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Friday, July 30, 2010

Too much talk and not enough Alizée

Too much talk and not enough Alizée... when you're right you're right

Alizee Nation

Serge Gainsbourg tribute - Alizée

At this point in time I would have to say the tribute was a musical success.

Out of this I have to say I learned a lot. French fans are out there and passionate, more then I realized.

A lot of fans want to know "what pressure" was there for this concert. There was political pressure surrounding events taking place in Israel.

Here is a blog article "Serge Gainsbourg on the sand from Israel" that has more on the event.

It's the political side of things and it happens all the time. Here are some examples. So before anyone reads anything more personal into it... stop!

So did we cover the political angle without getting too political? I hope so.

Now back to that article "Serge Gainsbourg on the sand from Israel". Did Serge really say "I was born under a lucky star... yellow"

Really? That one sentence "I was born under a lucky star" You do know "Yes, absolutely, I think I was born under a lucky star." is an Alizée quote from a few years back.

You are freaking me out Alizée.

Alizee Nation

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Alizee Nation - The benefactor

Alizee Nation - The benefactor

It appears that Alizee Nation is the benefactor to France's never ending interest in Serge Gainsbourg.

Please stay, sit, relax... you may enjoy yourself.

Or maybe it's all about Alizée... :)

Alizee Nation

WhoWhatWear - Alizée

WhoWhatWear - Alizée

Sure I sent WhoWhatWear a request to identify what Alizée is wearing. Of course right now it's just me sending it in....

What's the worst that could happen, I get ignored... that's the whole basis for this blog. :)

Alizee Nation

Perhaps more Alizée from the Gainsbourg concert?

Perhaps more Alizée from the Gainsbourg concert?

Yes, this is only me speculating.
Here is an article from Orange regarding the concert tribute by Lulu Gainsbourg.

From that article:
"A poster also: Alizée, Daniel Levi, Rose, and Catherine Falgayrac, Michael Greilsammer Israeli side, and Harel Skaat Shirel, the daughter of singer Jane Manson.

Alizée sings three songs from Gainsbourg - "which is a true musical reference for me," she told AFP.

So.... a poster?
Then... is that all Alizée told AFP? ....

wishfull thinking I know... but it is all I have!

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Alizée your core fans are "internet beasts"

So here we go again, by now if you peruse twitter you ran across the brief video from Tel Aviv. Here is a YouTube screen shot.

Currently we are not swamped with videos from this concert. So we have this one. Please note. This is a tribute for Serge Gainsbourg and there were many artist there. Now note, Alizée is not mentioned in the title, Alizée is not mentioned in the description and Alizée is not one of the tags.

There are 11 comments... ALL Alizée

It happens over and over. It happened with Les Enfoires, I documented a twitter search for Les Enfoires and Alizée dominated that search. It will happen again with the upcoming appearance at Muzik Elles. I am to the point that I can guarantee it.

Alizée you are so close to a "tipping point" moment, do you even know it, do you even want it. Every time you participate in something you become a twitter twinkler, you light it up. No one else in these events has these same results, the facts are the facts.

You may say it's just the core group of fans. Everyone else has core group and they are not doing it. Alizée your core fans are "internet beasts", take advantage of it.

Every time you are at some event you create an internet solar flare. Does anyone even track this type of information or is everyone still counting up album sales?

A late night TV appearance or even just a "spotting" in NYC. But you may not even want this and that is cool. I know you will never tell us, we will just have to wait to read what your actions are telling us.

But I just don't want to see you in 40 years sitting in your rocking chair humming Moi... Lolita and wondering what if....

the youtube video Lulu Gainsbourg en concert-hommage à son père à Tel Aviv

(embedding disabled... because too many people may watch it and it may become popular... and that's not going to happen, not on my watch... good call)

Alizee Nation

Je t'aime ... really?

I'll go through trash to collect aluminum cans to earn money to pay for a recording of Alizée singing Je T'aime at the Serge Gainsbourg tribute in Tel Aviv.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Alizée... I wonder...

Thoughts in my head right now... Alizée... I wonder...

I wonder if this Serge Gainsbourg tribute has any plans of releasing the concert as a live recorded album? Having yet one more quality song by Alizée would be nice.

I wonder what is going on for two months between this Gainsbourg tribute and her next "known" appearance at the end of September.

I wonder if any more "hands" (daft punk style) videos will appear, something to do for her upcoming birthday, that might be fun.

I wonder if the The Teenagers remix will be released. Perhaps that will happen in between now and Muzic Elles...

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 26, 2010


Gainsbourg the movie will make its debut in the UK July 30, 2010

Perhaps the upcoming concert in Israel will reflect the movie soundtrack, or perhaps not.

DAZED DIGITAL has a nice article worth reading.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alizée Jive Epic Tweets...

Alizée Jive Epic Tweets...

Since June 1, 2010 through today July 25, 2010 there have been 4 "Alizée" Jive Epic Tweets...
2 Follow Fridays (#FF)
1 misspelling
1 Retweet (RT)

...just saying, and besides, who's counting...
Perhaps some news on @theteenagers remix soon. Let's keep a good thought.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Les Collines Hands

You have all watched Daft Hands or Daft Punk Hands... yeah you got it...
Les Collines Hands, and no, no Daft Punk Bodies conversion... not here anyway.

Now I know you all can do better then this... so... just do it
You have a YouTube, or are your hands camera shy, really?

I was going to publish the companion video, The making of Les Collines Hands. The planning, the notes, the choreography was brutal. But I thought it best to leave that to your imagination.

Good luck with your Les Collines Hands. The bar is not set very high... I know you can do better.

Alizee Nation

Friday, July 23, 2010

UEDS - 2nd single news translation clarification

UEDS - 2nd single news translation clarification

On Friday @nidalizee was so kind as to help straighten out some information.

This attempt to set the record straight actually led to a bit more confusion. No fault of @nedalizee, let me explain.

If you copy and paste from @nedalizee tweet to the infamous Google translator what do you get:

Hey, wait a second, that's not correct. I just noticed this right now. Back in French class we learned that if we put ne and pas around the verb it creates a negative.

So this is why there was some confusion... sorry I didn't put 2 and 2 together sooner.

Perhaps you want to use Promt translator.
This is what you get with Promt:

"Contrary to rumours announced and to the person with a strong visual sense (fake) who circulates, Factory Girl is not the second single of the album."

Much better. :) ne & pas around the verb
Promt was suggested to me from @Jenny_HRO87 ... I bet a year ago.

Whew, that darn Google translator

Alizee Nation

Moi... Lolita Snoop Dog Style, Dropping it like it's hot

Thanks to a tweet from @Orgin1973 here is an awesome remix of Moi... Lolita Snoop Dog style

I don't know Alizée, I don't know why he is posting and not working. His mind is probably already thinking about playing poker tonight... let's drop it like it's hot...

Would you like to hear Alizée say 'drop it like it's hot'... well at 2:20 on this video you can... now that's HOT.
Right before that one Alizée mentions me... oh no that's right, she was talking about Daft Punk.

Alizee Nation

Gainsboug Concert

a short clip from this article
Alizée, Shirel, Rose, Daniel Levi, Dani, Harel Skaat ou encore Michael Greilsammer feront en effet revivre les mélodies et les paroles inoubliables du ... David Stem poursuit : «Alizée a été soumise à des pressions de toutes parts pour ne pas participer à ce concert. Nous savions que nous allions rencontrer ...

Alizée, Shirel, Rose, Daniel Levi, Dani, Harel Skaat or Michael Greilsammer will indeed revive the melodies and lyrics of unforgettable ... David Stern continues: "Alizée has been under pressure from all sides not to participate in this concert. We knew we would encounter ...

David Stern is Music Director of the Israel Opera


Alizee Nation

Alizée - Outside Dog

There are outside dogs and inside dogs.

Alizee Nation is one of Alizée's outside dogs. Outside dogs have to scrap a little bit more for a living. Outside dogs bark at almost anything, sometimes it is actually something or someone, sometimes it's just the leaves blowing around. But that's our job.

Inside dog has a different job. Inside dog is more a part of the family, more in tune to what is actually happening with the family. Inside dog is out of the weather enjoying the comforts provided by the owner. Inside dog does not bark at every little thing, he does not have to it's not his job. If there is a sudden noise inside dog is more in tuned with the owner, they both maybe startled but they both are immediately settled down when they realize it was just the door slamming shut in the wind... but all the while outside dog does not know this and barks incessantly.

Inside dog is Le Nid. Both dogs play a vital role.

Lately inside dog has been working with the owner to help outside dogs.

So glad to know if it was just the wind or if it was actually something worth barking at! Outside dog can only dream of getting his belly rubbed once in a while.

Having the urge to watch Lady and the Tramp...
What was that? Was that a noise...did I hear something... should I bark...


Alizee Nation

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Les Collines remix - The Teenagers

Les Collines remix - The Teenagers

The remix is ready. That's good news, you never know about these things. Looking forward to the release. Should be fun one.

Great guys, we will be pimping it for you. :)

Alizee Nation


Alizée Collectors... ever dream of walking into a shop and seeing an Alizée Collection like this? (click on it to enlarge)

Not bad. There are also mugs to key chains...

WOW, they have it all!
Glad I could share it with you...
What, oh you want to know where.... sure... it's in Paris.
Where, 63 Rue Blanche

Glad I could help...

oh you mean a web site.

or go straight to the Alizée Collection

and they take paypal!

thanks for the tip little birdie, tweet tweet

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Iphone 4 news


information just brought in from China

Alizee Nation


Institubes came out with a great looking blog. I like multi columns... and with pics blended in. That layout appeals to me.

But here is the question.....................

Come on!!!! We are ALL thinking it. Am I going to be the one to say it, well alright then...

Where is Alizée!

So what is going on here?
The boys over at Institubes all seem nice enough, where they lack in looks they make up with personality so I really don't think that is a problem.

It just has to be a business situation. Something from up the food chain. Guessing a scenario perhaps something like this... OK boys, Alizée would like to use your studios, some of your artists too. You get paid and you get album credit but you can't promote in any way. Who's signing this? You the scrawny guy or is it you there in the polar bear sweater. Oh yeah there is a non disclosure too, you can't talk about that you can't talk about it.

Maybe it went something like that. Lucky for you I did not sign any papers. But I do want to make it known that I can be bought out too, and for a fair price. You know my email...

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 19, 2010

My Alizée Brand Creation...

My Alizée Brand Creation...

So what have I created in my mind over the last couple of weeks?

We have Alizée as we know her today. Entertainer, singer and latest DJ...

Now we mix in a few new things that do not take a whole new album production or concerts.

Let's to the free graphic download so we can all go nuts with it. Perhaps have a hand in it. (fairly easy) A little graphic artist-ette

Next add in some photographs, utilizing the talent in the family.

Those pics get onto the Tumblr blog (they feed that avenue) Blogger-ette
Then that feeds Twitter, Tweet-ette

and on and on and on, it ties together.

Increasing your social footprint with very minimal effort that can start today.

Let us not forget the fashion angle. There are many different ways to mix in fashion and it is already happening its just that it goes mainly unnoticed. With little effort it can be noticed. Just needs to be mentioned, I know I know Alizée, you really do not seem to like self promotion, but just a mention of your Marc Jacobs handbag or how you adore your Chanel blouse just can not hurt and is not that hard to do.

It's not like I am saying do a whole new album and a series of concerts...
Then if you do release a new single or a song...
That will be icing on the cake.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Alizée here is what I think...

Alizée here is what I think...
Oh don't roll your eyes, I have good ideas. What? You need second opinions... J, Lola, Anthony... just back away from the Iphone soul sister... what do they think about me, they're all singing the same song... no need to ask

Now that we have that established... here is what I think.

Could you occasionally turn the camera around?

Nothing private or personal but when you do public appearances. You are heading to Tel Aviv. So maybe take a back stage pic, or and interesting street pic. Then post it on your Tumblr. It does not need a story or anything to go with it. Of course occasionally give it to someone to take a pic of you too. The other week when you did the signing... a pic or two from your perspective and posted on Tumblr might be fun. In the way Phoenix does it with their Diary.

You can use your Iphone or even a camera... do you know someone that is into photography that can help you get started? Do you need a lifeline on that one... and consider what your Father does... generally no words.

See what you can do with that. In addition to DJette perhaps we can see what talent you have as photographerette.

A crumb to throw our way, we would all enjoy it and another feather in your cap... singer, entertainer, photographer...

It's just a thought soul sister... thanks for listening... smooth operator

Alizee Nation

Alizée and that little smile

No...Alizée, I don't think you can pull this one off...

Now didn't your parents tell you that if you keep making faces your face will stay that way. I know they had to say it.

And see... that's where this little crooked smile is coming from... making too many faces!

I notice in casual situations you tilt right, I tilt left, opposite tilters. It's OK because everything you do is super duper cute.

For a little more fun here is the French version of the above song.

Oh CloClo! Is that great, non?
That dance scene at 52 seconds, looks like me in the kitchen when Lilly Town comes on! :)

Claude François – CloClo
Well now, Wikipedia does a nice overview on CloClo, from his start along the Côte d'Azur to his tragic death in 1978.
An interesting article in The Independent is very informative.

CloClo was one of the first to use short films for his songs. A few post back I made the reference to Alizée doing it her way. The song "My Way" was first recorded by CloClo. Paul Anka then took it and made it English... then Frank Sinatra made it famous.

Don't you hate it when a post starts out corny and light and then you end up learning something. I hate that when that happens. Think of me, I'm the guy that has to come up with the stuff. Plant a post 10 posts in advance and link it back... oy vey.

Now let's move the table and chairs in the kitchen and put on Lilly Town... legs don't fail me now. :)

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Daft Punk

Alizée - Daft Punk

Give me a couple minutes of free time and I start playing with a couple remixes out there for some personal fun.

Thought I would share and give you a little tease...

Alizee Nation

Alizée Whisperer

Sure, why not. There's Ghost Whisperer, Horse Whisperer, Dog Whisperer, Cat get the idea. So why not me... the Alizée Whisperer. It's already on my resume.

So there are a few of you out there saying... now what's he talking about.

A whisperer, being able to understand and communicate without actually being able to talk.

A horse whisperer from wikipedia: A horse whisperer is a horse trainer who adopts a sympathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the horse, based on natural horsemanship and modern equine psychology.


A dog whisperer is somebody who has developed a high level of awareness and understanding of the mind and natural instincts of the canine species. This allows human and dog to form a deep connection free of the many constraints humans normally put in the way.

yeah that's it, I'm an Alizée whisperer. We don't have those constraints humans normally put in the way. We just understand each other.

Right about now she is reading this with that crooked little smile...see... told you.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alizée - Tel Aviv only 11 days away

It's only 11 days until the next Alizée public appearance. It will be the Serge Gainsbourg tribute in Tel Aviv, Israel July 28th.

We could speculate on what she will sing, but I want to focus on fashion. What will Alizée be wearing? It will be mid summer in Israel. Perhaps she will find some time to do a little sightseeing and be dressed a bit casual. Then of course the on stage ensemble. I really want to start a focus on fashion for Alizée.

There is a website WHOWHATWEAR that I enjoy, especially the Real Girls Real Style videos. They grab someone on the street and ask them about their style. It's usually about 3 minutes long and at the end they ask who do they follow or model their style from. First I am amazed they all have an answer for that. Second it would be cool if someone would say Alizée someday.

They also have this "What was she wearing" page where they state:

"If you've ever puzzled over a picture of Kate Moss wondering where she got her cardigan or scanned thousands of shoes in search of Rachel Bilson's perfectly broken-in boots, we can help. Send us your queries (the more specific, the better) and we'll try to track down the information for you. *"
*We can't guarantee that all questions will be answered... but we'll try.

Oh I hope Alizée wears something that will make me submit a "what was she wearing" request. We can all ask.

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Tel Aviv only 10 days away

It's only 11 days until the next Alizée public appearance. It will be the Serge Gainsbourg tribute in Tel Aviv, Israel July 28th.

We could speculate on what she will sing, but I want to focus on fashion. What will Alizée be wearing? It will be mid summer in Israel. Perhaps she will find some time to do a little sightseeing and be dressed a bit casual. Then of course the on stage ensemble. I really want to start a focus on fashion for Alizée.

There is a website WHOWHATWEAR that I enjoy, especially the Real Girls Real Style videos. They grab someone on the street and ask them about their style. It's usually about 3 minutes long and at the end they ask who do they follow or model their style from. First I am amazed they all have and answer for that. Second it would be cool if someone would Alizée someday.

They also have this "What was she wearing" page where they state:

"If you've ever puzzled over a picture of Kate Moss wondering where she got her cardigan or scanned thousands of shoes in search of Rachel Bilson's perfectly broken-in boots, we can help. Send us your queries (the more specific, the better) and we'll try to track down the information for you. *"
*We can't guarantee that all questions will be answered... but we'll try.

Oh I hope Alizée wears something that will make submit a "what was she wearing" request. We can all ask.

Alizee Nation

Alizee Nation Twitter Comments

2 Things

1) If you like to see reader comments (and occasional spam) without clicking on each individual post and looking to see if anyone commented. Well then just use the this Alizee Nation comment link:

Some of you already do use it or some variation of it, those of you that always wondered... well there you go.

2) And now your comments go straight to Twitter! Or they are supposed to, I attempted to set it up but have not checked it out... Let's see if this works out. Too much spam and it's out of there.

So now you have a way of easily tracking the comments from Anthony of Le Nid on Alizee Nation. Oh wait, I guess we didn't need anything to track that.

Oh! We're just having some fun. I'm the lighter side, the insightful side, the handsome side of the trifecta: Alizée - Le Nid - Alizee Nation. We fit together like a jigsaw puzzle...

Whew I take chances don't I?

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some time off...

No, not Alizée... me!

Alizée, my schedule is getting a little busy tomorrow and I will need a little time off if that is OK with you boss. I'll make note of it on my time card.

Besides, it's Bastille Day, wait a second, I think I get a paid day off... I will put holiday on my time card.

So what is going on for Bastille Day? Go check out Twitter Search and see what is happening on Twitter for BASTILLE DAY <<< Click There is too a paid day off!... SMH
but I remind myself: "There have been several Duchesses of Westminster but there is only one Chanel!" - Coco Chanel
and one Alizée

Alizee Nation

Myspace - Alizée

Myspace is definitely losing popularity in social media circles. I was thinking Tumblr was hot 6 months ago... is it as hot today? Facebook... oh boy... I struggle with it... it comes across as annoying and unorganized to me... but I guess one of these days I will have to put more effort into it.

But back to Myspace...
Nothing is going on as far as Alizée updating it, but... is it just me or is it getting a fair amount of visits?

Normally I would track and then report, but I thought I would just throw it out then and we track it together and see what, if anything is going on.

Right now I am showing 1,610,606 profile views.
I have 14:20 on July 13.

It seems to be moving like crazy to me????
Maybe Myspace is still extremely relevant for you Alizée.

And just for your information... it now states 1,610,644 at 14:51, can that be true?

Really... 30 minutes and 38 visits ???

Soul sister, maybe you want to load that thing up with current information and hopefully someone on Team Alizée knew this. Or is the counter putting out fake information?

Geez... the reluctant celebrity. Give me your hand and we will do this together.
If MySpace is getting more hits then official website, don't fight it, feed it.

UPDATE: At 22:30 (ish) my time the count it now 1,610,780. 8 hours and 174 visits and Europe is just waking up.

UPDATE: 8:00 July 14 - 1,610,976
350 - 500 visits a day on a pretty much static site on a platform that is going out of favor. Not bad, not bad at all.

Alizee Nation


It's really kind of fun... from celebrities to brand names. Appears to work with the information this is available. Take that for what its worth. But, as I said, kind of fun.

Interesting and fun site...Famecount

Euro and Amero

And of course Alizée

It is interesting...
of course you see they do not have Alizée Twitter, Alizée Tumblr... on and on. That would make it more accurate, non, oui, oh I don't know which one to use!

But it is interesting, yes!
(don't forget to click on any image for a larger view)

Alizee Nation

Oui or Non

I have to admit I get confused.

A statement will end with the inflection of Oui or Non and I never know which I should use.

It is very confusing, non?
It is very confusing, oui?

I am willing to learn.

Alizee Nation

Another Idea... a double EP

I like to think of the music industry this way. In your imagination tear all down, as if it never existed. We now have this product and we want to distribute it with all of todays technology and nothing exists. How would you build it? It's fun to think about. Then you think of what idea you may have and what would be the problem... greed.

So, back to reality and more band aid solutions.

Here is another thought being lost in this rogue blog in the vastness of the internet...

A double EP in lieu of a standard CD.
One EP would be offered digitally for free and the other is not.
Physically it would still be sold as a double set.
Now... what songs go on the free one ... board room drama...

I can't believe I come up with these ideas for free (hint)

This is just a general idea, it can't work "tomorrow" for Alizée, new songs... etc...

The free official artwork could work "tomorrow"

Alizee Nation

Finding Alizée in the media...

Following up on a Tweet by @morvan (of opendisc fame) (free plug!)... morvan linked to a news search called Pickanews.
It searches through the media for your search request.

Here is an example...

and of course we shall use Alizée... can kill a whole day...

oh what's that

our favorite DJette mentioned...

Now your friends and family will see you even less...

Thank's @morvan... but now...
I wonder... does @morvan know Alizée? I would think so, at least in a business sense. Will Alizée now be reaching for her Iphone... 'where is that @morvan's number... here it is... ring... @morvan! what were you thinking? I might become popular now, what were you thinking!

Of course that was a joke, oui?

No worries... it is just an obscure post on a rogue blog. It is not as if Alizee Nation is becoming the fashionably weird thing to read, oui?

From Re-imagine by Tom Peters
"Hang out with the weird... and you will become more weird. Hang out with the dull... and you will become more dull."

Alizee Nation

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sidewinder vs Alizée

It's the snakehip championship.
Sidewinder from Animal Planet vs. Alizée from Corsica

Sidewinder in the brown and Alizée in the white

Sidewinder.. are you ready ... Alizée.. are you ready
let's get it on

Alizee Nation

Alizée - United States fans...

Alizée, are we getting on your radar yet?

Come on soul sister, how do you like us now?

Alizee Nation

Alizée - A Twitter marketing goldmine in France?

Alizée - A Twitter marketing goldmine in France?

The French have not jumped on Twitter as fast as some other countries but things are picking up.

This article claims "Twitter takes off in France"
Another article: "French media not yet fond of Twitter and Facebook"

The point being is Twitter was not an immediate hit in France but is catching on. Social Media is a bit harder to fit into French society, why would we want to share what we are having for lunch...

But beyond social... Twitter can also be a marketing tool. Really France, it can be! Use it!

What is most interesting is the influence of Alizée and Alizée fans on Twitter. Let's take a look at some events in France and the influence Alizée has had on them.

First let's look back at Les Enfoires. I first noticed this Alizée-Twitter phenomena back in January 2010: "Les Enfoires 2010 - Alizée"
As you can see Alizée was getting a lot of Twitter attention to Les Enfoires.

Now I was thinking, what is Alizée doing for Muzik Elles... Twitter wise.
Well let's take a look:

WOW... all Alizée, but maybe I should try it without the space in between, OK

ALL Alizée! Now if I am a promoter, advertiser, marketer.... in France I would have just jumped out of my chair!

Out of ALL the artist appearing at Muzik elles Alizée is the only one giving them any Twitter exposure. That is incredible. Alizée fans are incredible
French events really need to incorporate Twitter into their promotional plans and then utilize Alizée and her fan group to promote it.

In an age when we compete among all the internet noise to be noticed, why wouldn't you use Twitter and Alizée as another marketing tool? All I know is if it's my job to sell tickets to Muzik elles or Une Enfant Du Siecle CD's or anything else, I would be using everything that is available to me, including Twitter.

Alizee Nation is no Sterling Cooper and I am no Don Draper but this is a no brainer...non?

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Muzik elles

Alizée - Muzik elles

September 26

Get your tickets

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alizée - The reluctant celebrity

Alizée - La célébrité réticente

Thrust into the limelight at the young age of 15, Alizée has always handled it well but not embraced it. The limelight has always appeared to be a necessary evil, a very private person in a very public business.

In an age when we just wait for child stars to crash and burn, Alizée has succeeded. Not enough has ever been written in surviving the Lolita image. Yes, there is plenty of talk 'of' the Lolita image but not the transition. It takes a very strong willed person to survive that image and transform into her real self. Temptations for disaster must have been everywhere. Perhaps someday when Alizée writes her biography... and she should, we will all appreciate her more then we do now.

Back then as of now Alizée keeps out of the public eye. We all want more of Alizée, but I think we all understand and admire her for her courage to do it her way.

Alizée, thank you for putting up with all the posts and twitters....

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Alizée Marketing

I have this thought...this idea and I have to get it out of my head. But lets back up a bit.

I love marketing, I love the idea of Alizée marketing... yeah, yeah, back to that again...she's so pretty, she's an angel... how can you think of marketing? It fascinates me.

So let's talk. There is Prince. I can't agree with him but I admire that he is willing to everything he can to support what he believes in. I wonder if the resources required to stop all efforts of free downloading exceeds the resources he would loose due to free downloading? Now offering this one free album on a very limited basis, is that not creating free sharing frenzy. Is he crazy or crazy like a fox?

On to the subject of giving music away. It is now the trend. This is what I see, it has to be given away with a purpose. The main purpose I see is to support a tour. If no tour then to what purpose are you giving it away? To try and fuel the sale of the official album or maybe even a collectors version of the album... possibly.

Free music by artist = tour support. That is a main function.

Now on to what I am thinking. Sometimes the free download given away by the artist gets no further then the individuals ear buds... to what end?

Here we go...

Artist now have "collateral income" including Alizée now, yeah, the store.
T shirts in particular.
At the official store you have several official logos on T shirts. The T shirt, the logo, it's all official. is the free marketing part. Have a free downloadable logo. It is different then the ones at the store. So you have a choice... the official non free logo + shirt or download the free logo.

The free logo is pre sized for T shirts and other sizes for whatever else. Then the fns can take that logo and go to cafepress or zazzle or do an iron on at home. You may even have 2 free designs. Costs would be way down for fans... they would be everywhere! No more wondering what that guy with the ear buds in is listening to. Now it's oh look at that cool shirt... it says Alizée and maybe they go home and google Alizée. The name Alizée should be on it somewhere. The design is important...make it so a man would wear it (please).

Frankly, I think we would go nuts over that! Free but still OFFICIAL. We would all have one. Put it on the front, put it on the back, put it on the front and back. At a concert everyone makes a purple one, or a red one, have a "white out" with white ones. Small groups wear a different color and have rainbow. Make the idea viral.

There might even be a formula: 500 free downloads = 1 album sale

from Wikipedia regarding the Grateful Dead:
"By the late 1970s, some Deadheads began to sell tie-dye t-shirts, veggie burritos, or other items at Grateful Dead concerts. This allowed many Deadheads a way to follow the band on its tours."

Give us a way to follow! Tie-dye? sure why not.
This can be done with minimal effort. A we know you have a family, this can work for you and the fans, win win.

Lastly on free music. I don't know why it's not a lesser quality. You know, mono vs stereo, something like that. Get full blown version from the CD. If it were a DVD I would give away the standard DVD and have the Blue ray for pay. So why not music.

There you go. Free downloadable logo for T shirts. I feel it would help support album and store sales, not take away from them and have a T shirt wearing world creating an Alizee Nation.

If this gets in front of you A... it's just a thought.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tribute for Serge Gainsbourg

Tribute for Serge Gainsbourg July 28, 2010 in Tel Aviv

Here is La Javanaise, by Serge and then by Alizée

Alizee Nation

and then there is Prince

and then there is Prince...

We talk about how to promote... Phoenix gives a lot away but it is supported by a crazy tour schedule. Some have a BBQ sauce. But then there is Prince.

Short article from Hyperbot
Runs a tight a ship as you can. Does not believe in the internet. At the complete opposite side of most current theories of the day.

Prince has declared the internet is over... WOW

I wonder what phone he uses or if he even uses a cell phone?

The final paragraph...
"Prince's business model seems to go something like this: Don't connect with your fans and don't give them a reason to buy, nor a place to buy—anywhere on the web. I bet this will be the most copied digital strategy since Radiohead."

There are so many ways to run with that last statement I don't even know where to start...

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 5, 2010

This one's for you Jo

Throwing a little humor at the situation. I have to say I would be frustrated if I were Jo. Facebook has been accused of sending personal information to advertisers. There is constant unauthorized use of creative materials but in a creative effort... show more skin then some think should be shown and you are suspended.

Stealing, sending your personal information... that's OK, no one is offended by that??? But show a breast...OMG!
Jo probably has done the least wrong and he gets suspended.

Moving on..

Jo... why did you have to do that "half face" pic.
I see them everywhere now...
here is Nelly ....

this is going to drive me crazy and it's all your fault.

Alizee Nation

News of the day...July 5, 2010

(I could use news type of background noise for now just use your imagination)

Duly noted by @AlizeeSAfrica on Twitter..."So quiet on the twitter today" ...

But here is what we do have to report....

Just in...
JoJac... also known as @JoJacotey just tweeted today for the 3rd time and that is the first time since October 2009.

@JoJacotey reported this "Shooting at the beach with Pascale"
using Twitter.... hmmmm is this a rebellious act against Facebook after that ridiculous incident last week? Stay tuned to see if the tweets keep coming.

Also off the newswire....
from @nidalizee .... "Point presse française et étranger cette semaine..."

The English googlation is "French and foreign press briefing this week ..."

Wow... that looks like it could be straight from the desk of President Sarkozy!
This is newsworthy in at least two ways (at least)

1) What does this mean? After alllllll these many years we now need a press briefing? I am not complaining, I am a bit stunned! Foreign Press... does that mean Mexico (for sure)... perhaps China?

I opened my BIG blogger mouth.... and we have a press briefing... yeah, this and Windows 7... that was me.

and 2) I just made that Twitter Alizee in the news list... just in time may I say...

I will be adding to that.... and please note... the press briefing note cam from @nidalizee and not @mellealizee ... that's why the new list was created!

No news on the official site, tumblr, myspace, twitter...

Stay tuned for more ...

Alizee Nation

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Alizee News Twitter List

I added a Twitter list. It is a short list... @mellealizee, @nidalizee and @Psychealizee

It's purpose is to track Alizée herself and others most likely to have and share information. I don't mean to slight anyone but I had to start somewhere.

Occasionally there is a "information" from another source but here I am just trying for most likely and keep it compact.

Should Julien and PopHeart be on here? What do you think?

See it on the AlizeeNation Twitter

Alizee Nation

Moi Lolita...10 years ago today...

Alizée and Moi...Lolita
You've come a long way baby.

Alizee Nation

When is Desperate Housewives on?

What I would like to see...

I would like to see Alizée's upcoming career appearances be listed on her official web sites. (pretending like I am talking to someone else but I am really talking to you soul sister)

Let's say you really like the TV show Desperate Housewives.
You like it so much you think you would like to watch it on a regular basis. So you look it up to see when future episodes will be televised. But you can't find out when it is on. The official web site does not tell you. The network does not have it listed either. As a new fan you wonder... is it not on television anymore? Guess I missed it and you move on.

You have to ask yourself, why would Desperate Housewives act this way? You find out that they still are in business, they still are on the air, they still are performing. But they are not going to tell you when they are on? You will have to find us?

Now if you really got into it and did not give up you may find that there are a couple of websites that this information is leaked to. It is really cute and mysterious but in the meantime they are losing new fans that just figured that it was not in business anymore.

Why would they do that???
It's not personal information it's profession appearance information.

Nope, we are just not going to tell you!
But you are spending money on other promotions so people get interested and then you keep it a secret?

Alizée... Generation 90... the Serge Gainsbourg tribute... is there a reason you do not want the average fan to know that you are doing things like this?

Oh look, Alizée came out with a new album... cool I always liked her... I wonder if she is doing anything else... let's google her... she has a website... does it say what she is doing?

NOPE, guess she is not doing anything else... oh well... hey...what's Lady Gaga doing... oh look .............

They didn't know about Le Nid, or Pop is my Heart or Psychalizée or any other double secret leak the info site and now those casual fans are lost.

And you choose to keep doing this because......
You don't want more fans, you are so private you don't want your professional appearances know, you're bull headed...

Come on you are a Leo not a Taurus!!!
Now when is Desperate Housewives on...

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Growing with Alizée

An interesting article from "The Artist Farm"

"The Music Business is a Lifestyle Business"

It is an extension of branding. How music artist appeal to their fans over and above the music.

Zac Brown Band sells a line of BBQ sauce. I don't see that fitting for Alizée, :) but Alizée is more like the Unkle example given in the article.

"Unkle – Jame Lavelle and his team clearly decided that they are also in the visual art business, not just the music business. Their vinyl releases and limited edition releases include posters and full books with gallery style art. Even the packaging is top notch with unusual layout and design. The presentation elevates the music, the image, and the brand of the artist. Though it must be time consuming to craft such an involved product, it also sells for a higher price than the standard product and fans appreciate it. Unkle gets that they are in a lifestyle business."

We have heard Alizée talk about how her audience has grown up with her. Offering these higher priced collector items bodes well with that concept.

The article discusses that the artist must visualize their audience. I think it would be interesting to see what team Alizée has come up with as to who is her audience. What do you think?
Some very basics here...
Male or Female ... I say male
13 - 18
19 - 22
23 - 30
from me looking at forums and such I think that 13 - 18 group is stronger then what team Alizee thinks. Spendable income for that group is severely limited.
19 - 22 could be first

I think older groups would like to be considered fans but in the past felt it maybe was not appropriate to be a fan. Now can they? Team Alizée is sure trying. When you see Alizée trying to do things to promote the adult image of herself we really need to support it. It's nice to look back, but the rear view mirror is much smaller then the windshield so let's look forward.

The Alizée store is a great step, I hope it continues to grow and does not get left
to sit.

Alizee Nation

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