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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Camp Vegas - Neon Trees - Animal

Today taking a look at some internet stats...hmmm...Universal Music Group. Now we get some pretty odd visits, government types, I guess they have nothing else to do, but Universal Music Group stood out and they found Alizee Nation via a Neon Tree search? Neon Tree's Animal is one of the "other artist" featured right now down on the right hand column. Whew, that was some work finding Alizee Nation that way, that did not show up on a page one search. Oh man are they going to tell me I can't show that video or was someone curious???

Next...check email. What do you know an email from Universal Music Group. Am I in trouble or what, NO! They are just out there doing hard work for the people that pay them. Finding any type of link and contacting that link to help promote. Neon Trees are under the Universal Music Group label. Well hard work and due diligence pays off around here. Of course I would be happy to post the links they threw in the email. (I should have checked my email first)

And...if this helps bring new people to find out about Alizée...all the better. Everyone knows I should change the name of the blog and my Twitter name to Alizee's Pimp in lieu of Alizee Nation! right.

First: Here is an interview of the Neon Trees

Second: The Neon Trees’ song “Animal” is being featured on the commercials for Camp Vegas. Camp Vegas is a “summer camp for grownups” that is taking place in Las Vegas where participants are included in exclusive events all around Las Vegas that include outdoor concerts, pool parties and plenty more.

Alizee Nation showing a little love for some hard work.

Alizee Nation


Ruroshen said...

Er...changing the name "Alizée's Pimp" could lead to some, uh, incorrect assumptions, if you follow me. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'...

I think you'd look really boss in a fuzzy, leopard-print stetson, though.

aw said...

Of course they will...we all know no matter what is said involving Alizee it always turns into "incorrect assumptions gone wild".

I tried to put it in the form of "pimp my" as in pimp my ride, pimp my myspace and all that but I just could not come up with the correct wording to make it work (in 10 minutes or less)

But your comment to lead to the next post...pimp your search page

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