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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

French Lessons via Alizee Songs

Conversational French lessons through Alizee and her songs. This will be a regular feature here.
Alizee, please do not teach us anything 'bad' Alizee.

We will learn some French.
We might even be able to sing along with the songs a little better.
And HOPEFULLY it will help introduce new non French speaking fans to a real talent.

C'est Trop Tard
It's Too Late

now you say it Alizee...

Now let's use it in a sentence.
Can we still catch that movie? C'est trop tard.
Of course in our minds we see Alizee fist pumping while saying it.

If you want to enjoy the entire song you can find it along the left column. I like the fist pumping, love the low voice too!

If anyone would like to send me their video of just the C'est trop tard line it might end up on the parody section on the right side towards the bottom. (might)

This will be an ongoing feature.

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