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Monday, April 25, 2011

Alizée best of ... continued

Alizée best of ... continued

So if there is a best of album, will it be because Alizée can then have it under "her" umbrella and offer it in "her" store?

But then again... where is MJ, 5060... Psychédélices in the store?

I hate it when I come up with more questions then answers.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's not always about Alizée around here

A friend just called... 7:15 am.... are you crazy calling me at this time on a Saturday...

The good news was I was already though my first cup of coffee. Ah the wonderful auto brew, setting it to 5 am. It gets up, makes my coffee and its ready when I wake up. Pouring that first cup I thought of asking my coffee maker to marry me. It's almost as good as having... well, let's not go there. I then had this idea of these self indulgent appliances and marketing them under the brand name 'significant other'.

But then it is back to le chat noir "Paris". Paris has issues, I believe she is jealous of the computer mouse, she must think that I am "petting it" and the clicking of the keyboard is some form of "play" with the computer. She becomes jealous. I had to lock her out of the office yesterday just to get some work done. Sometimes you just have to... She makes that jump onto the desk, skids a bit a la Tom Cruise sliding across the floor in 'Risky Business' in his socks and underwear. Then she strikes a pose, you know the one, wild eyed and monkey tailed! It's time to play!

We play a game called 'The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift'. Getting out the string or the feather on the stick it gives Paris a chance to show off her mad drifting skills on the hardwood floors. Her internal speedometer is going 100 mph but her external speed is 1 mph.

Now the morning is slipping by faster then expected and it's not always about Alizée around here

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alizée best of...

from Lilly's nest, @nidalizee,

Exclu : un best-of avant le nouvel album de 2012 !
D'après nos informations Alizée sortira un best of de ses 4 albums studio à la fin de l'année 2011. (une version DVD avec l'intégrale des clips est envisagés).

Exclusive: a best-of before the new album of 2012!
According to our information Alizée released a best of her 4 studio albums at the end of 2011. (a DVD version with the integral clips is considered).

Let's talk

Could have said best of and leave it at that, but the emphasis on "her 4 studio albums"
that would be:
Mes Courants Électriques
Une enfant du siècle

Would it be just too easy to grab all the released singles?

Moi... Lolita, L'Alizé, Parler tout bas, Gourmandises
J'en ai marre!, J'ai pas vingt ans, À contre-courant
Mademoiselle Juliette, Fifty-Sixty, La Isla Bonita
Les Collines (Never Leave You)

Could you leave a released single off the list? 10 is a nice number.
If you could add one, what would it be... Lilly Town or Hey Amigo.... tough one for me, almost my two favorites.

Is it a significant statement that all 4 studio albums are now mentioned together? Would the earlier songs now be re-released under the Wisteria Song label? Perhaps that is the underlying importance of this, more of a business realignment, getting the major songs released under her label, under one roof. This "best of" may be more for business then for our listening pleasure... But what do I know???

And what about the songs, would they be redone or would it be a digital reorganization and not a total redo? Would that mean the original studio version of say... J'en ai marre would be released in the original form under Wisteria Song? Or would it be redone in the new version? All very interesting isn't it... well I think so!

The best part: a DVD version with the integral clips is considered
What? considered?
Alizée, quality clips of you are not all that common. We would want to own, pay for, sell blood for quality clips of you. What are you crazy? Of course you're going to do that for us! ptdr... OK I did get a little carried away.

nidalizee makes one statement and make it into a short story, sorry about that.

You know what else would be fun? Of course you don't, that's what I'm here for... to tell you... Alizée sings her favorites... Sounds of Silence, 99 Luftballons, Hung up on you...

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Alizée Citizenside watermark photo

The Alizée Citizenside watermark photo

I tried to ignore it...
I had hoped it would go away...
I can't help myself...

Why oh why Alizée would you use a watermarked photo of yourself?

What is it that you are trying to tell me?

Are you on holiday and not have access to your photos... but yet have access to a computer and just went online and grabbed a watermarked one? There are plenty of non watermarked ones, that does not seem plausable.

Do you want me to look further... into citizenside perhaps?
Citizenside Wikipedia
Citizenside Twitter
Citizenside Facebook
Citizenside Website

Let's do a citizenside search for Alizée
Citizenside Alizée Search

I don't even see this pic that she used...
Is this like playing string with your cat, just trying to get me to run and jump all over the place?

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Carpool Coachella Time 2011

Carpool Coachella Time 2011

It's only Thursday morning on the freeways and the Coachella carpooling fun has begun. Horns blowing, waving, wristbands on the right wrist of course... and still 60 miles out. Grab your sunscreen and have some fun...

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Friday, April 8, 2011

Proof of Celebrity Life...

Proof of Celebrity Life...

This is what we are down to... the most basic, primal form of communication... Checking FaceBook avatars. If they are changed it is proof of activity, proof of celebrity life.

It involves the whole family for hints, well almost.
First there is Jo. Jo announced that he was going to be in Paris... time passed then he posted FB pics of his "favorite model" down on the water (not Paris) then went into FB private mode. (an easy way to go into standby mode)

Jeremy takes down his photos and puts up a new avatar showing "water" (not Paris)

Are these hints that the crew is on holiday?

Then of course Alizée changes her avatar just to let us know she is around.

That's life as an Alizée fan...

Alizee Nation

Friday, April 1, 2011

Alizée - Parler Tout Bas - 10 year anniversary

Alizée - Parler Tout Bas - 10 year anniversary

Paler Tout Bas is the third single released by Alizée. First there was Moi... Lolita then L'Alize. April 2001 Parle Tout Bas was released.

In the Spring of 2001 Alizée was 16 and teaching Europe to "speak softly"
Here is that rarely seen video of Parle Tout Bas

Lyrics and Translations can always be found at our friend Alizee Reflections

€150 gets you this rare cassette video (VHS) at Illogical Music

Has it really been 10 years...

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Alizée - the barefoot performances

Alizée - the barefoot performances

Parler Tout Bas

Yellow blouse, chair

Yellow blouse, stairs

Red blouse, chair

White blouse, chair... oh wait... no bare feet :(

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