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Friday, April 2, 2010

Alizée - Roman -- spoiler alert

Well not really, I will not spoil it for you...but I will say it puts me back in a proper perspective...or state of mind.

A nice story...original fans...going underground...David Rubato, oh I have a whole new admiration for David Rubato, thanks for not doing what you were told....Clearstream even got a mention...

Specifically I always enjoy the brief mentions of Alizée's relationship with her guardian angel. It is someone she can rely on to guide her and protect her and follows her.

My poor guardian...must put up with me and my NOT listening....I am envious of Alizée's ability to listen.

I truly enjoyed the story...I did not want to revel too much...
Thank you Alizée for sharing and Jean-René Etienne for writing it.

From one A. to another A.

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wt said...

Didn't take long for you to read the book.


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