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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alizée - new and old fans

I think the forums do a great job blending in new Alizée fans. It is a little different then with other singers because of the limited number of Alizée appearances. What I mean by that is you find brand new discussions over videos that are 5, 7, 9 years old. People are still "discovering" Alizée, so there is this constant rediscovery scenario going on. Let's face it, no one is discovering Madonna or Brittney today. A 2005 Brittney interview would seem ridiculous to talk about since so much has passed for her. A 2005 Alizée interview would not seem out of place to discuss. So there is this constant catching up going on and the forums do a great job providing this important link for Alizée.

I lost a link to a time line for Alizée and had to go re-find it. So I thought I would share it now that I re-found it.

It is GREAT reading, links and all. If you have never read through this before set aside a lot of time and have fun.
As you read through it, realize 2010 is a big year. February will be 10 years for "Graines de Stars", July will be 10 years for the official release of the single "Moi Lolita..." WOW 10 years... Let's have some fun with this in 2010...and's all brand new for most.

I just want to and click through that time line one more time right now...

Something random I liked....
Newer...her appearance on a Mexican soap opera was just too cute...

Just some of the extremes.

But...if you have never watched Stars à Domicile - August 23, 2003 you have to and if you watched it 100 times it is a good time for number 101.
Catch it here at Alizée America.
...oh yeah I watched again! (guys! no tearing up)
That show has its own Alizée America podcast to go along with it.

I hope there was a little something for everyone.

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Lefty said...

I think I learned more about Alizée watching the first Stars à Domicile, but the second Stars à Domicile in 2003 is by far my favorite and I can watch it over and over again.

A bit of trivia for those who don't know, but Alizée isn't the only person in her immediate family who has been on Stars à Domicile. I've watched it, but I have no idea where to find it now...

Jenny said...

do you mean Jérémy? I remember a commercial and I guess he was in this show too...

OMG I haven't watched Stars à Domicile for ages I guess I have to do that soon...

aw said...

Look at Lefty doing his own teaser trivia on us. Well, is Jenny correct?

Now can someone find it?

The 2003 one is my favorite too...glad you all enjoyed that trip down memory lane.

Lady Cameron XIII said...

This was the first time I watched that episode of Stars à Domicile... it was just so adorable and sweet seeing Jessica and Alizée together like that.

I wonder if those two still talk; Lili did give Jessica her cell «and» it was Lili who called first a few days later,too. One can only hope.


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