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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alizée and tutu's

Let's talk about the purple tutu... oh boy here we no I mean it. I have wanted to address it for sometime but did not know how I wanted to go about it so lets just jump right into it...

There are two on stage moves in the "new era" that I really liked. The first one was this one...

This is one of the few times where we get to see Alizée "strike a pose"! It sold Mademoiselle Juliette on stage and was so damn cute. Brilliant move.

The second stage move is this one...

How to capture the old era songs with the old era feel. The early songs have been redone, on stage... to a different beat, acoustically... but now a retro show. The real question is not can the songs be done in the "old era" manner but... what would Alizée wear. It's prime time TV, nikes and a sun dress will not do. How to capture a bit of the look without wearing a mini skirt and all the comments that would accompany that. "The Tutu" ... it jumps the hemline up without everyone talking about it. It's not a real dress, it's a stage dressing. We get to see "old era" leg without the mini skirt distractions and if she wore slacks... those comments of she will not show us her legs... Now I'm no tutu fan but it sure accomplished what it was assigned to do. Great move.

P.S. The background dancers... I noticed all of them had their hair "up" again just like last summers Moi... Lolita TV performance. (how could you miss it) Obviously this group is a more sophisticated look with the black dress and the red "Chocolat" shoes.

Here is one for you... see what you all can do with this idea... Alizée Crowdsourcing
The dancers... they are not exactly Gwen Stephani "Harajuku Girls"

The Harajuku Girls are four young Japanese and Japanese American back up dancers featured in stage shows and music videos for Gwen Stefani during her solo pop/R&B/dance-record phase.[1] The women also act as an entourage at Stefani's public appearances.(wikipedia)

But they could be... Alizée and the Corse Dancers...
Yes I know, it's easy for me to spend Alizée's money, but you did have them on every TV appearance lately anyway. So why not incorporate them into "your" show... Corsican Girls perhaps give some young Corsican girl gets her break or guy... Karma
Or from Paris or different regions of France or.....
Or stick with the Harlequin (not my fav)
the BoHo girls, The Factory Girls....
Would any of this make you
more likely
less likely
no difference
to pay more attention to Alizée and her career?

just a thought

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