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Friday, October 21, 2011

Ex Pat Careers for French Entertainers

Ex Pat Careers for French Entertainers

Times are not easy for French entertainers in France. PureTrend acknowledges the issue.

French groups are better known abroad

Google Translate:
If you think Nana Mouskouri, Patricia Kass and Alizée are has-beens, especially do not repeat it when you travel. Doing so may offend many fans. Because yes, past the borders, we want our stars of the French.

Ignore these stars known to us and let us instead on those frenchies which hardly anyone has heard here and which, like their famous counterparts already mentioned, are breaking down the girls at every concert and excite the guys up.

Head of the line of the exiles? The Phoenix Group, we envy the Americans for nearly ten years as we have just officially recognize them.

There are ten groups or solos, finger to the American dream (or Japanese), playing their music away from the Hexagon, too busy to listen David Guetta anyway. Nuggets, nice discoveries to be made if you do not already know, this is a non-exhaustive panorama of the unknown that French would do well to rehabilitate France.

But that binds us.

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