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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

We are delighted to welcome you to Alizée's Opendisc.

Sony and Opendisc form a partnership

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My interpretation of this is...the so called large format CD would be referring to an Opendisc CD. This in turn is what gives you access to additional information and advanced online updates.
So it's not just about getting 45's, a box and a poster. You are getting additional technology. A standard music CD will not have this extra.

The next question of course is ... the extra content. How much extra content will it be, how often and how long will it continue. In the past there were times when information slowed, the official website was not updated for a long periods. That may have been due to a break in activity by Alizée, privacy issues...etc... But now...we are paying for information. Should be interesting.

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wt said...

The "official website" description of the "preorder box" says nothing about the "open disc" technology, however it is probably included. My guess is that they will make a new offer, featuring the "open disk" stuff, without vinyls, at a reduced cost, at the end of the preorder period. The "open disk" idea probably has some interesting security built into the technology.

wt said...

The "open disk" idea is like a private club. You will have a password giving you access to gobs information (pictures, videos, etc.) that we have been deprived of for the last year or two. The preorder people will have access to this copyrighted material and will advertise the next offering of the "open disk" technology. The security of the scheme is an important feature.


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