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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Official Alizée Website

Who wants to have some fun? Now do you really want to have some fun or are you just saying you want to have some fun?

Now you have to have some time on your hands

Point your SETI satellites at Alizée's website
yeah, that's it...takes you to her site and the wording comes up on the screen...

next...we will add 1.swf to the end of it...
let's try it
video comes on, no wording

what next...of course 2.swf...OK
video comes on, again no wording

see I told you this was fun
now I will tell you 3.swf has nothing

let's see...what about a "?", sure, why not
hey what do you know, it is the video and the wording

so...what can you find?
(that ladycameronXIII got me going on this)

Alizee Nation


Roman said...

Ok. Let us know if you find something interesting in that.

Lady Cameron XIII said...

Wait? So now I have to add punctuation marks, too? Oh la la, monsieur ! :P

Not that those two vids help at all, of course; extreme closeup, anyone? Oh well. Pourquoi pas ?

Ben said...

"?.swf" works on as well, and brings up a different video each time. You can't actually save it like the numbered ones though, so I think it's just some kind of code for the sites.

aw said...

wow, Ben having some fun with the "?".


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