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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alizée - Limelight

Alizée - Limelight


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wt said...

The top video does not help the Alizee image - the only solution would be to have every event video taped by a professional with good equipment. That would satisfy the hungry fans and eliminate the need for watching poor videos.

Maybe a sign of poor marketing skills in the Alizee organization.

aw said...

may I jump in wt...

before we go about name calling...I have given some thought to what you are saying and if I may try to present what I think is your message in a more positive framing.

would it be fair to say that you think it would behoove the Alizee organization to provide their own quality videos for her events.

that would be in addition to all the fan videos being taken and published.

now keep in mind this just not usually happen, at Coachella La Roux and Phoenix had awesome sets, this is a BIG event, they had no personal crews filming the event, just me and 10,000 others with video cameras.

in a blue sky world, yes, in real life it just is not always feasible, still doesnt mean we dont long for it...


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