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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Alizée - Tel Aviv only 10 days away

It's only 11 days until the next Alizée public appearance. It will be the Serge Gainsbourg tribute in Tel Aviv, Israel July 28th.

We could speculate on what she will sing, but I want to focus on fashion. What will Alizée be wearing? It will be mid summer in Israel. Perhaps she will find some time to do a little sightseeing and be dressed a bit casual. Then of course the on stage ensemble. I really want to start a focus on fashion for Alizée.

There is a website WHOWHATWEAR that I enjoy, especially the Real Girls Real Style videos. They grab someone on the street and ask them about their style. It's usually about 3 minutes long and at the end they ask who do they follow or model their style from. First I am amazed they all have and answer for that. Second it would be cool if someone would Alizée someday.

They also have this "What was she wearing" page where they state:

"If you've ever puzzled over a picture of Kate Moss wondering where she got her cardigan or scanned thousands of shoes in search of Rachel Bilson's perfectly broken-in boots, we can help. Send us your queries (the more specific, the better) and we'll try to track down the information for you. *"
*We can't guarantee that all questions will be answered... but we'll try.

Oh I hope Alizée wears something that will make submit a "what was she wearing" request. We can all ask.

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