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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Where do you get your Alizée news

Where do you get your Alizée news

Reading Le Nid today got me to thinking about Alizée news.

My first thought is why doesn't Alizée just post this on one of her many platforms? I started to compare Alizée to the Los Angles Laker basketball team. If there is something I want to find out about the Lakers I have to admit I would go to ESPN or some other sports news first, before I would go to their website. The website is more around support then news.

Sure I guess I talked myself into that one. Now where do you go for Alizée news? Most blogs can only repost what was released. Again no different then having a Laker blog, you are not going to be the first with the is going to come from...say...ESPN first most likely. Well Le Nid is one....personally I dislike all the, blog, facebook....can you imagine if I had to go through that to see if the Lakers won last night. Just have a website and post it. Are you an Alizée news source or not or are you trying to become popular on facebook? what, which? I respect ESPN for their information, not because I can become their friend on facebook and farm together.

So I'm cool with getting my news from "certain" sources other then Alizée, how about you.

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wt said...

I assume the blogs watch all the news sources so I stick with them (generally your webpage). If I have time I will brouse through a couple of the links to see if they have anything new.

Your webpage is interesting because if there is no Alizee news, then I have to try to decipher what you are saying that day.


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