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Saturday, April 24, 2010


I think it is only appropriate to get to know Un Enfant Du Siecle a little more, don't you?

Rob (Robin Coudert) listed all over UEDS...he is mentioned by Alizée and surely has had influence in this album probably more then any of the other producers listed.

So what about Rob...
Well currently he plays keyboards for the group Phoenix on their tour. You can catch glimpses of Rob on the Phoenix Diary and of course on all the YouTube clips out when ever Phoenix performs.

a pic of Rob in Oregon from the Phoenix Diary

Rob is with the Institubes label. He has his project Dodecalogue
On that website you will see the Gateway to Rob that leas to his Rob MySpace and Rob Facebook.

You can find some of Rob's works on or just a search of dont kill rob offers a nice background of this musicians talent.

Rob's talent does not stop at music, he has also was in the 2005 short film "Pink Cowboy Boots"

As with everyone associated with Alizée, we look forward to following and supporting their efforts.

Now to finish me crazy, but
the Facebook for Robin Coudert

Looks a lot like the drummer for Phoenix, Thomas Hedlund
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
why are the Rob and Thomas pics 'photoshops' and all the rest of Phoenix Diary pics just 'photos'?


hey who said that....

Alizee Nation


Anonymous said...

You may be on to something. Or you may not. The question is, do you KNOW that is Rob on tour with Phoenix? And the other question, is it ALWAYS Rob on tour with Phoenix?

There are many questions. Another might be, is Rob the being that is assumed to be? Think that through.


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