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Monday, November 9, 2009

Alizée fans and SETI

Monday November 9, 2009...we are getting into the middle of November. Jive Epic told us November...well we did get official information...or shall we say "proof of life" via the Official Website and the 6 teasers. We did see a pulse on @mellealizee twitter with the more video tweets. There are articles starting to appear, yet they are almost a reaction to us and not from any official release of information. No one is slipping up and saying anything...they are adhering to the policy that if you do not say anything you can not slip up.

The teasers are still there...but what do we make of them?

Sometimes I feel like I am part of SETI except that we are all looking for signs of "life" from Alizée.

So it is closing in on mid November, set your satellite array to watch for signs of life from @Jive_Epic, @mellealizee, the official website, myspace, news stories and any other points in the galaxy that may contain a glimmer of information about Alizée.


That was us the day LadyCameronXIII found "contact" at ...computers were dialing in around the world....

Now we wait for more...this child of the century...

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