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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Alizée collectors and collections

Collectors and collections...

The lastest release "Une Enfant Du Siecle", the first line of appeal was to collectors. The "collectors" "boxed set" then the "Limelight Picture Disk". The Alizée fan base is made up of collectors. Not only do they have anCD's but posters and every other little thing made with Alizée on it.

I read a good article on collecting from and is called "A Record Collection of Links"

The concern is that collectors are going to streaming and not collecting. I think that maybe true for artist you "like". But for artist that have a real appeal...that is a different story. Some will collect due to a fad...he or she or they are the hottest thing going and young people in particular just have to have everything they can get a hold of. Some collect for the perceived value. Then others collect because they have a passion for that artist.

Core Alizée can be all three. They have original Moi Lolita items because they obtained it when it was hot, it now has a perceived value and they are passionate about it. I stayed away from posting pics of some collections because I was concerned I would miss an important collector...

Now this leads me to my next thought...
What if Ipod would work with the artist to create a low cost collectible Ipod made specifically for that Artist that album release? It would come pre loaded with that album...playable only...can not download more songs so the hard drive would be nothing...uploadable??? I don't know about that yet. And it would somehow incorporate the album design cover onto the Ipod itself. It would be a collectible Ipod for that artist.

Vinyl just sold and no one can even play it. CD's can not have more songs loaded on it. So why not. It would play in all Ipod docking stations. Perhaps even the a video screen to play the first released video.

So what would that cost to have an album cover designed Ipod with capability to hold "one" albums worth? Does not need to be able to download. Does not have to have video capability....but what would it cost to have video for the one single?

Would you collect that? That or 5 vinyls, what do you think?
With out video it can't cost that much and it does not have to be Ipod, it could be another player looking for a way into the market.

Well there you go....I shared a million dollar idea. Maybe it already exists? They say there is a fine line between genius and crazy...

This is crazy Alizee Nation (aw) signing off for the day.

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