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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Alizée activity

It's like watching a magician, your making me watch the right hand while the left hand is doing something. Alizée you have my attention.

Lots of facebook activity, from profile pics to old pics from 2008 posted. Just because? TV today, right?

Saturday morning... why are people clicking on this old photo from a November 22, 2008 post Alizée & Prince Albert ohhhh girlfriend you posted an old photo from that event on your facebook.

But why?
To reemphasize the humanitarian side of the event?
YOU shared it not le nid?
Something to go along with a TV appearance?
From the store not being up?
You want everyone busy while you are at Calvi?

All this facebook activity across the board... promo pic being used... I just can't help think that I should be looking for the other hand... what do you think Jeremy? You're in on it too! Well...If you have time to share between those piano lessons.

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Lefty said...

Prince Albert II of Monaco just got married.

aw said...

GREAT point Lefty!!!!!!!!


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