess? :)
Turkish: Albüm Kasım için planlanıyor. O kadar tutun mısınız? :)
Japanese: このアルバムは11月に予定。それまでそのままお待ちいただけますか? : )
Italian: L'album prevista per il mese di novembre. Si terrà fino ad allora? :)
Arabic: الألبوم المقرر عقده فى نوفمبر. وسوف يعقد كنت حتى ذلك الوقت؟ :)
Hindi: इस एल्बम को नवंबर के लिए अनुसूचित. तो जब तक आप पकड़ करोगे? :)
Hebrew: האלבום מתוזמנים עבור נובמבר. יקיים לך עד אז? :)
Lithuanian: Albumą planuojama lapkričio mėnesį. Atliks jums iki tol? :)
Bulgarian: Албумът планирано за ноември. Ще се проведе ли дотогава? :)
Hungarian: Az album a tervek szerint novemberben. Majd meg, addig? :)
Greek: Το άλμπουμ έχει προγραμματιστεί για το Νοέμβριο. Θα σας μέχρι τότε; :)
Czech: Alba je naplánováno na listopad. Vás budou držet až do té doby? :)
Ukrainian: Альбом запланований на листопад. Проведе вас до цього? :)
Croatian: Na albumu zakazani za studeni. Održat će vas do tada? :)
Slovenian: Ta album je načrtovana za november. Vas bo do takrat? :)
Serbian: На албуму заказани за новембар. Одржат ће вас до тада? :)

Thanks Google Translator

Oh by the way Jive Epic...will it hold us till then...probably not! :)

Alizee Nation

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Alizee - There she goes again

Alizee logged onto myspace again on 8/12/2009

Why are you messing with my head like this?
Why do you log in and make no visible updates or changes?
Why do you log into myspace and not twitter?

We maybe watching you, but you are the one messing with our heads!
You play this game of cat and mouse well, but somehow you have turned the tables and have become the cat. You are now watching us watching you.

This is why you are so much more fun then most!

Alizee Nation

Alizee and Shakira songs

I was following a link from Jive_Epic taking me to Shakira's behind the scenes video, the making of La Loba.

It's fun and entertaining. I noticed a difference in the analysis of Shakira and Alizee songs.
During this video they analyze Shakira's new song. The analysis is about the overall meaning of the song. With Alizee songs we analyze the songs line by line and those lines seem to always have a hidden meaning.

We may have an overall meaning for 'Lilly Town' but we also look at every word that is being said? Of course we do. Come on, we have all asked ourselves what does "Al and Simone" refer to? What kind of cookies is she talking about? See Alizee Reflections.

...just a little Ad libitum

Alizee Nation

Alizee...what if your new album is a big hit?

What will you do? What would be the plan if a best case scenario happens?

I think there is only so much success Alizee will accept.

This album is at a new crossroads. Psychedelices was at a different crossroad. It was the break away album. It followed her hits under Mylene and was a tough act to follow. I have always felt that it fulfilled its mission very well. It was similar to replacing a popular sports figure, always very difficult to fill those shoes.

This time we are past the break away/replacement album. OK, you broke away, went out on your own and put out a very plausible product. Psychedelices was a bridge, a bridge to where? That we will have to wait and see, unless you would like to share with us???

So...what level of public appearances will we see. A tour, appearances to push the album and a single? Or will it be business as usual. Business as usual? Just tell us if that is the case, it is OK, we can handle it. One appearance every 3 months. Will you continue to just stick your toe in the water or will you take the plunge? I guess we will have to wait and see...

Alizee, I have wondered about something, regarding the break away and going out your own.
It is about the cake picture associated with Psychedelices. It is shown in a video that just was making the rounds via Twitter. What is that cake scene all about?
During your decision to go off on your own and run your career the way you want...did someone tell you that you can't have your cake and eat it too????????
It's at the end of this video, you have to watch 1 minute and 50 seconds of Alizee first, oh darn.
Are you showing "them" that you can?????

Alizee Nation

Alizee and The David Hasselhoff Effect

The previous post we dealt with the Mary Hart Syndrome which affects individuals. Now we are going to address The David Hasselhoff Effect which goes beyond individuals and affects entire countries.

Can you answer the following question?

David Hasselhoff is to Germany
Alizee is to _______________

Almost worthy of a Final Jeopardy post. If you missed those post you can visit them here Jeopardy one and Jeopardy two

Did I give you enough time to think this one over?
And the answer is 'Mexico'

David Hasselhoff, while known for his appearances on the television shows Baywatch and Kitt in the 80's, his singing never was popular in the United States. In Germany however he had two hits.

While his star rose, fell and rose again in the US, Hasselhoff's popularity remained a little longer in Europe during the end of the 80s. Hasselhoff had one number-one hit in the German pop charts in 1989 ("Looking for Freedom"), which very much resonated with the fall of the Berlin Wall at that time, and two more top-ten hits in 1989 and 1993.(wikipedia)

Alizee has won over Mexico.
Yes, I know there are differences...but it is interesting how some artist just win over certain countries.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Mary Hart Syndrome

I wanted to call this "The Alizee Effect" but thought the real name of a syndrome might attract just one more new fan. So what is the Mary Hart Syndrome?

"Mary Hart Syndrome - The name given to the medical condition suffered by an unidentified woman who was proven to be afflicted with an epileptic seizure caused by the voice of celebrity Mary Hart, co‑host of the weekly syndicated news magazine program ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT." (TV ACRES)

Certain voices can have an affect on us. Alizee's hypnotizes me....what about you...

does it have this affect on you...

Alizee Nation

Monday, August 10, 2009

Alizee - fun with photos

Alizee pics vs some T-shirts

Now if the "new album" is to be Edie Sedgwick related the 'ciao! corsica' pic would be nice. Of course it would say something more related to the album. We could all buy a T-Shirt like that. But then again, the promotional department would actually have to have a shirt available for us to buy. T-shirt and a CD for...I would sell another bag of plasma for it.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hopelessly devoted to Alizée

I don't know Jive_Epic..what do you think :)

Hopelessly Devoted
And thanks again Jive_Epic for a little Digital Love, lets continue to Play the Game

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Mission to Mars

This is what happens on a turn down day. Doing menial tasks that need to be done and the mind wonders.
Some educational show on a manned mission to Mars had me thinking while mowing...what if you were going on this mission to Mars and the hard drive had room for only one Alizee song. Which would I take.....
Sorry, I warned you it was a turn down day, no pressure to vote, no Twitter to Jive Epic...

I'll think about my choice while washing the car.

geez, not my just list my favorite but the only song I can have.....hmmmm

Alizee Nation

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Alizee MySpace Music

The Alizee MySpace question of the day.
Well, first it's an observation, then it's a question.

When I jump on the Alizee's MySpace the music does not automatically play anymore.

My question is:
Is that a MySpace change?
Is that an actual Alizee change?
Is that some thing on my end, used both explorer and firefox?

Alizee Nation

Alizee Twitter Addict

Wait a second...after all my Twitter talk I find myself in a panic this morning. I thought with Twitter I could take it or leave it, but this morning Twitter is down and I am in a panic. How am I going to find out what's going on...I pay good money for this...oh is free. Nothing worse then a free service you are addicted to having a problem. You kind of do not feel right complaining...BUT...come on we're dieing here!!!! (notice I said "we're", I did'nt want to make it seem it was just me)

So what am I saying here. I guess it's kind of like that old MTV jingle via Dire Straights 'I want my Twitter' (in lieu of MTV) ...what...Money for Nothing...geez, go ask your parents.

So for all of you on Alizee Twitter Watch here is a site to monitor Twitter Status

Most current status is:
Ongoing denial-of-service attack 7 minutes ago
We are defending against a denial-of-service attack, and will update status again shortly.
(they could really use some Star War's theme music with that)

Come on Twitter, may the force be with you.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Alizee Twitter, Tweeterwall and la révolution Alizée

Ever go away for a few hours and log into Twitter. Just lil ole me and I was overwhelmed. I realize Alizee is only following 14, good for her by the way, but the the Tweets she must receive.... and Jive/Epic...I can't imagine. A conversation with a friend regarding email, discussing the process of getting 60 emails a day at work. Let's say you talke 3 minutes per email, that would be 1 1/2 hours a day with email. That conversation went down a whole different path...but think of the time it takes to maintain a very busy Twitter. I really do not see how it can be a two way street for the rich and famous.

Tweeterwall will be ending soon. Twittering (yeah used twitter for something useful) with Jenny from Alizée Forum and we stumbled upon something. It appears that it will end at noon on Friday in each time zone. Well that should be interesting if that is actually what happens. So what of this Tweeterwall...I don't think any of us took it that serious, just something for us to do and have fun with. It was better then walking up and down the street wearing a sandwich sign. All I know know is that if by any stretch of the imagination Alizee would make a public 'thank you for voting for me' I just wanted to be in the position to say 'your welcome'. And if she never mentions it, I can handle that too. How about you? Are you OK with both scenarios?

The Alizée Revolution, now I would wear a shirt like that!

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Alizee - Olly olly oxen free

Olly olly oxen free (and similar spellings) is a catchphrase used in the children's game of hide and seek to indicate that players who are hiding can come out into the open without losing the game.(wikipedia)

Did you notice....Alizee logged onto MySpace today, 8/4.

Alizee Nation

Sounds of Silence

@Jive_Epic, @mellealizee

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone...

Alizee Nation

Monday, August 3, 2009

Alizee - Digital Love

After the 'Give us the tools" post and the "help us help you" and the 'bottom up marketing" ...
Ooh I don't know what to do
About this dream and you
We'll make this dream come true

just looking for a little "Digital Love"

Daft Punk


Why don't you play the game ?

Alizee Nation

The selling of Alizee

The old joke, how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. At times I feel we try to get the Python to swallow the elephant whole.

What I mean by that (yeah alizee nation is finally explaining what he means) is that we want Alizee to be the favorite performer of our friends and contacts.
We all have different taste and we all drive different cars. But just because we drive "this" car does not mean that we don't have a favorite SUV, Truck, Sports Car. Unfortunately most of us can't own them all. But with performers we can!

Can I sell you one of these perspectives?
Alizee is my favorite...
French singer
French female singer
brunette singer
French female brunette singer
singer from Corsica
singer from Ajaccio
performer on YouTube

If you are drowning and I throw you a life preserver will you take it...YES (movie Boiler Room)
Would it be fair to say Alizee could be your favorite female singer from Corsica...YES
(Jedi mind trick to make head move up and down)

OK, we have established something. If you are "all in" that's great, but if not can you pick something from the above that applies to you? Most can.
It's one bite at a time, no need to swallow the pig whole and be "all in"

My favorite singer person now has established a commonality with the My favorite female singer from Corsica person. The 'my favorite singer' person has all Alizee's songs on an iPod, the 'my favorite singer from Corsica has 5.

It's all good.
Add categories. All types of fans are welcomed.
Find a home, prefer English songs, listen to the hand full of English songs. Spanish, a Spanish song it coming out.
Objections. You do not have to overcome every objection, so don't...Your car, you may not like where the cup holders are located, what were they going to do, move them? You still bought it. You do not have to overcome every objection. Know the difference between a true objection and a wish. I am not buying this car with those cup holder locations and I wish the cup holders were different but..
Me, I wish Alizee did more concerts but...she is still my favorite. It's a wish not an objection.

OK Biff, go sell something, if only to yourself.

(Biff??? oh come on, it would not be me if I explained everything)

Alizee Nation

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Alizee Bottom Up Evangelism

From the book 'Reality Check' by Guy Kawasaki:
"Another reality is that you can't do everything by yourself, so it's great when your customers become evangelists and help you spread the good news. You can blow all the smoke that you like about partnerships, brand awareness, and corporate image, but you either attract believers or you don't. If I could get paid a dollar every time someone asks me 'How do I get people to evangelize my product?" I would be able to stop working and play hockey every day."

Jive/Epic, Alizee, are you looking for some evangelist of your own?

Bottom up marketing. Another don't take my word for it...from the online article "The next phase: Bottom-up marketing" "An interesting idea. Blogging pioneer Dave Winer began tracking use of the word "syndisphere'' on his weblog (, tracking its rapid rise up the Google hit chart (note for the uninitiated: When "syndisphere'' initially delivered zero hits on Google, that made it a classic "googlewhack,'' or a search phrase with no results).
It's too early to tell if syndisphere is a concept with legs. Regardless, it is a classic bottom-up marketing idea. It's not about marketers talking down to the masses. Rather, it's the online masses organizing themselves, their content and their attention and, as a side effect of that process, "niche-casting'' their interests and desires back up to marketers-or more accurately, to marketers savvy enough to give their attention to the trend."

Just give us, the online masses, something to organize around.

It starts with one...then another...then another, it does not even have to pretty or slick, it just needs to start.
Just like this video from the Sasquatch music festival 2009 which I first saw at asile pop

Now that was some bottom up evangelism

Alizee Nation

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