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Monday, February 7, 2011

Alizée 2012

From @nidalizee, Lilly's Nest

Alizée's new album is scheduled for late 2012. Cancellation of the EP. A "homecoming" is musically very likely (but not with Mylène Farmer)

Le nouvel album d'Alizée est prévue fin 2012. Annulation de l'EP. Un "retour aux sources" musicalement...

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Anonymous said...

I hope it will
melodic pop album,
because that is what the fans need.
There is one European composer
and music producer, author of many hits,
who would do it best
and me -as a fan of Alizee,
I would be pleased with this collaboration.
I can not complain about it, sorry:)

dany01may said...

I want Alizee to be as far. I want her style and charm.


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