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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Team Alizée from Une Enfant Du Siecle

Team Alizée from Une Enfant Du Siecle

Alizee Nation

Alizée PR

I want to be part of the Alizée PR team.
Pick me, Pick me...who do I need to persuade? Alizée, JR...who
Put me in coach I'm ready....

I say this because I would like to have "A" source for upcoming events, information....I think it would be appropriate for it to come from some "official" source.

There is no real "go to " source to rely on for all appearances. * That would be nice! In lieu of jumping all over the place looking for tid bits of information. The same for all official article releases could be released through this source.

I always considered Le Nid as a third party source. Don't get me wrong...The Best third party source. But should I start to consider it a quasi official source??? Le Nid seems to be the source for "most" but not all information releases lately. Why is that? And not the Alizée Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook, official website....
That is why I say should I consider Le Nid quasi official?

If a tour is planned Tumblr would be great for updates just as Phoenix uses it as a diary.

By the way this FHM #2 rating can't hurt if a tour is planned...what great timing, MY GOODNESS SOUL SISTER YOU WERE BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR. Seriously, I don't play the lottery but if you published a number to play I would run, not walk, to play that number.

But I still really really want to know what is going on...for instance...

Tuesday June 1 - EVENT
MICHEL Serrawollies, fisherman
and singer ALIZEE for
at St. Erasmus
fishermen's festival,
from June 2 to 5 knew the port
Tino Rossi Ajaccio.

Would be cool to have that "easily found"

Alizée, JR, whom ever...really, I am just talking about some small online efforts. If you do not want this information to be found...well that is a different story and I can honor that. You know that movie "What woman want" well, "What Alizée fans want" that's have my email...will work for lottery numbers... :)

Alizee Nation

Alizee, French FHM as the sexiest

Alizee, French FHM as the sexiest

Classement FHM 2010

Readers around the world already know this...all I have to say is...


Alizee Nation

Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Creators Project | Phoenix

The Creators Project | Phoenix

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Alizee Nation

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Create an Alizée search page

a Google / Alizée search page.

Sure you want it, don't you? Everyone wants to have a Google search with Alizée on it. Pimp your search page so now you can sneak in an Alizée pic at work.

So you want to check it out? OK, click here

Do you want to create your own? You can do that too...just go to Shiny Search

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Vegas - Neon Trees - Animal

Today taking a look at some internet stats...hmmm...Universal Music Group. Now we get some pretty odd visits, government types, I guess they have nothing else to do, but Universal Music Group stood out and they found Alizee Nation via a Neon Tree search? Neon Tree's Animal is one of the "other artist" featured right now down on the right hand column. Whew, that was some work finding Alizee Nation that way, that did not show up on a page one search. Oh man are they going to tell me I can't show that video or was someone curious???

Next...check email. What do you know an email from Universal Music Group. Am I in trouble or what, NO! They are just out there doing hard work for the people that pay them. Finding any type of link and contacting that link to help promote. Neon Trees are under the Universal Music Group label. Well hard work and due diligence pays off around here. Of course I would be happy to post the links they threw in the email. (I should have checked my email first)

And...if this helps bring new people to find out about Alizée...all the better. Everyone knows I should change the name of the blog and my Twitter name to Alizee's Pimp in lieu of Alizee Nation! right.

First: Here is an interview of the Neon Trees

Second: The Neon Trees’ song “Animal” is being featured on the commercials for Camp Vegas. Camp Vegas is a “summer camp for grownups” that is taking place in Las Vegas where participants are included in exclusive events all around Las Vegas that include outdoor concerts, pool parties and plenty more.

Alizee Nation showing a little love for some hard work.

Alizee Nation

Alizée collectors and collections

Collectors and collections...

The lastest release "Une Enfant Du Siecle", the first line of appeal was to collectors. The "collectors" "boxed set" then the "Limelight Picture Disk". The Alizée fan base is made up of collectors. Not only do they have anCD's but posters and every other little thing made with Alizée on it.

I read a good article on collecting from and is called "A Record Collection of Links"

The concern is that collectors are going to streaming and not collecting. I think that maybe true for artist you "like". But for artist that have a real appeal...that is a different story. Some will collect due to a fad...he or she or they are the hottest thing going and young people in particular just have to have everything they can get a hold of. Some collect for the perceived value. Then others collect because they have a passion for that artist.

Core Alizée can be all three. They have original Moi Lolita items because they obtained it when it was hot, it now has a perceived value and they are passionate about it. I stayed away from posting pics of some collections because I was concerned I would miss an important collector...

Now this leads me to my next thought...
What if Ipod would work with the artist to create a low cost collectible Ipod made specifically for that Artist that album release? It would come pre loaded with that album...playable only...can not download more songs so the hard drive would be nothing...uploadable??? I don't know about that yet. And it would somehow incorporate the album design cover onto the Ipod itself. It would be a collectible Ipod for that artist.

Vinyl just sold and no one can even play it. CD's can not have more songs loaded on it. So why not. It would play in all Ipod docking stations. Perhaps even the a video screen to play the first released video.

So what would that cost to have an album cover designed Ipod with capability to hold "one" albums worth? Does not need to be able to download. Does not have to have video capability....but what would it cost to have video for the one single?

Would you collect that? That or 5 vinyls, what do you think?
With out video it can't cost that much and it does not have to be Ipod, it could be another player looking for a way into the market.

Well there you go....I shared a million dollar idea. Maybe it already exists? They say there is a fine line between genius and crazy...

This is crazy Alizee Nation (aw) signing off for the day.

Alizee Nation

Monday, May 24, 2010

Alizée and her stripes...

Alizée and her stripes...

This year we have certainly seen our share of stripes on Alizée.
Stripes have varied, wide and narrow, red and navy blue (guessing) and even the two color stripe...well let's just say with white not being one of the colors.

Generally it has been the nautical look, something Coca Channel made famous. So let's take a look...

We really have not had a lot of the summer fashion look from you soul sister...what do you think? Could you indulge us?

Alizee Nation

Alizée horoscope compatibility match

I posted this before a long time ago, I thought it would be fun to drag it back out and play with it.
Just click in your birthday and see how compatible you are with Alizée.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Les Collines - Alizée with Spanish sub titles

Les Collines - Alizée with Spanish sub titles

Alizee Nation

Alizée shoes...

Alizée shoes...see what happens when I become bored...

Alizee Nation

Monday, May 17, 2010

Alizée - I like you fine

Alizée - I like you fine

Did you really need to ask me...

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Moi Lolita - Génération 90

Alizée - Moi Lolita - Génération 90

Why did I wait so long to post's a me problem...

The red shoes, Alizée doing what Alizée wants...sometimes I think I am watching the music industry version of "Chocolat"

oh and by the was wonderful

Alizee Nation

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Le gecko

I came across this house and thought of Alizée...
So I took a quick pic.

I wonder if Alizée has some of these around her house somewhere? hmmm...
...besides her leg

Alizee Nation

Friday, May 14, 2010

visitation hot spots

latest visitation hot spots

Alizee Nation

Blame it on Alizée

I listen to satellite radio when I drive. First I heard a Phoenix song, followed by The Killers...what? That's right I started listening to Sirius "Alt Music" (channel 021) in lieu of Sirius Hits (channel 001).

Why did I do that? Alizée!
She has me thinking more about Alternative style music. More about style and content.

Yes Alizée has a great smile and shake but now....
making me think...
having an affect on what I choose to listen to...
changing the radio station
I have to blame Alizée

Alizee Nation

Press Pause Play - Teaser

Press Pause Play - Teaser
The creative landscape is changing

Alizee Nation commentary
I have wondered what drew Alizée to Institubes. Why, in a recent interview, she was not more drawn to Lady Gaga and Shakira. I think she is going for more then the latest bubblegum pop over sexed package. The appeal of Institubes is that they do not have that. It's something different, something more. In this age of female music artist where raunchy is the new sexy, I feel Alizée is making an attempt back sexy. At the same time she is working with a new brand of music, newer to the mainstream crowd I should say.

With that being said I ask myself...Is that what she is doing?

Here is another segment of Press Pause Play - Brenda Walker from Rebel Content

So, what we have here is Alizée the Rebel

You can check out more Press Pause Play here

hmmm...Rebel Alizée

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I admit it...I played with mine...vinyl Limelight that is...

I admit it...I played with mine...vinyl Limelight that is...
Stare into the "A" and you be hypnotized, Alizeenized, Une Enfant Du Siecleized...

Alizee Nation

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Une Enfant Du Siecle

Une Enfant Du Siecle

If everything I perceive is based on what I already know, how will I ever perceive anything new?

If I never perceive anything new, how will I change? How will I grow?
(from What the Bleep do we know)

Alizee Nation

Chateau Marmont - SPANK Magazine

SPANK Magazine did a interesting article on Chateau Marmont.

I like what they did with "show us your world in images" ...that was fun

pop your icon -> gameboy - Holly Golightly - Frank Zappa
check it out.

and @spankmagazine dropped a line regarding an upcoming Alizée interview, hope it's just as much fun as this one was.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commercial Music

Alizee South Africa had a post regarding what is 'underground' music. With that still in the back of my mind I ran across a blog post that had some comments that expanded upon similar thoughts. I have to say it has me this what Alizée is. about now?

Here is the blog Princeton Record Exchange Blog and a post by Gabriel Barrio.

Let's have some fun with his ideas. About 2/3 down he says..."Although not a fan of commercial music..." There...there it is...Commercial Music.

Then there is this one..."He is a radio hit artist..." There! another one..."Radio Hit Artist"

These two phrases stood out to me, especially in thinking what direction Alizée is going.
She has gotten away from Commercial Music, not necessarily a Radio Hit Artist.

The article goes on to credit B.o.B ..."sitting in the crowd his set was filled with songs that were complete dissimilar to his radio achievement" Giving credit for the ability to have a radio hit but still produce a nice set of non commercial music.

With Une Enfant Du Siecle we have Les Collins...I think we can consider a candidate for a radio hit. But the majority of the album composed of non commercial music.

Non commercial...underground.
I read another review somewhere where they referred to her as a Synth Diva.
So is radio play really important? Is most of the music meant to be non radio play music or non commercial music.

After all these thoughts (or psychobabble) I see Alizée mixing in an attempt at a radio hit or two with her non commercial synth type direction of Une Enfant Du Siecle.

So if you are a fan of Une Enfant Du Siecle you may now considered an underground synth fan, a non commercial music fan...Alizée what have you done to us without us knowing it...

Alizee Nation

Jeremy Chatelain....on a tweet...with a pic

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alizée - Limelight

Alizée - Limelight


Alizee Nation

Limelight - Alizée - Charlie Chaplin

Before Alizée's Limelight there was Charlie Chaplin's 1952 movie Limelight.

From wikipedia:
"Movie watchers have often viewed the movie in search of important insights into Chaplin's personality and career. For example, the year 1914 is significant, not only because it is the year in which the movie is set, but also because it is the year in which Chaplin played in his first movie. It is certainly significant that in the fading stage posters on Calvero's wall he is described as a "tramp comic", and indeed in some of his stage performances in the film he wears a ragged outfit that is clearly a variation on Chaplin's Little Tramp costume. Terry's story - orphaned at an early age, her sister forced into prostitution - also has clear similarities to that of Chaplin's mother. The story of an older man and a younger woman falling in love and inspiring each others' lives closely mirrored Chaplin's marriage to Oona O'Neill, and other relationships in his life."

I love that....Charlie Chaplin did not pass away until 1977, don't you think that somewhere between 1952 and 1977 Charlie Chaplin would have explained some of these speculations? No, everything does not have to be explained. Life is gray, it does not always have to be black and white. Did he mean for these items to have significance? Mysteries are a wonderful thing. It reminds me of how Alizée does things.... :)

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alizée: Coeur fendre

Alizée: Coeur fendre - UNE ENFANT DU SIECLE

Alizee Nation

Alizée: Grand Central

Alizée: Grand Central - UNE ENFANT DU SIECLE

Alizee Nation

Alizée - Une Fille Difficile

Alizée - Une Fille Difficile - UNE ENFANT DU SIECLE

Alizee Nation

La Candida - Alizée ( Polaroids 1-36)

La Candida - Alizée ( Polaroids 1-36) UNE ENFANT DU SIECLE

Alizee Nation



Alizee Nation

Alizée - tattoo care

Alizée - tattoo care

Now that you have a tattoo what can you do to take care of that tattoo?
It's Dr. Bronners organic body balm

Don't try and figure it out, I'm just having fun here.
Dr. Bronners is a fun story, anyone that escaped from an insane asylum and then started a soap company is OK by me.

Now...Alizée...I can see putting Dr. Bronners balm on Tinkerbelle is a tough

Alizee Nation

"Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood"

In the previous post WT said..."Your webpage is interesting because if there is no Alizee news, then I have to try to decipher what you are saying that day."

Oh Lord....

...please don't let me be misunderstood.

This almost became an Eric Burdon and the Animals concept post..."It's my life", "House of the Rising Sun", "We gotta get out of this place"

Alizee Nation

Where do you get your Alizée news

Where do you get your Alizée news

Reading Le Nid today got me to thinking about Alizée news.

My first thought is why doesn't Alizée just post this on one of her many platforms? I started to compare Alizée to the Los Angles Laker basketball team. If there is something I want to find out about the Lakers I have to admit I would go to ESPN or some other sports news first, before I would go to their website. The website is more around support then news.

Sure I guess I talked myself into that one. Now where do you go for Alizée news? Most blogs can only repost what was released. Again no different then having a Laker blog, you are not going to be the first with the is going to come from...say...ESPN first most likely. Well Le Nid is one....personally I dislike all the, blog, facebook....can you imagine if I had to go through that to see if the Lakers won last night. Just have a website and post it. Are you an Alizée news source or not or are you trying to become popular on facebook? what, which? I respect ESPN for their information, not because I can become their friend on facebook and farm together.

So I'm cool with getting my news from "certain" sources other then Alizée, how about you.

Alizee Nation

Monday, May 3, 2010


I do not know who is not normal here, me or Alizée...I guess it really does not matter because if you pick me I am dragging Alizée with me.

So this morning I am obsessed I mean surfing for know...nautilus, conch, ying and yang...don't know why just off on that direction.
Then I recall...the cover of the Alizée novel sent with the box set, is written in a spiral! What! that is something from Corsican tradition....Granìtula
representing a symbol and a ritual.

"There are many different ways to explain the symbolic ritual. It can be seen as time enclosing space, with no beginning and no end. There are others who would interpret it as a way going from darkness into the light. Nearing the Spring, it can be taken as symbolic of the passing of the seasons. It was adopted long ago as a piece of Christian ritual associated with the resurrection. Similarly there are those who take it as a way of expressing birth, death and rebirth. More simply the coiling and uncoiling procession can be read as yin and yang, or pairs such as intellect and will, or knowledge and love."

Is this symbolism just a coincidence? Remember there are no coincidences. There is a reason why that symbolism is on the cover of your novel. I just can not believe you make me work so hard at it. You know soul sister I can not always sit down and have a moment of clarity to establish a "mind meld moment" with you. You can just "tell me" once in a while. Ahh, but what would you learn from doing that...

So, Alizée is really cute and I like the way she sings..........she is so much more then that!!!

Alizee Nation

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alizée Reflections - Une Enfant Du Siecle

Alizée Reflections has updates and Une Enfant Du Siecle songs and interpretations are now available. Ahhh...all is right with the world again....Alizée Reflections is updated. :)

Alizee Nation

The expansion of "Une Enfant Du Siecle"

Une Enfant Du Siecle 30 days later...
Well where do "we" stand? Should the songs "just" stand on their own? It is a "tweener"...something between an album and an EP. Should it be accepted as a whole story?

With the "Histoire de Melody Nelson" all 7 tracks were made into videos. It would be nice to see all 10 tracks have their own video but I can not imagine that would be financially viable, but an interesting thought. So often "Melody Nelson" is described in its whole story, even if only 3 sentences long. Has anyone described all...the story side of it? Is it fair for me to be looking for a comparison like this?

What about a concert? Do you do sing the entire album? Just pull a few and not tell the whole story? What do you think, is it telling you a story? So let's say the story is not self evident to most...due to not knowing the story of Edie, a language situation or any other reason, perhaps a concert can be used to help tell the story of the album Une Enfant Du Siecle. Played before smaller audiences with the use of background videos helping tell the story that is trying to be told.

Can Alizée do just an "Une Enfant Du Siecle" concert? A one woman show...

Alizee Nation

Johann Pachelbel Canon in D Major vs Jay-Z Forever Young

Today I accidental started a version of "Forever Young" and thought to how did I start a version of Canon...then realized opps it's Jay-Z

So I thought I would take up a post to share Canon

and Forever Young

Of course you can always enjoy the Canon Rock version

or even the Taco Bell Canon version

That was kind of fun...

Alizee Nation

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