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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The expansion of "Une Enfant Du Siecle"

Une Enfant Du Siecle 30 days later...
Well where do "we" stand? Should the songs "just" stand on their own? It is a "tweener"...something between an album and an EP. Should it be accepted as a whole story?

With the "Histoire de Melody Nelson" all 7 tracks were made into videos. It would be nice to see all 10 tracks have their own video but I can not imagine that would be financially viable, but an interesting thought. So often "Melody Nelson" is described in its whole story, even if only 3 sentences long. Has anyone described all...the story side of it? Is it fair for me to be looking for a comparison like this?

What about a concert? Do you do sing the entire album? Just pull a few and not tell the whole story? What do you think, is it telling you a story? So let's say the story is not self evident to most...due to not knowing the story of Edie, a language situation or any other reason, perhaps a concert can be used to help tell the story of the album Une Enfant Du Siecle. Played before smaller audiences with the use of background videos helping tell the story that is trying to be told.

Can Alizée do just an "Une Enfant Du Siecle" concert? A one woman show...

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