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Monday, May 3, 2010


I do not know who is not normal here, me or Alizée...I guess it really does not matter because if you pick me I am dragging Alizée with me.

So this morning I am obsessed I mean surfing for know...nautilus, conch, ying and yang...don't know why just off on that direction.
Then I recall...the cover of the Alizée novel sent with the box set, is written in a spiral! What! that is something from Corsican tradition....Granìtula
representing a symbol and a ritual.

"There are many different ways to explain the symbolic ritual. It can be seen as time enclosing space, with no beginning and no end. There are others who would interpret it as a way going from darkness into the light. Nearing the Spring, it can be taken as symbolic of the passing of the seasons. It was adopted long ago as a piece of Christian ritual associated with the resurrection. Similarly there are those who take it as a way of expressing birth, death and rebirth. More simply the coiling and uncoiling procession can be read as yin and yang, or pairs such as intellect and will, or knowledge and love."

Is this symbolism just a coincidence? Remember there are no coincidences. There is a reason why that symbolism is on the cover of your novel. I just can not believe you make me work so hard at it. You know soul sister I can not always sit down and have a moment of clarity to establish a "mind meld moment" with you. You can just "tell me" once in a while. Ahh, but what would you learn from doing that...

So, Alizée is really cute and I like the way she sings..........she is so much more then that!!!

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