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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alizée PR

I want to be part of the Alizée PR team.
Pick me, Pick me...who do I need to persuade? Alizée, JR...who
Put me in coach I'm ready....

I say this because I would like to have "A" source for upcoming events, information....I think it would be appropriate for it to come from some "official" source.

There is no real "go to " source to rely on for all appearances. * That would be nice! In lieu of jumping all over the place looking for tid bits of information. The same for all official article releases could be released through this source.

I always considered Le Nid as a third party source. Don't get me wrong...The Best third party source. But should I start to consider it a quasi official source??? Le Nid seems to be the source for "most" but not all information releases lately. Why is that? And not the Alizée Tumblr, Myspace, Facebook, official website....
That is why I say should I consider Le Nid quasi official?

If a tour is planned Tumblr would be great for updates just as Phoenix uses it as a diary.

By the way this FHM #2 rating can't hurt if a tour is planned...what great timing, MY GOODNESS SOUL SISTER YOU WERE BORN UNDER A LUCKY STAR. Seriously, I don't play the lottery but if you published a number to play I would run, not walk, to play that number.

But I still really really want to know what is going on...for instance...

Tuesday June 1 - EVENT
MICHEL Serrawollies, fisherman
and singer ALIZEE for
at St. Erasmus
fishermen's festival,
from June 2 to 5 knew the port
Tino Rossi Ajaccio.

Would be cool to have that "easily found"

Alizée, JR, whom ever...really, I am just talking about some small online efforts. If you do not want this information to be found...well that is a different story and I can honor that. You know that movie "What woman want" well, "What Alizée fans want" that's have my email...will work for lottery numbers... :)

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