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Monday, January 23, 2012

Les Enfoirés 2012 expectations

Les Enfoirés 2012 expectations

Wow, with @mellealizee tweeting and having an itchy trigger finger on that iPhone, it should be fun.

Then with @shymofficiel, @amel_bent, @JeniferOfficiel, @Nolwennleroyoff, @LorieOfficiel not afraid of a tweet and a picture... it could be fun

Hope to see those iPhones and Twitter accounts buzzing at @enfoires this year

For some fun...
In the past Alizée fans would just blow up Twitter with Les Enfoires comments.
I refer to my last years post regarding Les Enfoires Twitter Search this year.

To see who is blowing up the search this year... Twitter Search using les enfoires or @enfoires

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