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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bloggers own soap opera with Alizee

Welcome to Blogger's Soap Opera network.
This episode: The interview

Alizee, would you mind sharing with us who is your favorite artist?

Yes, Madonna, she is a favorite of mine too.
Now your work appears to be taking off and keeping you busy and on the go. In a word can you describe how it makes you feel?

Bachelorette! Oh, huh, ummm really?

Do not get me wrong, uhhh, I would love to call you sometime but I do not want this to turn into a truth or dare.

I'm sorry, I am so nervous, your phone number, what were the last 4 numbers again?

What about these other guys around here?

Yes, I know men can be gorillas. BUT, what about "you know who"?

But Alizee, why me?

Alizee's first English interview right here on blogger soap opera.

Apologies to Jeremy and Alizee
It was just for fun. I hope you did not mind.

Here is the real MTV interview
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