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Friday, April 9, 2010

Alizée fans

We all want to see more of her and I know privacy is a huge issue. No one needs to say it, we all know this is the trade off for popularity...I really hope this was OK with Alizée...

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wt said...

The device in her right hand got transferred to her friend when doing an autograph and she got it back again. He has one in his left hand. Looks like they both have "The Runt" and are ready to use it.

aw said...

First...good eye I never noticed

Second...but I think it's black apple iphones

but what do I know

Lefty said...

To be honest, I think Alizée would welcome a bit of attention again by the people in France. Not that she wants to be hounded and mobbed wherever she goes, but she does want to succeed there. She seems pleased in the video.

Even though Alizée is a private person, there must be some part of her that misses the notoriety she once had in her own country.

wt said...

aw - I concede - it is probably an apple iphone - the situation probably not requiring "The Runt".


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