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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Myspace - Alizée

Myspace is definitely losing popularity in social media circles. I was thinking Tumblr was hot 6 months ago... is it as hot today? Facebook... oh boy... I struggle with it... it comes across as annoying and unorganized to me... but I guess one of these days I will have to put more effort into it.

But back to Myspace...
Nothing is going on as far as Alizée updating it, but... is it just me or is it getting a fair amount of visits?

Normally I would track and then report, but I thought I would just throw it out then and we track it together and see what, if anything is going on.

Right now I am showing 1,610,606 profile views.
I have 14:20 on July 13.

It seems to be moving like crazy to me????
Maybe Myspace is still extremely relevant for you Alizée.

And just for your information... it now states 1,610,644 at 14:51, can that be true?

Really... 30 minutes and 38 visits ???

Soul sister, maybe you want to load that thing up with current information and hopefully someone on Team Alizée knew this. Or is the counter putting out fake information?

Geez... the reluctant celebrity. Give me your hand and we will do this together.
If MySpace is getting more hits then official website, don't fight it, feed it.

UPDATE: At 22:30 (ish) my time the count it now 1,610,780. 8 hours and 174 visits and Europe is just waking up.

UPDATE: 8:00 July 14 - 1,610,976
350 - 500 visits a day on a pretty much static site on a platform that is going out of favor. Not bad, not bad at all.

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wt said...

There are so many things to manage - and then there are family and friend responsibilities. The thing to do is to delegate - but that probably won't work either.


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