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Friday, May 14, 2010

Press Pause Play - Teaser

Press Pause Play - Teaser
The creative landscape is changing

Alizee Nation commentary
I have wondered what drew Alizée to Institubes. Why, in a recent interview, she was not more drawn to Lady Gaga and Shakira. I think she is going for more then the latest bubblegum pop over sexed package. The appeal of Institubes is that they do not have that. It's something different, something more. In this age of female music artist where raunchy is the new sexy, I feel Alizée is making an attempt back sexy. At the same time she is working with a new brand of music, newer to the mainstream crowd I should say.

With that being said I ask myself...Is that what she is doing?

Here is another segment of Press Pause Play - Brenda Walker from Rebel Content

So, what we have here is Alizée the Rebel

You can check out more Press Pause Play here

hmmm...Rebel Alizée

Alizee Nation


Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will see more videos for the other songs on the EUDS CD. Watching a video creates a visual image even when I only hear a song. That makes listening to a song that much more enjoyable.


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