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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alizée Gazette

@nidalizee came out on twitter this week and did the ultimate tease, you know...breaking story, details at 11. EP will be in the store... when it opens.
Guess @nidalizee knows something we don't know... hmmm why is that?

@mickeleti faked an @mellealizee top follower, kind of funny... no harm no foul type of joke. I liked it.

@AlizeeCommunity geared us up for Les Enfoires, don't forget they have a facebook account too.

@sirwood4444 commented on perhaps that remix by The Teenagers would be found in that now becoming infamous Alizee Store... perhaps :)

@cabreakingnews is listening to Alizee. Now that's the kind of breaking news I like.

@JulienPerret restating for the record... Ah pas moi, j'ai toujours été #TeamAlizée

@LadyCameronXIII assured us @mellealizee is still a Leo even though the earth is wobbling. Can we balance it like a tire and just add a weight somewhere? We could send a weight to @AlizeeSAfrica and stop this wobble.

did @Anita_22_05 new haircut look like Alizee?

@cutemeenu doing that repeater station thingy

isnt @Jenny_HRO87 holding a Les Enfoires ticket?

@Lefty12357 getting some remix pub...

Jo coming back to facebook

It's a new idea, I am working on it. Should I actually link to every account? whew? How often, well that depends on you, if there is a lot going on, well, then I will have a lot to report. After all I am just a reporter at large here. The Gazette...well, it worked for now.

I thought it would be fun to give the fans a chance...
I'll be watching... and if you want to get noticed... well, you'll figure something out.

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