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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloggers own soap opera with Alizee

Welcome to Blogger's Soap Opera network.
This episode: The interview

Alizee, would you mind sharing with us who is your favorite artist?

Yes, Madonna, she is a favorite of mine too.
Now your work appears to be taking off and keeping you busy and on the go. In a word can you describe how it makes you feel?

Bachelorette! Oh, huh, ummm really?

Do not get me wrong, uhhh, I would love to call you sometime but I do not want this to turn into a truth or dare.

I'm sorry, I am so nervous, your phone number, what were the last 4 numbers again?

What about these other guys around here?

Yes, I know men can be gorillas. BUT, what about "you know who"?

But Alizee, why me?

Alizee's first English interview right here on blogger soap opera.

Apologies to Jeremy and Alizee
It was just for fun. I hope you did not mind.

Here is the real MTV interview
Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Alizee, Mademoiselle Juliette, Blue Suede Shoes

This is a very good quality video. It is nice version of Mademoiselle Juliette. Great tattoo pic. Alizee looks great and OMG are they blue suede shoes! Awesome!

Double click through if you would like a larger version.

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 28, 2008

Miscellaneous Alizee

Alizee Wiki. I am surprised at the number of visitors that searched for Alizee Wiki. I am not sure what they are looking for, possibly wikipedia. About 2 months ago I was playing around with a wiki. I went back there, Alizee wiki, I opened it up. All you need to do is register and then 'do something'.
Sometime ago I also played with a wiki at one euro wiki. It's here. What is interesting here is that if you check out the most popular, Alizee is the second most popular! Surprised me. Did not really even try.

Map of visitors. There on the left is a map of visitors. I really do not know if it is only posting the last 100 or what, but it is still interesting. I am surprised at the visitors from the United States. It is more spread out then I expected. I thought it would be more concentrated in New York and Los Angeles. Also, it shows that European visitors have more of an interest in the whole Coldplay thing then visitors from the United States.
Montréal is the second largest French-Speaking city in the world. Why not more there?

I have been keeping an eye on that streaming video of Ajaccio posted on the side of this blog, watching for Alizee and Jeremy to wave as they drive around that circle.
A larger version can be found here. It appears that the bravest have the right of way around that circle.

No new news on the official website. Last update appears to be March. Alizee, let me do it!

Yes, I call Alizee 'a unique'. Where did I get that? I stole it. From the movie "Autumn in New York", with Richard Gere and Winona Ryder. For all those inquiring minds...guess you have to watch it. Warning, it's a chick flick.

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 26, 2008



as pronounced by the Steve Miller Band

Alizee and Abracadabra

And now, if you just want to hear Alizee pronounce abracadabra over and over...

Alizee Nation

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Obama heads to Paris for Sarkozy meeting

PARIS - US presidential hopeful Barack Obama was due in Paris on Friday to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy during a fleeting and low-key visit in stark contrast to his crowd-pulling trip to Berlin the day before.

Mr Obama's aides did not detail his agenda, but the Illinois senator was expected to land at Le Bourget airport and head into Paris solely for the Sarkozy meeting before leaving for London soon afterwards.

'Senator Obama looks forward to meeting with President Sarkozy and discussing areas of mutual interest, including the common challenges of security, transnational threats, and the global economy,' his national security spokeswoman Ms Wendy Morigi said.

'President Sarkozy has made the bilateral Franco-American relationship and the Transatlantic Alliance a centerpiece of his presidency, and Senator Obama looks forward to discussing how to build on these important initiatives.'
(The Straits Times)
Barack Obama 7/9/2008:
"I said something the other day down in Georgia, and the Republicans jumped on this. I said, you know, absolutely immigrants need to learn English, but we also need to learn foreign languages," he said here Friday. "...I don't speak a foreign language. It's embarrassing!"

While campaigning in Georgia earlier in the week, the Illinois senator had called for Americans to learn more foreign languages.

"It's embarrassing when Europeans come over here, they all speak English, they speak French, they speak German," he had said. "And then we go over to Europe and all we can say is 'merci beaucoup.'"

Why not make the French language known in the United States?

Wow, just trying to connect the dots here.
It appears to be a master plan in action here.
Barack Obama wants Americans to learn more foreign languages.
Alizee wants to make the French language known in the United States.
Nicolas Sarkozy wants to increase Franco-American relationships.

I have to believe that part of the "important initiatives" being referred to can only be an Alizee concert in the United States!

I wonder if Alizee will be part of the Friday meetings?
Remember, you read it here first!

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So, Alizee

Alizee, we did the 5 days of JEAM, would you like to add a 6th?

When performing, what do you attribute all you energy for your dynamic performances?

While on your concert tour through Mexico did you pick up any songs while there?

Some of your fans in the online forums are fanatical, have you ever met them?

I noticed you are a big fan of the 80's, could you show us your Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses again?

With that in mind would you ever think of doing more remakes of other 80's songs?

Rick roll
Uploaded by fyuw

Alizee!!! you Rick Rolled us!!!
An April 2008 poll by SurveyUSA estimated that at least 18 million American adults have been rickrolled.
In a March 2008 interview, Rick Astley said that he found the Rickrolling of Scientology to be "hilarious"; he also said that he will not try to capitalize on the Rickroll phenomenon with a new recording or remix of his own, but that he'd be happy to have other artists remix it. (wikipedia)
Go for it Alizee, there could be some serious snake hip action going on.

...or I could post magibon type videos and you do not want that!

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Alizee on Mexican Soap Opera

Alizee acting on the Mexican soap opera "Las Tontas no van al Cielo".

Cute, very cute.

Alizee Nation

Friday, July 18, 2008

Alizee - Les Enfoires

On January 26, 1986, French humorist Coluche, who had set up Les Restos du Cœur a few months earlier, invited a number of artists and public figures to appear on television as a promotional move. The band, whose line-up was never the same, was dubbed "Les Enfoirés" in reference to one of Coluche's catchwords. After Coluche died in a motorbike accident (June 19, 1986) his widow, Véronique Colucci, called on those who had participated to continue his actions, and the band was revived for a further television show. The concept has since evolved into an annual concert, bringing together up to forty artists and celebrities from various backgrounds. The funds raised by the concerts and derived records under the name "Enfoirés" are donated to Les Restos du Cœur.

One of the key features of Les Enfoirés is "La Chanson des Enfoirés", a song which became a sort of hymn to the charity, written by Jean-Jacques Goldman, a long-time supporter of the organisation. (wikipedia)

January 2008 - Le Match


Alizee Nation

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alizee Coldplay information

More info from reader comments (hope you all do not mind)

Ruroshen said...
Wow, yeah...interesting, indeed. I've always thought they sounded /kinda, sorta/ similar...but hearing the two mixed together like this, it's really striking just /how/ similar they are.

I'm still hesitant to scream 'ripoff!', but you have to wonder if there's some degree of influence at work here, unconscious or otherwise.

Ruroshen said...
Sorry to double-post, but here's a link to another, well-done mash-up of the two (via the Alizée America site):
Gotta love the little P.S. at the end of that one, too: "Thanks to Alizée and Coldplay for making their music so easy to combine."

Check it out here

Over in the shout box 'wik' has more information to check out.

I love having smart readers

Alizee Nation

Alizee and Coldplay

This seems to be getting more attention. Here is a video where Alizee and Coldplay are mixed together. It is very interesting.

Alizee Nation

Suzanne Vega and Shakira pic

Sorry to run off subject. Yesterday I mentioned the song Luka. Watching the video there was a short segment of Suzanne Vega that looked oddly familiar. Given some time I came up with the look alike frame from the Shakira video 'Intuition'.
Maybe the blogger is losing it.

Alizee Nation

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Toms Diner

Toms Diner was by Suzanne Vega. The "I dream of Jeannie" version.
Truely would be awesome by Alizee.
Suzanne Vega wrote another song, it is a very serious song but Alizee could just NAIL that one too. Luka. I do not know, so serious but great. Remake by the Lemonheads in 1990. Frankly, on stage by yourself, I think it would be a tough song to get through emotionally. But it would be great.
Blogger is getting a little too serious. 24 hour moratorium on posts for Luka...


Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New songs for Alizee

Now that is a loaded title.
I am referring to songs like 'hung up'.
As far as new songs on any new cd's in the future, I believe and hope most if not all will remain in French. Johnny Hallyday did just fine, Alizee can also.

But...what remake would be fun to hear from Alizee?
Alizee has done very well so far, 'Hung Up', 'Sounds of Silence'...
What if the Alizee hot line was ringing for my opinion? Well, as you know I do not need the hot line to ring to offer my opinion.

It can not be anything too new, it is a remake.
The 50's, 60's...Alizee is a fan the 80's.
More then likely it will be in English.

Pearl Jam did a nice job on "Last Kiss", J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers made it popular in the 60's.

I started out too complex.
From the 70's, Redbone, Come and Get Your Love. I love Lolly Vasquez's voice and I love Alizee's voice and with Pete DePoe doing the King Kong beat on the drums I was thinking Jeremy could have some fun with this song. Too much...

How about King Harvest from the 70's with 'Dancing in the Moonlight'. Maybe not.

Let's get into the 80's...oh by the way the rule is no Madonna, that is too easy for Alizee to do. Let Alizee pick the Madonna songs.
How about something from Blondie? I think Alizee could do a 'The Tide is High'. But Atomic Kitten did a remake in 2000 are we ready for another?

Alizee, could you pull off Karma Chameleon? A portion of your fan base would just love you for it.

So many of your fans Alizee think of you as 'Sandy' from 'Grease'. How about you do the flip, get out the leather and sing 'I Love Rock and Roll' by Joan Jett. That may ruffle some feathers in the fan base.

On the light side from 1997, now do not hate me. I think mmmbop would be just too much fun with Alizee singing it. Crazy huh. From Joan Jett to mmmbop.

I am having fun now!

But what I would really like to
Tom's Diner
In English with Alizee's French accent! I would love to hear it. Ahh that French accent..................would be awesome!

Well that is one Euro's worth of information.

Alizee Nation

Top 100 most wanted women on Chickipedia

Chickipedia is a wiki-based database of famous women. They just named the Top 100 most searched for women in the month of June. Yahoo biz press release

Alizee came in at number 25. I was pretty impressed. I do not know of anyone that knows who she is unless they heard it from me.


Number 25
Just think what could happen with a North American tour.
But this may not be what Alizee cares about.
Those beautiful girls, you know what Sean Kingston has to say about them...

Blogger is with ya on that one Sean

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jérémy Chatelain

In order to enter the Star Academy, Jérémy lied about his age and during the casting process claimed he was 18, while at the time he was only 17. At his young age he proved to have many talents, music and clothes designing being his main focuses. He demonstrated to be a strong song-writer, musician (the piano being his instrument of choice) and composer.
Chatelain showcased original and creative sense of style in the Star Academy. He knew how to sew and often made his own clothes or altered them. Along with music, fashion was his other big passion. In 2003, he announced the creation of Sir Sid, his own line of clothing and accessories for both men and women. His first collection hit France's stores in 2004. On November 6, 2003 he married the singer Alizée Jacotey in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (wikipedia)

A talented guy!
Why have we not seen you and Alizee do something together?
This is where Alizee runs into the living room and says, Jeremy the blogger is now talking to YOU! It is supposed to be about ME.
Ha, just joking, blogger made that last part up, well truthfully blogger made it all up. You do not really think blogger talks to Alizee do you?
Oh by the way, I like the name blogger Alizee, thanks, I think I will keep it.

So I think it is about time we see a duo. What is the deal here you two?
Plenty have done it before. What do you think?
We know you do it at home.

Something from the 80's and not too serious...Human League, 'Don't you want me baby'.
Come on, it will be fun.

Here is Jeremy singing an Alizee less duo

and for a little fun Jeremy can be a wild thing

Dude, it's OK. Do something together.

Alizee Nation

Sunday, July 13, 2008

5 days of J'en ai marre

The fifth day of J'en ai marre, Bastille Day!
Of course with 8,848,048 youtube views it can only be...

8,848,048 views! Alizee, did you ever think it?

“Liberté, égalité, fraternité”, Happy 14th of July!

Alizee Nation

Alizee - Wisteria Song

In the previous post there was a comment by ruroshen:
"Don't worry Superman! Your secret is safe with me!"
Seriously though, is Lili a fan of DH? I've wondered if 'Wisteria Song' (the name of her and Jeremy's production company) is a DH reference.

Nicely done ruroshen. A quote followed by a dot connection. Nice.
That is the best part of being a fan of Alizee, the connect the dots game. Some say Alizee is hot, Alizee is sexy, yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah...but Alizee puts out a lot of dots that need to be connected and it is fun!

ruroshen, from an interview...
Aren't you a fan of "Desperate Housewives" since there are many references to the series: Wisteria Song, Wisteria Studio and in the words of "Lilly Town" we find Bree Van de Kamp?

I am a big fan of the series and I would like to have a clip that resembles it! Its also the picture of a clip with Nicole Kidman:"And the man created the woman".

Is Bree your favourite character in the series?

Definitely. I also like Susan Mayer, but Bree is so charismatic and Marcia Cross, the actor who interprets that role, is the one who acts the best!

Alizee Nation

Our secret from Alizee

Shhhh, trying something new. Added a Desperate Housewives widget on the left side all the way down. Trying to hide it. I do not want Jeremy getting upset at me for adding it. If Alizee finds it she may be on here all day. If I see a French connection lasting hours, I may have to delete it. It is in English only at this time. That may make it OK. We all want her working on new songs and not watching Desperate Housewives! So let us just keep this our little secret for right now.

Alizee Nation

5 days of J'en ai marre

Day 4 of the 5 days of J'en ai marre.
"J'en ai Marre!" (In English: I'm Fed Up!) is Alizée's fifth single. Released in February 2003, it had the single version of the song followed by an instrumental version. Later on three remixes were made available in special editions of the single. Internationally, it was released as "I'm Fed Up!". In Japan, it was released as "Mon Bain de mousse" ("My Foam Bath") along with a music video and a remix version of the song. (wikipedia)

The 'en concert' version.
Yes, I just recently posted this. But I have to include this in the "5 days".

The French national holiday Bastille Day commemorates the infamous storming of the Bastille, a Parisian prison, on July 14, 1789. Because this date marks the beginning of the French Revolution, people have been dancing on the site ever since. It is a day to celebrate freedom for all people and to proclaim, "Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!"

Alizee Nation

Saturday, July 12, 2008

5 days of J'en ai marre

Day 3. I fell asleep, day 3 is half over for half the world, do not fire me Alizee. So where do we go today? I say we jump forward to present day. I have been posting videos of the past, more then I usually feel comfortable with and I have more to go.

2 days to Bastille Day. "Is it a rebellion?" asked Louis XVI of the count who informed him of the fall of the Bastille. "No, sire," came the reply. "It is a revolution."
Viva la revolution.
And speaking of revolution:
The Marquis de Lafayette, who fought alongside George Washington at Valley Forge and secured the aid of France during the Revolutionary War, became only the sixth person to receive honorary U.S. citizenship. "gave aid to the United States in her time of need and is forever a symbol of freedom." This made Lafayette only the sixth person to receive the distinction, following Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Raoul Wallenberg, William Penn and Penn's wife, Hannah. The man George Washington called simply ''my dear Marqs.''

So...what about day 3 of J'en ai marre??? After that you deserve two.

The Moscow strut


Did I say 2 videos.

Alizee Nation

Friday, July 11, 2008

5 days of J'en Ai Marre

Day 2. The Eurobest Alizee in long pants version. The best red fish version.
There is a big difference between the English version and the French version of the song. Note it is always called the English version not the English translation.
It is not just that it doesn't rhyme or make sense and has more to do with Puritan roots in English speaking society. A USA tour? hmmmm. Let's save this difficult subject for later. It is not as simple as we think.

And do not forget, Bastille Day is just a few days away! (In France the storming of the Bastille began the Great Revolution. The national holiday symbolizes the beginning of a new form of government. The Republic)

The 5 days of J'en Ai Marre...the 5th day hits on Bastille Day, hmmmm, coincidence?

Alizee Nation

Thursday, July 10, 2008

5 days of J'en Ai Marre

Is Alizee and family enjoying any time on the beaches of Corsica this July. I would hope so. In the mean time I am left to my imagination of what to do next. In the near future I will address some thoughts on a USA concert. Is one feasible? If you were forced to take the side of arguing against one what would be your argument?

Maybe some thoughts on old songs that Alizee could sing. Add to the list of 'Sounds of Silence', '99 luft balloons', 'Hung up'...

And as I said, in the mean time.
Back in the 50's and 60's a radio disc jockey would occasionally go crazy and play the same song for an hour straight. For our summer fun it will be 5 days in a row of an Alizee J'en Ai Marre video.

It was not my first choice but there are plenty to choose from, old and new.
So Day One, 5 days of JEAM:
English version

Alizee Nation

Alizee and Tinkerbell tattoo revisited

100+ Alizee post! Oh no I just noticed...I did three post in a row with out a picture or video. Dialog only. But wait, my post should be able to stand on my written talent alone! Get real, time to take off the platforms and throw on some nikes and start throwing in some more pics and vids.

Guess it is time to go back to the most popular search that brings visitors
I think I have to enter a tattoo post every six weeks. Give the people what they want. Frankly I do not see the infatuation but here goes.
Here is a poll
You are to vote on Alizee's Tinkerbell tattoo two ways:
It's OK
Don't Like
As of today there were 66 votes with 70% It's OK and 30% Don't Like.
I was surprised at the 30%.
When I first saw the tattoo was I surprised? Yes, but I can not say I did not like it.

So, every one jump in there and get some more positive votes! VOTE

Tinkerbell tattoo's are popular, here is a video on various tattoo's

So there we go, another tattoo post.

How about some more fun, nothing else going on this summer so far.
Here is an old pic...
Now don't get too excited over the tongue piercing... it is old news.
I really do love it when Alizee shakes things up and attacks your mental vision of her.

Alizee Nation

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alizee the artist

I have always wondered about these autograph sessions that Alizee does.

Why? There are a lot of videos out there at a fair amount of autograph sessions. I am not really aware of other artist doing this. I do not think we would even miss them if they were never started. For one who cherishes privacy this seems unusual to me.

This is where I have to be very careful in what I write. It is only opinion and please take it for what it is worth. Alizee seems to enjoy sharing with fans, not through the media, just talking to a fan.

Also, have you ever checked out an Alizee autograph? It is a work of art. My opinion is that she enjoys making these works of art for the fans. They are not just autographs. Very talented.

Now I wonder...Alizee... do you do any type of art work?
Alizee, a unique.

This is where Jeremy runs into the living room and says Lilly that blog guy asked you another question.

Alizee Nation

The Online Alizee

The official sites are not really kept up to date. Yeah, there is the standard online presence, but the news and latest information is not really there. Listing the lesser up coming events would be great since it is more difficult to come by that information. Even as I am typing I thought of 'le nid d'Alizee' and jumped over to take a look. Not a lot there either but they do link to and that has a 'Lily town tv' yes with one L, and that says coming soon.
The sites are there, great for the new fans but not a great source for the more knowledgeable fan.

Something else I wanted to mention. I noticed the concert schedule, that Belgium concert was booked early. Anyone catch the interview with a Belgium journalist and Alizee? Some time ago. Alizee was asked about doing a concert in Belgium, she said yes, he responded with something like, you are not just saying that are you, Alizee said no. I admire that. Alizee said she would do it, now she is going to do what she said. I wanted to make sure that was noticed.

Here is a fan based forum type website called Lilly Town USA.
It has a wide base of information that a fan may enjoy. They are looking for staff, if you are interested you may apply.

And then there are fans. Not a fan site, not a forum type of fan, but still do mention Alizee on line in their blogs. Puda Vita is that type. See Alizee, fan does not HAVE to stand for fanatic. A fan that likes you, happens to mention you in HER blog and have a few of your songs on HER playlist. Nicely done by the way.

Alizee Nation

Monday, July 7, 2008

Site visitors, Alizee and France

Site visitors, one item does intrigue me and that is the visitors from France. France is the third highest ranked country with visitors. Those visitors with the 'Ile-de-France' label really grab my attention. Here I am half way around the world and they stop by and read this blog. All the while Alizee is right there. I can not stress enough how much I would love to be in their shoes and they are reading what I
am writing from my shoes. The world is a funny place. Well my French readers do not just read, talk to us through the blog. Comment, email, use the shout box, if it's in French, no worries, we will figure it out, we do not have anything else to do and if we do we will do it later, we are Alizee fans. But...what is Alizee taking a look. Yeah right. As if. This is part of her regular reading. But, what if...well...Alizee I know you like your privacy so we will do this in code, no you do not have to blink morse code with yours eyes, but, on your next television appearance, whenever that will be, wear your gold casio watch on your right arm! Then we will know!...J.B.G.

Readers, especially in France, your mission if you decide to accept it, is to keep an eye out for J.B.G. and the code.

Alizee Nation

Friday, July 4, 2008

Alizee impersonations

Hey it's summer where I am at and lets have some fun with some take offs from some famous Alieze songs.
Fun in the summer time...

First it's J'ai Pas Vingt Ans the dance being done by a fan, and not bad at all

Another dancing to J'en ai marre

J'en ai marre again by another with the outfit and all

That was fun, good effort by all three.
Now any new people just stumbling upon this must wonder what this is. Well I'll tell you what, lets get the wayback machine working a pull up a flash back from 5 years ago. I do not do many flash backs so enjoy this. This a smooth moving completely choreographed concert version of J'en ai marre. This IS the REAL DEAL.

Alizee Nation

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