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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Alizee Coldplay information

More info from reader comments (hope you all do not mind)

Ruroshen said...
Wow, yeah...interesting, indeed. I've always thought they sounded /kinda, sorta/ similar...but hearing the two mixed together like this, it's really striking just /how/ similar they are.

I'm still hesitant to scream 'ripoff!', but you have to wonder if there's some degree of influence at work here, unconscious or otherwise.

Ruroshen said...
Sorry to double-post, but here's a link to another, well-done mash-up of the two (via the Alizée America site):
Gotta love the little P.S. at the end of that one, too: "Thanks to Alizée and Coldplay for making their music so easy to combine."

Check it out here

Over in the shout box 'wik' has more information to check out.

I love having smart readers

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stephan said...
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