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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Alizee Privacy

Let's talk about those 3 years off.
Alizee, you must cringe every time you hear that. Yes, I have said it too.

Very roughly
9 months Alizee was pregnant.
Then raising an infant.
3 years later shows up with new CD Psychédélices.

And we said she was "off".

That was not off. The big difference between Alizee and other celebrities is limited or no public contact.

Now here I am putting her name all over the place. It is a 'Catch 22' for fans. Should we not put her name out there or should we?

Currently we have a 2 month stretch. It is part of being an Alizee fan.
If you make it part of the appeal, you can appreciate it.

Privacy appears to be the top priority for Alizee. It must weigh heavily on her when thinking of coming to America.

What does Bill Maher have to say about the French and privacy...

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