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Sunday, July 4, 2010

When is Desperate Housewives on?

What I would like to see...

I would like to see Alizée's upcoming career appearances be listed on her official web sites. (pretending like I am talking to someone else but I am really talking to you soul sister)

Let's say you really like the TV show Desperate Housewives.
You like it so much you think you would like to watch it on a regular basis. So you look it up to see when future episodes will be televised. But you can't find out when it is on. The official web site does not tell you. The network does not have it listed either. As a new fan you wonder... is it not on television anymore? Guess I missed it and you move on.

You have to ask yourself, why would Desperate Housewives act this way? You find out that they still are in business, they still are on the air, they still are performing. But they are not going to tell you when they are on? You will have to find us?

Now if you really got into it and did not give up you may find that there are a couple of websites that this information is leaked to. It is really cute and mysterious but in the meantime they are losing new fans that just figured that it was not in business anymore.

Why would they do that???
It's not personal information it's profession appearance information.

Nope, we are just not going to tell you!
But you are spending money on other promotions so people get interested and then you keep it a secret?

Alizée... Generation 90... the Serge Gainsbourg tribute... is there a reason you do not want the average fan to know that you are doing things like this?

Oh look, Alizée came out with a new album... cool I always liked her... I wonder if she is doing anything else... let's google her... she has a website... does it say what she is doing?

NOPE, guess she is not doing anything else... oh well... hey...what's Lady Gaga doing... oh look .............

They didn't know about Le Nid, or Pop is my Heart or Psychalizée or any other double secret leak the info site and now those casual fans are lost.

And you choose to keep doing this because......
You don't want more fans, you are so private you don't want your professional appearances know, you're bull headed...

Come on you are a Leo not a Taurus!!!
Now when is Desperate Housewives on...

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Anonymous said...

Apparently she wants us to think she doesn't care about what her fans expect her to do or not to do. But basically she does care - which leads to a paradox - which never gets resolved.

Anonymous said...

I'm a private person as well and I understand exactly why she does this. Professional appearance or not, you don't need to tell everyone what's going on with you every single minute, I'm sorry. I actually don't mind that she doesn't give us a lot of information. It's refreshing...I hate Twitter, I hate the modern paparazzi culture, and I hate that people need to know information about stars (personal and professional) RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

It's her life. Let her do things the way she wants to instead of the way you want her to. A person's life should not revolve around other people, even if these people are their fans.

aw said...

That's good stuff. We always hear from the group that thinks she should do more. It's nice to hear from the side that can live with and understand less.

I struggle with it myself. To post this or not to post. As I ran today the struggle in my mind was would I be supporting her more if I take Alizee Nation down and should I.


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