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Monday, March 30, 2009

Alizee - Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson will be doing some concerts and...he is developing a new move. According to his promoter: "He's working on a new move. Something like the Moonwalk, but different," referring to Jackson's signature dance move.

A new move for Jacko. How about a choreographed new move for Alizee?

It's just a dance move Alizee, no big deal, you are a dancer.
It's been long enough, it's time to get the A-train out of the station.
Wait, what was that Alizee, a giggle...I think it was...I heard something.

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Alizee - Grease is the word

Wouldn't it be fun to see Alizee do a 'Grease' transformation on stage a la Olivia Newton John?

That would be fun.

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Little ditty about Jeremy and Alizee

Two French kids doing the best that they can

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Alizee - drives me crazy

Alizee's looks, voice and personality...and occasionally her websites... :) drives us crazy. Here's a quick blast. or here

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Alizee - Myspace

So let's start here, we'll take the scenic route around to a Myspace conversation. I sometimes like to give thought to business plans of companies, especially new start ups and specifically mom and pops businesses. Wondering what are they trying to accomplish. Have you ever thought about Alizee that way. Now, this is important, NOT what you think they should do but what do you think they are trying to do?

What are 'they' trying to do?
I can tell you what they are not trying to do and that is to become the next big thing (again) by taking the full plunge. We keep trying to read that into her actions and come out confused.

Some of my thoughts are...First was the re-invention of her image. Now with that done where do we stand. I believe she wants to stay relevant but not center stage on purpose. By center stage on purpose I mean that if that happens it is OK but it will be on her terms. By staying relevant, she is willing to stick her toe in the pool once in a while but not the full plunge.

If we put ourselves into the Alizee "war room" the conversation maybe be...what do we have to do to remain relevant without taking a full plunge into the water people? Well they like us here and go do something there and there then. Very good everyone.

Now how do we get this out to the public? Press conference, press release? We really do not see those very often. It initially happens through a dropped hint via some obscure scheduled interview or even Myspace. Alizee uses Myspace for her purposes. It is not necessarily a toy for the fans as much as a listening device for the fans.

I have checked other performers Myspace sites. From Yelle to April March. They all seem to log on almost daily. Between you me and the keyboard, do you really think it is them personally logging on this often? I don't. They have the standard package fan site. Do I really think it is Alizee logging on personally even if it is only once a month at best at times. I do...too cool. She has eliminated the middle man and talks to us directly, if we are listening.

Alizee is like a favorite mom and pop restaurant. The hours are sketchy. The menu, well you need to know how to order from what is not on the menu. The food is the best, the ambiance can not be beat. Everyone tells mom and pop to open up more restaurants...but it just would not be the same. It's a great little corner of the world, try to enjoy it.

Alizee does not use Myspace to keep up with the Jones's.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alizee - repeat post - this old heart of mine

Repeating this post on the concert date. You just have to love those black and whites.
Hope all visiting Paris are enjoying themselves, lucky ones.
Now we can move on and look forward to upcoming events.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alizee vs Alizee - Parler Tout Bas

You can find the lyrics and translations of Parler Tout Bas at Alizee Reflections

this live performance .................vs....................the video

One thing for sure, the live performance has to be popular with the Alizee feet crowd.

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Alizee - Veni Vedi Vici

The Veni Vedi Vici phenomena continues...
Posted just 4 days ago on YouTube

Hey! whats this!!! Just posted Feb 15
On YouTube it is labeled Alizée Nation!!! Whoa

Two new VVV vids on youtube with a couple of new reposts too.
The Veni Vedi Vici lyrics post is still a popular post here at Alizee Nation

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alizee - old news

There was an article in 'Charts in France' regarding a new Lolita.

I find it a bit boring to continually bring up Alizee in this conversation. I also found their description of Alizee humorous. 'Mom and exiled to Mexico'.

How about that she is 24 and has not been interested in being the Lolita figure for at least 5 years now and has tried to separate herself from that image. Oh and by the way yes she is a Mom and she is popular in Mexico, as if those two items are the sole reasons she is no longer a Lolita figure.

Come on...Charts in France. Write something fresh. You may document the changing of the guard for Lolitas over the years, but please, Alizee has not been in that situation for a number of years.

I think it is great that Alizee is a Mom and that she is popular in Mexico.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Alizee - English Mix

A mix of English singing from Alizee

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Theodore Roosevelt

Alizee sure is making news with some of the greats in history. Teddy Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States. A walk softly and carry a big stick kind of guy.

Little did Teddy know he would be describing some Alizee fans in the 21st Century. The ones Einstein described as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...

Lunatic Fringe
A term coined by Theodore Roosevelt. It is a characterization of members of a usually political or social movement espousing extreme, eccentric, or fanatical views.(wikipedia)

Next thing you know we will find a reference about Alizee in a Nostradamus quatrain.

HA! If you are part of the Lunatic Fringe hit play button on previous post.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

Alizee - Einstein

From a late 2004 Interview(from alizee-fanpage)

*More liberties
*Live promotion was cancelled because Alizée didn't want to answer questions
*She's taking a break and doesn't want to talk about possible release times for a
new album
*She is going to change her style, though not completely
*She doesn't regret the past or any drop in sales. It doesn't matter because
she sticks to the people who remain faithful
*Collaborations with other songwriters are possible

Yes that was 2004 not 2009

As Albert Einstein said:
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Are you an insane fan expecting something different? Or one of the faithful?
Free file hosting by

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alizée Final Jeopardy

A new Alizee album, new songs, new discussions...that should be fun.
I had previously mentioned some songs that have some popularity that appear to be just sitting around. I would not mind seeing something done with them. That leads me the Alizee Final Jeopardy answer of the day...

It was Alizee's most recent album release.
Insert Jeopardy theme song do do do da da da...

Alizee fan #3
What is Psychédélices Alex? Oh, sorry, not the answer we were looking for.

Alize fan #2
oh you also have What is Psychédélices, and yes it seems like that would be the answer.

And now to Alizee fan #1, the answer was, It was Alizee's most recent album release.
and you have...
OHHHH you had Psychédélices and crossed it off and wrote what is Tout Alizée, YES

Tout Alizée is the title a compilation album released to stores on December 10, 2007 in Mexico only, being a compilation released by Alizée's old music label Universal Music. The album was backed with a bonus DVD with some of her music videos.

The album debuted at number sixty-two in the Mexican Top 100 Albums Chart, and number eighteen on the International Top 20 Albums Chart.
1. "Moi... Lolita"
2. "Gourmandises"
3. "L'Alizé"
4. "J.B.G."
5. "Parler tout bas"
6. "J'en ai marre!"
7. "À contre-courant"
8. "Hey ! Amigo !"
9. "Youpidou"
10. "Amélie m'a dit"
11. "J'ai pas vingt ans!"
12. "Moi... Lolita" [Lola Extended Remix]
13. "Moi... Lolita" [Hello Helli T'es A Dance Remix]
14. "I'm Fed Up! [Bubbly Club Remix]
15. "J'en ai marre!" [Soft Skin Club Mix]

1. "Gourmandises"
2. "Moi... Lolita"
3. "Parler tout bas"
4. "J'ai pas vingt ans!"
5. "I'm Not Twenty"
6. "J'en ai marre!"
7. "I'm Fed Up!"
8. Documentary: Tubes D’un Jour

It's nice to see what can be done in a country where the previous works were never released. It gave Mexico a full compliment of Alizee to go along with the previously released Psychédélices. Nicely done. It showed a spike on Google Trends too. (hmmm, releasing older songs in a country where they were not previously released, naaaaaa, let's just go with new songs for me)

We'll see you next time on Alizee Final Jeopardy.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alizee - Bue Sky Promotional Thoughts

This post is a repost of a comment from Ruroshen. It deserves it's own post, enjoy.

Throwing a couple of positive ideas out there, then...a few ways in which I believe Alizée could grow her fanbase and possibly find success with the new album in America:

Music festivals (Coachella, Francopholies de Montreal, Virgin Fest, etc.): I’ve always thought that your idea of her playing Coachella, or similar music festivals, was a good one. Bringing Alizée here for a performance or two without the pressure and expense of a multi-city US tour would be a relatively low-risk way of testing the waters, gauging the depth of the North American fan base, and raising awareness of her here. As I’ve said previously, I think the response would shock a lot of people: I suspect she has many, many more admirers here than anybody realizes, but because they’re not “capital-F fans” (i.e. the kind who join or post on forums), they’re not registering on Sony BMG’s radar.

Case in point: check out the ‘active users’ stats at Alizée America or Lilly Town USA on any given day, and the number of “guests” (unregistered viewers) that are viewing the forums (or have viewed them in the last 24 hours) consistently eclipses the number of registered users by a factor of twenty to one or more. This translates into a lot of lurkers, or at the very least people who were curious enough to check it out.

Would all these lurkers necessarily translate into concert ticket sales? Probably not, which is why a full-fledged tour is a bad idea as far as a risk/reward ratio goes…but a festival appearance or two (where she’s not the only draw) would not only bring the fans out in force, but also the curious/lurker types…and give her the exposure to win over potential new fans, as well.

Embrace the geek/gaming subculture: How many of us discovered via YouTube, mainly thanks to the Night Elf dance from World of Warcraft? Her top three videos on YouTube over 23 million views combined. What if, in addition to music festivals, she made appearances at geek/gaming themed events in support of the new album? Somebody at Blizzard obviously digs her…why not play a set at next year’s BlizzCon? PAX? CCI? (Blizzard also has a big to-do at Toronto’s Fan Expo every year as well, so hey, if they want to bring her here too, I’d be totally down with that.) Even if there were only street teams at these events, distributing sampler CDs and promo materials (“Remember the sexy night elf dance girl? Check out what she’s doing now!”) could definitely work to increase her fanbase here, and possibly gain some attention from the mainstream as well…because geek subculture is (oddly) very, very hot right now from a mainstream media development standpoint.

(As an aside, kind of in the same vein, on the subject of endorsements: where the hell is my Alizée “What’s your game?” WoW commercial, already?! If William Freaking Shatner can be tapped for one, why not the performer who inspired the NE dance? They have done them in foreign languages/markets: Spanish actor Willy Toledo portrayed a Paladin in one last year. Lili as a Night Elf druid, maybe demonstrating some of the more social/multiplayer aspects of the game…then, y’know, pantomiming transforming into a bear and mauling an orc? Hells yeah! Yes, I’ve read that she doesn’t actually like the game all that much, but are you telling me William Freaking Shatner does?! Memo to Blizzard: get on this, please. Thank you.), this has gotten really long! There's more I could think of (improving her online presence for one, and working on ways to direct, support and reward fans who orgainize to promote her for another), but I think we'll leave it here for now.


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Alizee - French Culture

Alizee, I made an attempt to create a little wiggle room for you based on cultural differences.

Some reader reactions

Ruroshen said:
"..but as much as you're appealing for understanding on the part of the fans, I think it's equally reasonable for fans to wish Lili would make a little more effort to "meet us in the middle", as it were..."

Lefty said:
"my thinking is more in line with Ruroshen’s post. Alizée shouldn’t forget that her fans are also her customers and that her career now reaches many different cultures"

You can see the entire comments of Ruroshen and Lefty here.

Everyone is being more then reasonable.

Did you notice...Lefty uses the accent over the e...I wonder how he does it.

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Tattoo - Trend Hunter

Someone needs to try and start something, who better then me. trendhunter

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Getchell - Photos

I am not sure what to think, is it an infatuation with boat registrations or the letters AJ (or shall we say initials)?
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Alizee discussions - let's evolve

I was driving through the desert yesterday and the thought occurred to me, what if this is as good as it gets? (Borrowing from the movie)

Did everyone catch the post where I shared some thoughts, maybe even some hopes and Ruroshen offered his thoughts on my thoughts? If you did not catch the post plus the comments, you should, good stuff. It is like an old Siskel and Ebert reviewing a movie or even older, a 30 year old Saturday Night Live with Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain doing Point Counter Point, where I presented the glass is half full approach and Ruroshen, the glass is half empty. (I guess that comes from living in a climate that only has one month of summer)

It was unrehearsed and interesting. (oh no, that noise you now hear is Ruroshen's brain starting to work on another idea, they make more noise in colder climates)
I can see it now, Coming to America, Alizee, pros and cons...Ruroshen and Snatcher (no insult to anyone I just picked two names) reviewing the pros and cons.
What if...though an open discussion platform representing BOTH would come up with an idea that could be utilized. I would prefer you come up with a thought that would help bring her here and not more thoughts on why it would not work...but..."I say let... lets evolve, let the chips fall where they may" (Tyler Durden).

And if this is as good as it gets...
...if it ended today, I'd be ahead (from American Hot Wax, Alan Freed)

This post brought to you by Ruroshen forcing me think and putting up with my levity.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Alizee - I-tunes

Alizee on I-tunes
Two albums currently listed, Mes Courants Electriques and Gourmandises. Don't forget the podcast can be found there also, a great way to learn something new.

Listed number 5 in popularity from those two albums is Veni Vedi Vici. Not bad at all for a song that has no video and no concert footage to support it. So much for the conspiracy theorist that say it's only sexy videos.

Anyone know of some real Veni Vedi Vici concert footage that I overlooked...that would be awesome.

Alizee, get out the cam, put Jeremy at the piano and do a quick take of VVV, that would be outrageous!

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Excusez-moi de vous déranger, Alizee. J'ai un problème

Alizee, pourriez-vous nous aider à devenir de meilleurs fans?

Thank you for putting up with all the wordy posts. I tried to represent, shall we say the extreme point of view regarding Alizee. I do realize everything Alizee does is not always right and the fans not always wrong. But as a fan I hope it does stop and make you think and as for Alizee, possibly a second of self reflection.

Am I disappointed regarding the recent concert cancellation? Of course. More songs, more Alizee, more pictures, more everything.
From the business side securing a venue for future concerts will include some uncomfortable conversations I'm sure. Fans could be reluctant to travel. I understand all the implications. Was it good for the Alizee business? I didn't help.

My thoughts:
Wisteria Song. Do you think Wisteria Song could be used for more releases, other artist?

A new album would be wonderful. But there are so many things still sitting on the shelf. Lilly Town for one. The popularity of Veni Vedi Vici always amazes me, why not do something more with it? Are we saving songs for something?

Commercials? Why not more endorsements. Shoes, hair, make up? Don't need the money? More exposure means less privacy so not interested?

Are movies still something Alizee would like to do?

Are small venues OK? I think it's fine, can even be more fun more personal. Is this an issue?

I would love to ask these questions, I don't think they are too personal and would just love to know what direction "we" are going. I think "we" do know, it's just that "we" are only family and close personal friends. I understand...but...

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Driving in France

Since a friend wants to borrow the book 'French or foe?' this may be the last story from it in a while. So let's make it something on the lighter side.

This is an experience from the author Polly Platt.

"After 25 years, Paris still had surprises for me when, one evening, I put on my blinker to make a left turn into my house. This happens to be opposite the Prime Minister's official residence, when there is at least on policeman on guard in front of his entrance. That evening there were three. I saw that there was a car behind me, but as I had given him plenty of warning with my blinker, I proceeded to turn left - and almost crashed into him. He had decided to pass me anyway. It was a close shave.

Instantly, while I trembled in shock, the three policeman ran over to us, blowing their whistles. I assumed they were going to reprimand the other driver for his outrageous behavior. Not at all. The went straight for me and demanded my car papers.

'But - but - I had my blinker on!" I stammered. "Didn't you see it?"
'Yes, you had your blinker on - but you didn't wait for the car behind you to pass!" As I stared at him, he added angrily, "It's foreigners like you who cause the accidents in France - you don't know what the French are likely to do!" "

I think we can all agree with that last statement in regards to one French female!

Alizee Nation

Understanding French Culture

More from Polly Platt's book "French or foe?"

High context and Low context cultures.

"Low context cultures can generally be classified as achievement cultures...They are on time - not even five minutes late. Time is quantified (wasted, saved, killed). The appointment and the project have priority over everything."

"High context people (Mediterranean) have a different sense of time. It's not segmented. They'll be on time, if some greater people-priority doesn't come up in the meantime. Schedules are flexible. But they keep time according to their own system...on time for them might be a half hour, an hour, or a week or a month 'late' for you, depending on the culture and how for east or south you go."

"French people are more complicated to manage then Americans or Germans. What you have to decide is if you want people to be geniuses, or to be on time"

Blame paranoia

"Madame Dufoix, confronted with the scandal, conceded an 'error' in not having advised the President or the Prime Minister about her charitable act, while maintaining that her action had been 'correct' for humanitarian reasons.

Madame Dufoix, famous for her comment that she was 'responsible but not guilty'..."

C'est pas my faute, no matter if it is Madame Dufoix or a canceled concert. It does seem to hold true.

I hope by sharing we can see that the reactions from Alizee regarding the difficulties experienced in running her career are not indifference or arrogance but just a cultural difference.

So, based on the above nuances of a high context culture and how Alizee reacted in the past. Will you expect a 'special concert' 'before summer'? Will you be upset if this 'special concert' does not happen 'before summer'? Is getting it 'right' or at least as close to 'right' as Alizee will accept more important to her then getting it done on time? Hint - yes it is, time is relative.

Would I buy a ticket if she was nearby? YES. Would I make reservations for half way around the world? No. This type of non guarantee does drive high context cultures crazy and they look at it as unacceptable (North Americans and more) but it is what it is.

Again: "French people are more complicated to manage then Americans or Germans. What you have to decide is if you want people to be geniuses, or to be on time"

Are we starting to mellow on this yet?

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alizee in the news

The news out of France...

Charts in France
"the singer's concert was postponed due to lack of reservations"
"that the future of art of the singer in France compromised"

Pure People
Multiple sarcastic remarks

I am an Alizee apologist therefore it is not my intent to join in on this negativity but simply share what is being reported.

'The most unkindest cut of all'

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Alizee - Preparing a new album (2009)

Prepara su nuevo album (2009)

Alizee Nation

Alizee at the Nation

I decided to let the video in the previous post speak for itself and not even try the point counter point rational attempt. Click it one more time...

Alizee Nation

Monday, March 9, 2009

Alizee - Concert

This old heart of mine

Well! That was more then just another log on to myspace.
Always there for you Alizee.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Alizee - I want to be

Alizee - I want to be back in class...

Alizee - I want to be a pilot...

Alizee - I want to be in jail with you...

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Alizee Nation - French Visitors

Wow, checking in and what do I find? Hits from France are going crazy. 1/3 of the visitors are from France!

Alizee Nation

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thinking out loud with Alizee, Jabbawockeez, Shaq and Daddy Yankee

Years ago a co worker used to say, 'don't you mean speaking out loud?', no, I already do that, this is my thoughts, out loud...or should it be aloud?

Watching Daddy Yankee and the Jabbawockeez got me to thinking...
The Jabbawockeez are kinda fun. They fit in well with Daddy Yankee's video. Did anyone catch the BIG Jabbawockeez? That was Shaq at the NBA All-Star game.

Then I thought...OMG I know who could be the La Petite Jabbawockeez...Alizee doing Decollage with the Jabbawockeez.

Just dreaming and thinking out loud.

Watch both at the same time and turn down the sound on the Jabbawockeez video and you can imagine the Little Jabbawockeez.

The Big Jabbawockeez...................................The video that got me thinking

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alizee - TV

A possible TV appearance for Alizee...Friday March 6th
Just and FYI

A ce titre, hier matin, dans l'émission Télé-Foot, un sujet était consacré à Franck et à ses premiers pas avec la célèbre bande des Restos du Coeur ! Ainsi, on assiste à son arrivée et toutes les stars - MC Solaar, Gérard Darmon, Alizée, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Mimie Mathy, Pascal Obispo, Lââm, Kad Merad, Patrick Fiori et Patrick Bruel - l'accueillent comme il se doit, lors de l'enregistrement du show à Bercy, qui sera diffusé sur TF1 le vendredi 6 mars.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Alizee - sunglasses

Wayfarer - John Lennon - Aviator...

I always thought there were minimal pictures of Alizee in sunglasses. Celebrity and all that, they tend to wear them more...
By the way, I am a wayfarer fan, et vous?

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alizee looking exceptional

Is it me or is Alizee just getting even better looking!!!!!!!!!!

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