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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alizée, how did we do?

I was thinking back on the "Give us the tools" posts from July...yeah that long ago. That led me to an August 1, 2009 post of 'Bottom up Evangelism'

In that post I stated:
"Just give us, the online masses, something to organize around.
It starts with one...then another...then another, it does not even have to pretty or slick, it just needs to start."

Well I think that is pretty much what happened.

You, Alizée, started something. You changed your official web site.
Lady Cameron discovered your hidden egg.
3 videos were discovered...
It took off from there, one person told another told another...

You have Google Analytics set up on the official site. I would love to see the results of that at this point in time, ALL caused by bottom up "us".

There was no press release, no statements, you only tweeted about it 2 days was ALL "us", a nation of Alizée fans.

With no formal plans or structure to follow, no announcements or directions to follow, no banners to post, just a tiny morsel to organize did we do???

Thank you for helping us, help you.

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