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Friday, December 31, 2010

Alizée store continued...

Doing a little Alizée Store marketing and taking orders...

Alizée, so far...
Sean in the previous post expressed interest in a signed photograph

from Twitter
@RondasX and @Chris_la_Corse were all over the XL version T-Shirts...

Between you and me Alizée, they seemed to think that it was the size of the T-shirt that they...ah, er... required...that mattered... I didn't have the heart to tell them otherwise... but let's just keep that between us.

So there you go, if you build it, they will come.

Alizee Nation

The new Alizée store...

The new Alizée store...
I wonder what will it have. What would you like to see?
More clothing, t-shirts? Collector discs? What?
Alizée designed Nike's?
Signed pictures?

What would you buy?

I would buy.... a red string bracelet, sold or endorsed or designed or made by you... Alizée...
Should also do some self designed jewelry too by the way.
But the bracelet, absolutely, positively... you know what I'm talking about, help me out soul sister. No jokes, I would trust you.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alizée hard at work

Alizée hard at work
back soon with new stuff designed by Alizée for the first time…

This is like one of those optical illusions where they as "what do you see"
computer screen
white mouse
only fingers sticking out sweater on a cold winter day
frankly I wear a fingerless glove on my mouse hand
the in swing window with the exterior wrought iron railing for what I would guess is second or third floor

With this wonderful and surprising communication you can take as long as needed and no one can complain.

It's amazing what results a little communication can get for you...
The old honey vs. vinegar thing

OK OK OK OK OK..... I tried... now the part is on the left side!!!! or are you just screwing with my head soul sister

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Alizée Myspace

Alizée Myspace... Myspace is trying to look different and catch up... a lost cause?

Just when everyone figured out how to hide last login... it's back

Who can keep up with the multitudes of social networks.

Alizee Nation

Alizée store

Do you find yourself just staring at it? Is it as innocent as it looks?
There was once a hidden egg, should I be figuring out a password that leads to an inner sanctum. Remember when one of the old websites had hidden areas to reveal more.
Could this be a connection to the Alizée Fortress of Solitude?
I'm sure it's just shopify's way of temporarily shutting down a store. Sure, that's it. Just move on....

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Twas two days before Christmas

'Twas two nights before Christmas and all through the house,
not a present was wrapped, not even the cat's mouse.
The stockings were hung on the staircase with care,
In hopes that something from Alizée would find its way there.

Alizée on iTunes while we crawl into bed
While visions of J'en Ai Marre danced in our heads
Papa Jo with his camera snaps another great shot,
black & white or color, it just matters not.

When over from my desk there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the computer I flew like a flash,
An update? a post? lets clear up some cache

Vimeo and YouTube a Tumblr post too
A Facebook posting, it's gotta be something new
A new Christmas song has suddenly appeared
Friends from Institubes and lots of scruffy beards

With a talented leader, so lively and quick,
Tahiti Boy, really? could he be St Nick?
With his instructions and pointing they went and they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

"Now Teki! now, Surkin! now, Loane and Mike Ladd!
On, Tacteel! On, Bobmo! on Alizée... not bad
From the top, get it right, we're having a ball
Now sing away! sing away! sing away all!


Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pigeon toed look

It's the holidays... my ramblings maybe all over the place :)

Is the pigeon toed model look being done to death! Every time I see someone striking a pose it is the pigeon toed look or the 'flirty feet' innocent look.

Flash back to 2003 we had Alizée on the cover of Mes Courants Électriques

I am slightly pigeon toed so it is something I always notice, pigeon toed or duck feet.

But have we seen enough? It's ALL over the place now.

Even Papa Jacotey loves the look...but you have look pretty hard to find those photos right now... and I wouldn't republish them any way. (unless he sent me one of course)

Oh, don't even go there and give me that look soul sister, I have to find something to fill in the holidays!

You just get the store back on line and I'll keep everyone distracted. You do know that today is 14 days from the 7th, the time the store was supposed to be down, but hey, who's counting. OK, OK, you're right, NOW I DO deserve the LOOK. :) :) :)

Alizee Nation

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alizée... in the studio

I just can't keep it in any longer, I am bursting, I just have to shout it out....

Whew... so glad that's over with, I was trying to give a little time for the new Christmas song to settle in.

Now I can relax... what? the latest hair style, the part, it's on the right side.
Remember the post regarding left side parts...

It was cold and snowy all across Europe when this song was recorded. Most of the guys are in thier jeans, shirts plus sweaters or pull overs...something warm... and there is Alizée... a tee type top and 'Psych' era shorts... shorts and a tee...
I admit it, I'm too wimpy to be a girl!

Alizee Nation

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's Xmas Tonight - 2010

It's Xmas Tonight - 2010

Such A Special Time (It's Xmas Tonight) from jaune! on Vimeo.

The 2010 Christmas song brought to you by The Palm Tree Family - Tahiti Boy

From a @PalmTreeFamily tweet...and a facebook post
so you can try and follow along
XMAS SONG VOCAL GUESTS ARE (in order of appearance) :

Santa, Mike Ladd, Mina Tindle, Ornette, Juliette Paquereau, Hugh Coltman, Loane, Alizée, Tacteel, Jérôme Laperruque, Thomas De Pourquery, Saul Williams, Tahiti Boy, DVNO, Alice Lewis, HollySiz, Dj Pone, Para One, Surkin, Cocosuma, Bobmo, Jackson, Das Glow, Thibault Vinçon, Annabelle Hettmann, 2 Chateau Marmont's, Mellow, Remito Valdès, Antoine Jamaica, Teki Latex, Johanna Seban, Flairs and Da Brasilians...

click on share and go to mp3 link and you can download it :)

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

getting ready....

This is "our" Christmas Eve. Tomorrow we get a present, we get to see Alizée in the new Christmas song that is spearheaded by Tahiti Boy. We are all antsy like little kids, maybe some will not even sleep tonight.

It's not often we know something is going to happen, basically we know its a short part in a new Christmas song and we know what day it is going to happen. Unusual for "us", we don't know how to act.

Now isn't that silly... all this for a 10 second shot. But it's true. There will be tweets and facebook posts and blogs and forum posts and and and... all for a glimpse of Alizée.

I plead 'no contest' ... it's true, and it's our own little phenomena, the rest of the world somehow does not see it. Once you have been given "Alizée eyes" you see it and can't figure out how you never saw it before and how all your friends don't see it.

If the song is shared via YouTube, Alizée fans will just dominate the comments. Yes even though there are 15 other artist involved. This is not a prediction... it's now just a fact. I hope everyone knows that by now. Seriously, the conversation around the Institubes water cooler should go something like this... Tahiti Boy is going to post that new Christmas song and Alizée fans are going to drive us all nuts.

This will be fun, I am looking forward to it all.
Just think if Alizée did a Chirstmas song and posted it on YouTube.... and visions of sugar plums danced in my head...

talk to you all on the other side...

Alizee Nation

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tahiti Boy Interview

David? That's Tahiti Boy

This is a damn good interview...

Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family from mxdwn on Vimeo.

Sly and the Family Stone.... who knew. I'll never get rid of my "Fresh" vinyl, and if ever need someone to sing 'If you want me to stay' ... I have that down, at least it sounds that way to me in the shower....

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Alizée "gene"

Is it just me... Or do I have an Alizée "gene" in my DNA? That must be it... I see her pic, it clicks on my Alizée "gene" which turns on my recognized beauty part of my brain... it's not that i'm like Pavlov's dog or anything... opps sorry, just drooled on the keyboard....

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jo Jacotey's Corsica

Would you like to check out Jo Jacotey's Corsica landscape pics?
You can check them out HERE

Alizee Nation

Monday, December 6, 2010

Alizée - The Far Side of the Moon

Alizée - The Far Side of the Moon
December 7th is almost here... the start of the two week closure of Alizee Store.

Will this also mean to not expect any Alizée news? Can we just relax and enjoy the holidays? Is it "holiday" all around?

We don't know. Last year we were pleasantly surprised by "It's Christmas but it won't be the last" So you never know.

Or is this another trip to the far side of the moon?

Tidal forces between Earth and the Moon have slowed the moon's rotation so that the same side is always facing the Earth. The other face, which is never visible from the Earth in its entirety (18% of it can be seen under some conditions), is therefore called the "far side of the Moon". (wikipedia)

Alizée earth observatories can only monitor for the return.
As with any object that visits the Far Side, there is no contact. Be it any of the Apollo missions or Alizée we must wait patiently for their return to re-establish contact.

The moon, along with Alizée, their far sides have never been explored, although there have been some pictures.

Alizée earth monitoring stations are preparing for this step of the process and that is for Alizee Store to lose contact December 7.

Keep in mind we have not established if this is indeed the beginning of a far side trip. Perhaps only maintenance or a revamping for more.

We can only suggest Alizée earth monitoring stations stay on alert.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alizée... the contrarian

Alizée... the contrarian
Sure, kind of like Conan... the barbarian, why not.

Contrarian thinkers test boundaries and challenge the status quo. They are risk takers.

Alizée has always railed against conventional wisdon.
Being young she "played" the lolita role.
Being a sensation she dropped out of site, married and had a daughter.
Coming back she discontinued her affiliation with Mylene and friends.
The public looking for lolita part II came the real Alizée.
Looking for pop came electro
When information is expected it doesn't come, out of nowhere information shows.
Alizee Store opens out of nowhere, it closes for Christmas...

You get the picture.

After all these years... it's part of her charm! It IS Alizée.

Contrarian: somebody disposed to taking opposite position: a habitual opponent of accepted policies, opinions, or practices

So based on that... I advise you to not tweet me or email me. Conventional wisdom says it would not be a good idea. So I repeat... do not tweet or email me.
(lol, battle of the minds and I am at a disadvantage)

Remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, and not with it. - Henry Ford.


Alizee Nation

Friday, December 3, 2010

Alizée - why is that...

Alizée - why is it...

Last night in the back ground a local band was playing... they had a female singer and about every other song I thought... that would be fun to hear Alizée sing that song.

Why is that... I always think of songs I would like to hear Alizée sing? Do you do that? I don't do that with other singers / entertainers.

I listen to Kavinsky's "Night Call" and think I would like to hear Alizée sing that. A sick obsession of mine is to hear Alizée sing "Tom's Diner". I listen to Goom Radio Limelight just to hear Alizée talk to me, to hear her voice... just talking.

Come on, be truthful, you all go to 1:50 on "It's Christmas (And It Won't Be The Last)" Just to hear that voice... don't you?

Do you do that with Lady Gaga, Katy, Kesha? ...I would really like to hear them sing this song or that or hear them talk... no not really.

But Alizée... we go out of our way to just hear her talk in an interview and I we always are coming up with songs we would like to hear her sing.

I think... I take Alizée right out of those Alimart pictures or even the DJ pictures, take a simple song where we can hear her voice and throw her on Letterman... interview her for 3 minutes... promotion done! Americans would not get enough. Sometimes I think it gets a little too Parisian.

Her voice... hypnotizing, mesmerizing, sexifying... that's the product plus we love the look.

Let's say a song lasts 3 minutes. Itunes sells it for 99 cents. Now let's say there is an interview, an English speaking interview for example that is 3 minutes long and Itunes is selling the interview for 99 cents. Would you think about buying it??? If so why? I thought it was about the music? I would think about it.

Speaking of products... Alizee Store is shutting down for 2 weeks, starting December 7. Sorry I can't help myself... numbers and semantics. Dec 7 add 14 days = December 21. Will the store open up the 21st? was it just a round figure and mean sometime after the holidays? If so why wasn't it just said that way. If it does open back up right before Christmas... why would that be? Again I am sorry my mind works that way, but I am a great conspiracy theorist person...

Alizee Nation

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