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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Commercial Music

Alizee South Africa had a post regarding what is 'underground' music. With that still in the back of my mind I ran across a blog post that had some comments that expanded upon similar thoughts. I have to say it has me this what Alizée is. about now?

Here is the blog Princeton Record Exchange Blog and a post by Gabriel Barrio.

Let's have some fun with his ideas. About 2/3 down he says..."Although not a fan of commercial music..." There...there it is...Commercial Music.

Then there is this one..."He is a radio hit artist..." There! another one..."Radio Hit Artist"

These two phrases stood out to me, especially in thinking what direction Alizée is going.
She has gotten away from Commercial Music, not necessarily a Radio Hit Artist.

The article goes on to credit B.o.B ..."sitting in the crowd his set was filled with songs that were complete dissimilar to his radio achievement" Giving credit for the ability to have a radio hit but still produce a nice set of non commercial music.

With Une Enfant Du Siecle we have Les Collins...I think we can consider a candidate for a radio hit. But the majority of the album composed of non commercial music.

Non commercial...underground.
I read another review somewhere where they referred to her as a Synth Diva.
So is radio play really important? Is most of the music meant to be non radio play music or non commercial music.

After all these thoughts (or psychobabble) I see Alizée mixing in an attempt at a radio hit or two with her non commercial synth type direction of Une Enfant Du Siecle.

So if you are a fan of Une Enfant Du Siecle you may now considered an underground synth fan, a non commercial music fan...Alizée what have you done to us without us knowing it...

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