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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Limelight - Alizée - Charlie Chaplin

Before Alizée's Limelight there was Charlie Chaplin's 1952 movie Limelight.

From wikipedia:
"Movie watchers have often viewed the movie in search of important insights into Chaplin's personality and career. For example, the year 1914 is significant, not only because it is the year in which the movie is set, but also because it is the year in which Chaplin played in his first movie. It is certainly significant that in the fading stage posters on Calvero's wall he is described as a "tramp comic", and indeed in some of his stage performances in the film he wears a ragged outfit that is clearly a variation on Chaplin's Little Tramp costume. Terry's story - orphaned at an early age, her sister forced into prostitution - also has clear similarities to that of Chaplin's mother. The story of an older man and a younger woman falling in love and inspiring each others' lives closely mirrored Chaplin's marriage to Oona O'Neill, and other relationships in his life."

I love that....Charlie Chaplin did not pass away until 1977, don't you think that somewhere between 1952 and 1977 Charlie Chaplin would have explained some of these speculations? No, everything does not have to be explained. Life is gray, it does not always have to be black and white. Did he mean for these items to have significance? Mysteries are a wonderful thing. It reminds me of how Alizée does things.... :)

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Alizée South Africa said...

Spectacular post, great little parallel that you found there.

aashish said...

cool but i was searching for Charlie Chaplin


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