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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alizee News

Alizee news. Glad I am not in that business. There are very rarely press releases, we need to contact Interpol to get information.

But some do. A site with current postings is Le Nid D'Alizee. Nice to see a current posts besides forums.

Interpreting what is being said is some what confusing. Snatcher42 does a great job for my reading. It is straight forward, a favorite read of mine. You can catch him at Alizee America for example.

Talk about being confused...and needing an interpreter...I have to say I just do not understand what LeNid is trying to tell me on this post of September 16.
"Une brève sympathique sur le succès d'Alizée à l'etranger se trouve dans le nouveau Closer. Cependant, elle ne nous apprend rien de neuf." Le Nid D'Alizee
Why is 'Closer' capitalized? Feel free to help the blogger.

The Alizee Alliance does seem to have more speculation. Is that good? No one can control that but you can go see what it being said.
Talk is about Mon Taxi Driver being the next single released.

Have fun looking.

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