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Monday, September 29, 2008

Alizee quotes

There is a website called Wikiquote. They list quotes by famous people and they have a page for Alizee.
Here are her quotes listed from Wikiquote, fun reading:

* I have always been shy.

* I'm very fond of my name and it has a story behind it. My parents love windsurfing and chose to call me Alizée after a type of wind of the same name.

* I am, of course, delighted (on seeing her pictures in French and foreign magazines) but I don't like looking at myself. In fact, I'm very critical about myself.

* I like boys to be gentle, kind and loving. But the most important quality for me is fidelity. An unfaithful boy is not a boy for me.

* I wouldn't like to say (of plans in the near future) because I am very superstitious. So, I hope things will carry on as they are now.

* My true pleasure in this business is singing before an audience. These are very happy moments. I'm always a little nervous before getting out there, but once I'm on stage I could never stop.

* Hypocrisy! That really irritates me. When I'm very naive, I find everybody sympathetic.

* I don't want to tell it (the most romantic thing anybody has done to her). It's a secret. It was my ex-boyfriend, the new one will not be happy to hear it!

* My weakness are sweets. I love "winegums" in the shape of bears, especially the red ones. It is thanks to my desire for sweets that one of my songs is called "Gourmandises", which is also the title of my album.

* I'm very shy and reserved. But I'm also generous and very stubborn. It seems that I always have to be right in everything. I don't like to lie and either way I can't even lie.

* I like almost every style of clothing: sports, skirts, Jeans. I like all colours. I especially wear colourful clothes with a clear preference for pink."

* I talk a lot about nature in my songs because I always think of my land of birth. The island is truly magnificent: one can go to the sea, walk in de mountains and ski on the high mountains.

* I miss the sea (of Ajaccio, her homeland) when I'm in Paris.

* In any case, being sexy includes being natural. Anything can be sexy, except vulgarity.

* (Regarding whether she believes in fortune) Yes, absolutely, I think I was born under a lucky star.

* that my dream is fulfilled, that I'm singing and I do what I love, I dream of running away and traveling around the world.

* A girl only has to be in a miniskirt to be treated like a tease.

* Liking to seduce isn't a sin

* I want to get to know the arena, know the slightest little detail, the least little step, the slightest spotlight, so that I could sing and dance with my eyes closed. And so that from the beginning to the end, the people won't get tired of me.

* I sleep (on what she does in-flight). No matter which place I land, I always manage to fall asleep.

* Certain magazines who have recently published photos of me accused me of intentionally showing my underwear. That's absolutely false! So, to shut up the gossip, at the end of my song "J'ai pas 20 ans," I lifted up my skirt out of provocation. Having said that, I was wearing boxers!

* (on defining what she feels of love) I don't just picture passion, even though I know that can destroy. But you have to experience it once in your life.

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